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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened."
Don Draper, Mad Men 

One day, she thought, she'd look back at all the heartfelt and dramatic investments and dismiss them as foolish.

Yet, she wouldn't go so far. One had to dissociate oneself from all responsibility and foresight of a situation in order to shrug off any connection or blame. How possible would that be, if one entered into any such transactions with full knowledge of what will transpire?

I suppose some people never experience rejection in its full. The first experience becomes a dizzy one. Mixed emotions of utter dejection, disbelief and a certain sadistic schadenfreude. Like a drug, you slowly determine to try every level of that emotion, in every possible mixture. It becomes an addiction. One becomes hooked on emotions.

One derives a certain high from riding an emotional roller coaster day in and out. Just like alcohol, one would push their limit, and wake up triumphant the next day, with a massive hangover, a secret glee at finding one's emotional tolerance and no trace of regret.

Regret. One word, two syllabus and a lifetime of heartache. A powerful yet unknown concept. Countered only by what may be the simplest phrase in the world, "At that point in time, it was exactly what you wanted."

Too little know what they want, and fewer obtain it at the end. Tricky questions posed innocently since birth and yet no one truly understands the intention behind it. A dilemma where the questioners do not hold the answer.

One can reminisce about the past. One can travel back in time and indulge in past fancies. But nothing happy ever lasts and we are left with nostalgia.

As someone once said, "Nostalgia" in Greek, literally means "the pain from an old wound."

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Like seasonal jeweled pearls fall 
Out of the sky,
A promise kept, twice over.

They say,
A man, cuckolded, cries alone.
Or starts the Trojan Wars.

A woman betrayed, picks up a pen, 
words turned sword
And destroys the man.
A promise kept, twice over. 

A love that one would freely give,
Was more freely given away. 
Sweet and sound his lips had smiled, 
would charm 'most any girl. 

She hands him the knife,
and encourages him, 
Sweet lies and goads,
And befriended him;
A promise kept, twice over. 

In the fiery pit of eternal sleep,
Lies the secret vault to Heaven. 
Frantic searching in the light of dawn,
Yet nary a glimpse of breathen. 

Three times the rule of six and one, 
The witches, the ghouls, and Xaphan.
Dance the trance, a soul for a chance,
A promise kept, twice over.

She walked among the moonlit deep,
Lusterless landscape in a midnight stroll, 
All for nothing but this.

A promise kept twice over. 

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Clinique did something utterly remarkable in 1997: Bottled happiness."
I saw this somewhere on the Clinique website.

This is the Clinique Long Last Lipstick in 17 Watermelon. A blue-based bright pink that is bold yet wearable anytime. Smooth, creamy and very good pigmentation, it can be worn sheer as a pink stain on the lips or layered to pack a punch. Blue based, it also makes teeth appear whiter.

My favourite lipstick as it is very moisturizing and I would give it a 
Rating: 8/10
I got it through a lippie swap with C but you can get it at Clinique counters or Sephora for less than S$40. 

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I've decided I'm going to do a review on all my lip products and I've grabbed a couple lipsticks lying around.

One of them is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 440 Plumful. I would say it has amazing pigmentation and perfect shade.

Dark shade lipsticks usually get too brown or too red and makes you look either too gothic or too garish.

This is the perfect shade for me as and has good color payoff. A few swipes from the bullet and I'm good to go.
For reference, I am Mac NC25-30 with yellow undertones.

It's moisturizing and does not settle or crease and does not leave a ugly brown rim around your lips after it fades.

I have a huge problem with its scent and packaging though. For one, it smells like the Nivea products. Strong and um, flowery? Just a heady fragrance that makes me gag when I put on the lipstick and/or when I accidentally ingest some of it (inevitable with lipsticks, okay). So disappointing! It would be my favorite lipstick if not for that nasty smell.

With the packaging, the ugly neon purple and tacky plastic bullet is a bit too...80s for me. P has told me its for teenagers looking for cheap makeup to experiment with. That does not excuse the ugly packaging so, no, thank you.

I would say it is on par with other high end brands (in terms of creaminess and pigmentation only) and color is similar to the Tom Ford Orchid Black, although that has a purple undertone and this is red.

If not for the smell and taste, I would definitely repurchase but I'd give it a
Rating: 5/10

I got it from a drugstore (I think Guardian). Its S$17-20.

My nicer lipsticks are next!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Obviously, as some of you know, the path I am going towards will eventually lead me to turn this blog into a beauty blog.

In my life, I've had many loves but none are as long lasting as my love for makeup.

Also, I'm never without my iPhone so I am blogging from my phone.

So the font, format, etc might be shit.

