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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all!

Pamela please cheer up. We should all go out together again and Joanne's back. (:

There are 12 days of christmas so as long long as I blog I shall keep wishing. Go pam's blog to see pics of caroling at four seasons! I love their holding room. They treat us very well I must say. XD

But the best caroling session was the last night. Leon conducted us. Somehow I love the way he conducts. He keeps smiling at us so there's absolutely no tension or anything. And we all sing like we're enjoying it. We smile, we bounce, we are super cheerful. And it shows when we sing.

Leon, "Good job, even the guys are smiling."

Then he said David was too. Then someone pointed out cos there was this little girl dancing around in front of us. Then everyone started calling him paedo. LOL

Then after we finished, the guy took us to this restaurant, but it turned out the only paid us till 1.30pm. But Leon decided to give them two songs anyway, so we went. We ended up singing three songs because the audience were super appreciative.

They actually stood up and came outta their seats to watch us perform! Then all the little kids started crowding around in front. After we finished Jinglebells, this little boy, he's a african-angmoh with super cool hair, in front shouted, "Jingle Bells!" with arms outstretched above his head.

So cute! We were so happy. Thankyou guys! And Leon! It was great caroling in our group. (:

Went to Weiwei's aunt's house yesterday! It was some gathering thing and we had a gift exchange.

The food was really really good! Thanks to Sam and Prunella who cooked for us. XD

But i had this splitting headache which just got worse the later it got. So I just sat and watched tv the whole time. (:

Gift exchange was kinda fun. I got Jonathon's present. And Zofia got mine! She says she likes it. Lol :D yayy

Then went home with Eve Chang. I think walking back home to my house is getting very terrifying. Or maybe it's just me. There are so many bengs and maats or banglas. Then they'll make funny sounds at you or stare at you. -.-

Makes me pretty freaked out. But I just kept getting goosebumps all the way home. There weren't anyone around, no bengs, nothing. Eerie quietness. Then I was sweating. But the wind made me so cold. Its kind of like feeling someone watching you but you know they will not do anything. I guess I would know if anything was gonna happen.

But I felt pretty sick when I got home. Leon asked me if I got home safely. Thank god for him. I was feeling quite bad. Took a hot shower. Then Eve smsed that she was home. 12.41am. I replied her at 12.48am. Dried my hair.

I wanted to drink coffee and stay up all night but decided not to.

Then smsed Henry. They were still there singing kbox or sth. Lol

Then Weiwei msged at 4 plus that they were mahjong-ing. But I fell asleep in the end and didn't reply him.

Have you ever got the feeling that something inside you has died? Or something is stuck inside of you.

The lump you get in your throat. Then the sinking feeling that someone has just kicked you in the stomach. Then pushed you on the ground and left you there in the cold. And then you get up but find you can't walk anywhere as your pumps hurt your feet.

You desert your pumps and start to walk barefoot. But the brightness of your toenail color hurts your eye.

Then the chill that wraps around your shoulders almost like a freezing hug from behind. Then your fingers become numb and you fist them to keep in the heat.

It's a feeling just like if Santa has promised you a toy, but decides he doesn't see you fit to receive and gives it to another.

Like pouring out coffee but realizing too late that maybe you don't feel like drinking anything after all.

The running down the lane barefoot and expecting to step on something sharp anytime.

The metal glint of the train handles. The way the cold air rushes down and surrounds your legs.

Like falling down and realizing no one is going to help you up.

Like walking home alone.

I said it's good to have freedom.
But what's too much freedom?
Too much freedom means being alone.
And to me it means being lonely.
The emptiest feeling of all.


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

I'd love you to love me.

I'm beggin' you to beg me.


I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

I'd love you to love me.

I'll shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand-new shirt.

I'll get home early from work if you say that you love me.


Didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin?

Oh, didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin?

Feelin' all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin'.

Oh, didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin'?


I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

I'd love you to love me.


I'm beggin you to beg me.

I'll shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand-new shirt.

I'll get home early from work if you say that you love me.


Didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin?

Oh, didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin?

Feelin' all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin'.

Oh, didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin'?

Feelin' all alone without a friend, you know you feel like dyin'.

Oh, didn't i, didn't i, didn't I see you cryin'?


I want you to want me.

I need you to need me.

I'd love you to love me.

I'm beggin you to beg me.


I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.

I want you to want me.

