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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Okay, so yesterday we went to celebrate Sin yee's birthday.


It's was really fun la. Especially the babies part. And for

Pamela, the pampers. hehheh.

Link to Pamela's blog for pics and details. LOL. I'm so so sorry

for accidentally koping your sweets! hahahha

So went back to school today with Fiona. Took some random

shots of 4/6 classroom. I can't believe we're not going to ever

see the classroom again. Sobs. Saw and did some funny stuff

there. HAHA

Angel (sun)light at the door.

Suspicious looking drawing

State of class looks like we only went down for recess. -


So i'm looking forward to finding a job soon. I want to work at

the zoo. Like what Wayne says, why go for a job that only

requires you to say things like, "Would you like that with

fries?" LOL

It's the fourth time in one week someone asked me directions

on how to get somewhere. Do i really look that reliable? Maybe

they're just desperate. Hahaha. I have a tour guide face!!

Anyone with good job recommendation call me? I cannot, for

my life, figure out classified ads. Help?


YOU ALL AT THE CHALET SOON. (Don't forget the $3

extra...or face fiona's wrath)


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's coveted.

It's hard to find in it's true form.

It's so rare,

Few people have it.

If they have it, to try keeping it.

And cherish, treasure.

Money can't buy it,

It's priceless.


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Okay now i'm back from a three day two night cruise. It was

really nice, and the

cruise staff were so nice and friendly!

t's like going into this place of nice and beautiful people...all of

them, and i mean all of them were so hot! It's almost like they'll

only choose you if you're


Okay, maybe it's true. Even if you only do work that doesn't

require you to show your face, like painting railings or doing

up windows.THEY ARE ALL SO...

Okay, not like i've never seen pretty people before, but a whole

shipload of them? Cool. So i took a few pictures with them.

my sis with the chef

me with a vietnamese guy

me with Amit from Nepal

The crew members come from all over the world. India,

Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Sweden

and even Nepal. It's really cool. Most passengers were


I want to try waitressing someday. It's like, the huge trays of

plates they carry are so heavy and they have to balance it on

one hand. Remarkable. I want to learn it too. :D

We had like 6 meals a day. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch,

afternoon tea, dinner and supper. Haha! It's a buffet. The food

there was quite nice. I love the ambience there!

Everything seems to close at midnight or earlier. It's like,

there's no night life or whatsoever except at the casino. LOL

So, i'll just put the slideshow there and you can view the photos i took. XD


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's after prom! i guess the food was okay and the program fine,

apart from the fact that the salmon was really so salty and we

were sitting around most of the time.

I didn't really manage to get any photos because my camera

chose that moment to die on me. urgh. But that doesn't mean i

didn't take any photos. I took some on my cam. I took about 10?


M with 2 wifes! LOL

me and michelle

the girls!

suffian, girlf, me, taufiq!

me with Zhi an

peter and girlf(mine, not his)

me and keetha!

having a guy session, i see

queen sitting all wrapped up. heehee

me and hy

me and dheva!

pamela and lady edmund!

our drummer chewy looking tired



So, there, prom for you. :D Miss you all much. Really.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hey people! this is like my very first posting, special thanks to my sis, the

genius, and our last day of papers!

can you believe it? Just a few days ago we were mugging away like crazy

and isn't it a relief everything's over? Okay, enough about the bad

memories. IT'S PARTY TIME!

Have you ever felt like doing something really fun but had no time to do

it? well, here's your chance. For the most of us, it's shopping sprees after

shopping sprees to snag that perfect prom dress if you haven't already

gotten yours. (I already bought mine!)

This post really seems so cheerful. But can you think of anything better

than the word holidays? i am so going to embark on another ten-hour-

shopping-session-on-heels with my girlfriends. Pamelaa!!! i have yet to

buy my heels and my accessories. Gawd, prom does seem like a lot of

work. Whew.

I never knew why, but walking all around Singapore with a few of your

good friends can sound really fun. Especially the crazy and impromptu

things they always do. And i can't wait to meet up with foursix people

again! Class outing, anyone? Oh, and of course the chalet!

I'll probably call pamela and go out later! I MISS YOU,GIRL! Exams

take up such a lot of our time. Don't they understand that peer

interaction and social bonding is a huge part of our lives? Who wants

education certificates when we're all old and wrinkly and just want

friends around to have fun? But i must admit the certs are important.

Happy birthday, Fiona! hope you liked the celebration we had for you!

(eli and a few people's idea) It was really funny to see the shocked

expression on your face. haha!

See all you fabulous people at the prom! Stay cheerful and be good,

though you know i won't be.


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