(Alright I had to use the computer to edit this. Font size too small and pics too large. Now the words are huge but I am always a bit blind anyway.)

Let's look at the Sephora lipstick in R20 Honey Cream. It is a beige with pink undertone. Perfect for a nude look. Pastel cream, very opaque and good pigmentation. Smells amazing, like cotton candy and vanilla.
Also, cheap at S$24.

However it's drying, can accentuate any dry bits on lips and gather in creases and wrinkles. So I won't recommend it unless you have no money and ABSOLUTELY have to get a lipstick.
Which was what I did.

As its main problem is its dryness, I'd suggest getting Topshop's lipstick in Nevada. Similar nude but more sheer and more moisturizing. Also cheaper at S$20.

Rating: 4/10

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Like music that keeps playing in your head long after it has stopped.

Like the woman you still see as beautiful after she has turned into a monster.

Like the rainbow you missed as you walked home with your head down. 

Like the pages you skimmed through and read nothing.

Like the way you say "I love you" but do you really want to? Do you really?

Like staring out of the window and glassy eyes stare back at you. But there is no fear. It is a mutual understanding of the unknown. 

Like the sound of howling deep within your dreams that take you back to where you came from- a land where sound merges into light and light merges into a vortex and the land subsides. 

Be afraid of the one who writes with no force on the paper.

Be afraid of the absence of will and humanity.

Be afraid of indelible writing with no point of view. 

Be afraid of this. 

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Never want to be old 
And I don't want dependence 

It's no fun to be told 
That you can't blame your parents anymore 

If you say that you can listen to woes without pain, you are merely a listener and do not empathize. To empathize is to open that door of sorrow and stand in the same room as the person. You see what he sees and feels what he feels. Yet you cannot truly understand, for you cannot stand in the exact same position he is standing nor feel what is in his heart. But nevertheless, you are beside him and that itself is a comfort.

I'm finding it hard 
To hang from a star 
Don't want to be 
Never want to be old  

And you're standing in your room but the furniture have taken the left and right walls as the floors. So which is the floor? Which side am I supposed to be on? 
But I can't walk in the middle! Is that the floor?
You fall through so suddenly because that is not the floor. There is no floor. You did not define it.Therefore it did not exist. 

Qns: How much dirt is there in a 50 by 50 by 50? 
How much wood does a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Ans: None! It is a hole! 

And you fall and fall and fall, faster and faster, faster faster faster. A short low humming begins. It builds up all around. Now where did I leave that pen?
There is no time left. This will not be like Alice in Wonderland. You know you will not land softly. If you hand catches anything on the sides a finger will go.

You are falling faster and faster. You know it is ending. Split second now, you screw your eyes...

You prepare...the lovely, the beautiful explosion. 
There are five kinds of healing. A healing of the attitude, the natural immune system, medical science, miracles, and...dea-
But suddenly a scream is emitted from the pit. A howl, a screech, a shriek. It goes straight to heaven and pierces the skies.
You hang motionless in the air

Sullen and bored the kids stay 
And in this way they wish away each day? 
Stoned in the mall the kids play 
And in this way wish away each day? 

Humming humming droning around me. 

I don't really know
If I care what is normal
And I'm not really sure
If the pills I've been taking are helping

You cannot move at all apart from your limbs. The blood is rushing to your brain. 
It's like you're trapped in jelly. You can't go up, you can't go down. 
Humming is closing in. 
The whispers, hisses, "Ssssa kaa tuu, si! Come back. Come, princessssss. You don't belong. Come back. Siiiiii..."
The drums, the drums. You hear them so clear. 
They are not drums, they are your heartbeat. Irregular, speeding up, the rush, feel the rush.

You neither sink nor float. 
You thrash about but you get nowhere. The jelly around you is mushed up but you go nowhere. The humming is louder. The whispers deafen, "Sssssso, princessssss. Come kingdom kind coooome come with meeeeee.", "Comeeeee...", "Come, come, come hereeee..."

Liquid is slowly forming around your face.

Liquid is slowly pooling into the spaces you made. You cannot breathe. You push the jelly away but more liquid flows in. 
How much jelly will it take to drown yourself? Now you cannot see. It is all dark and feathery cold touches brush you by. Ssssaaaa...loveeeelyyyy...
You call out but bubbles churn out. 'Green...gurgh...'
The humming is too loud the drumming, the whispers!
"Sssaaa, kuuu...pretty lady won't you playyyyy with meeeee?"

They say that hearing is the last to go.
The humming rises to a crescendo. 

I'm wasting my life
Hurting inside
I don't really know
And I'm not really sure 

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