Letter to Cleo, 10 Things I Hate About You

I Want You To Want Me

Auntie Perry says this post by itself is EMO! Alright I shall write some unglam things about him, Firstly.

He's super funny, came up to me,

Happy are their tones. says:
a fan of avarcardo?!
Happy are their tones. says:
Happy are their tones. says:
Meshugana says:

Then lots of typo there. LOL Auntie jiu shi auntie, bargain too much.

Anyway thanks me wanting to pei me to get my gown!! THANKS AUNTIE P! YOU ROCK! And thanks Pam and A-lice! LOVE YOU ALL LA! And I was emoing when pam smsed me about the gown like super long ago. O: I lost my gown cos I left it at Somerset station! O:

But some wonderful kind soul picked it up and gave it to the control station. Yayy

I am thinking there are nice people out there after all.

Weiwei said hao ren you hao bao. :X And I've always lost my things before.

*chants "I'm a better person, will be a better person, is a better person."

Yes I can!

Party tmr! Wee!

Fangqi has been in Aust for sometime. Hope he doesn't go round terrorising the angmohs. They might kidnap him and put him in a human-quarium (they have a word for it I forgot) cos according to him, he's HOT. Hmm...

Joanne come back from HK soon! I miss kajiaoing you! And my ruler has been with you for aeons!

Joanne: Eh you copydog!

Me: Miaow...


We're all crazy, yes.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello guys! I know I haven't been blogging for over a week! I think everytime I wanna go online I'm kinda tired. O:

And I haven't spent my time constructively either!

Caroled with Tvc for two sessions. Weiwei conducted the third one (I went for the AJ one during the second session) and I thought it was pretty good. I think he mummys the kids. Lol

Oh yes! Then during the second caroling, it was pretty okay I guess. Leon's family came, and so did Alice's. Saw her sis, who is threatening to out-grow Alice. I was kinda miffed over one factor cos it is never fair to everyone else who have practised a lot.

Then Jenna came with this Dsa guy, who looks like, Yaoxin! Lol! She walked towards us, then he was beside her, so yea. XD He looks older though! But I thought our guys treated him nicely though at first they kept calling him Yaoxin. -.-

Jenna came in this strappy purple heels from Mondo! Very pretty. But I'm always so scared of mondo heels cos they so painful! I always end up limping home. All the time.

Moving on...went for Soup Spoon dinner with Pamela! We had this mushroom soup thing, we ordered it in grande (second large) and then we very intelligently ordered buttered mushrooms! Which ended up in both of us having a mushroom overload. O: Lucky we shared it. The grande is large okay! We were like wondering how we would ever get to the bottom.

Me, "I've hit bottom!"

Then we kept laughing. Omg. Okay enough about me being lame.

Eh I haven't talked to Auntie Perry for very long! Was it yesterday night? Heard he has this scandal about being...not as straight as he should be? HAHA okay me shall stop. XD

Me and Fangqi were discussing what it means to be confused. Is it to stick to one gender, that's being straight, or if you can't decide on which gender you like, you aren't? Something to ponder over, people...

Anyway, Sis told me, the altos sounded good. He said the vj sc was there during The Forum caroling. Its the, not-my-group-but-swee's-group one. Yea haha

Jiayou Altos!

Had dinner ytd then went home with Eve and Weiwei. Thanks Sam for the Christmas card! XD All pink! Thankyou!

Henry and gang was also eating at the Hongkong Cafe, which I didn't know was some Xinwang thingy. Then Kelvin called me and the senior, I dunno how to spell it so i shan't, kantang. Which means potato cos you don't know chinese.

I was called Potato twice in one day! O: I take higherchinese people, Beware! One day I shall stun all of you with my fluent and absolutely magical flow of chinese words that you shall be speechless!

Lol okok. Enough trying to act smart. I need to rush off for caroling now! *horror. I'm late!

Shall blog again sooooon.

Merry Christmas all!

And a Happy New Year to some very fast people who are already listening or playing Chinese new Year songs.

Goodness Christmas isn't even over yet! O:


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Monday, December 15, 2008

LovelyBestie, LeonBestie, Me! A-li-ce is not here,,,


ALTOS!! <3>
Monday, Dec 15th, 2008 --

Doing battle with a co-worker or arguing with your boss isn't necessarily your idea of a good time. Nevertheless, you must stand up for your beliefs if someone tries to wield power to stop you from accomplishing your goals. However, it's also healthy to consider why this resistance is surfacing. It might be wise to slow your progress so it's less threatening to those around you.

Hmm so true. Haha.

Pamela's blog has loadsa pics! GO SEE...Later! Read this first. XD

Auntie Perry was like saying that lots of people say I have the mental maturity and whatnot of a 20 plus year old. And my blog posts are...LOL

I have super a lot of exclaimations when I am happy!

Choir today has been...unusually stirred up and tension fraught. O: I got stopped at the door (not cos I was late or anything) today and Shermaine was asking me. Lol!

And I thought no one reads this. XD

Well, just to make it a point that NO ONE bullies the Altos okay! I mean apart from comments from people like Mr Kwei to push us to improve. Credibility, ability, capability. Then talk.

Quote of some comm members. Talk is CHEAP.

Blah blah.

I remember Pamela once said my blog is used for indirectly suaning people. Or praising la. Haha. You gotta look super closely between the lines, and be a major fan of my life's drama then you'll understand perfectly what I mean.

Subtle but not that subtle.

NO ONE bullies altos okay. I am serious. I'm like half mothering them haha. Well but they're like all super dear to me. Pamela, Wanchun, Si en, Yizhen, Wanyi, Charmaine, Eve Chang...

My darlings. XD

Okay la Yx has always kinda suaned altos but he's my sonny so no matter. He is...yaoxin la, come on. HAHA

Auntie Perry says he is gonna be a fan of _____!


Fellow aunties shall go bargain together!

Anyway, Samuel was like making some reference to me as Mummy, cos he knows bout the Ajchoir thing and all my little lovely kids. hahaha

Then during lunch weiwei said sth which made me kinda stunned. Like, he said, "Oh altos are all mothers what."

He doesn't know you all call me Mummy!


I. have. to. go. for. an. image. consultation.


Oh and Jenna says there is this place with great ties!! Muahhaa I'm gonna get! But I still owe Pam moolah...

Life is bad.

But never mind! There is always plenty to look forward to...

Like talking to Leon, Pamela, Jenna or Perry!

Happy (I realise it's belated!) Birthday to Yeujinq!

Next time we'll get all the guys to button right over left okay? XD

"It's my birthday!"

HAHA super funny.

Leon was saying, the good guys, are either gay or taken. So I'm kinda thinking, so there is actually a large percentage of good guys not available! O:

1. Good guys taken (large percentage)
2. Good gay guys (okay percentage)


3. Good single guys (small percentage)

4. Baddies and CMIs (large percentage)

But come to think of it, there are so many taken guys that just CMI!
I mean looking at what some of my girlfriends used to have. M_____ the creep, etc.

Which just leaves...
And who said they're any better?


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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I haven't been blogging for so long! Lol. Due to popular demand, I will be bringing my rubberband gun to school on Monday! HAHAHA

I kinda feel bad about certain things. I don't know. Make a clean break?

He said he didn't want things to be like that. I guess not.

I'm horrible.

Leon gave me a caramel macchiato (spell?) kit kat! Wunderful laa! I was like eating it happily at night. IT'S SUPER NICE! Thanks Bestie!

Woke up to a sorethroat the next day. LOL

And Sis, aka the GODLY ONE, gave me a DONUT! Chocolate coated donut from Donut House! With a very sweet note written in pink asking me to do my admin well. He wrote it on this JayChou World Tour paper la! I'm so touched. :P Thanks Sistaa!

And Shaminimouse came for the concert! The WYCF concert. She came with Syafinah! R(a)ihanna was sick la. Gastric flu poor thing. Then Shamini gave us all two chocolates! YAYY. So nice la then we took all took a pic together.

Before I continue...WHY IS EVERYONE GIVING ME FOOD? O: (It's a scheme to make me faaaaaat!)

Then during our breaks and stuff before we sing, Sis kept trying to intro this Balai(LOL) guy to pamela. HAHAHA. Super funny nick.

Then Leon came up to me, "Eh you die. My friend thinks you're pretty." Lol?

Then admin and music and pam and me camwhored so much together! Fun! Altos sat in a circle to eat and Basses COPIED us! XD

Anyway, the guys have been watching a lot of PORN(codename) and I highly encourage it! Go and watch more, guys! It's good for you, especially Auntie Perry. LOL I heard he had this super big reaction.

Performance comments.

Then me and Sham sat somewhere near the park and were singing the And Sec songs! I stupidly lugged around the whole thing! Scores from Sec 1. OMG. To Mango sales. Then I was quite tired and Pam thought I was emoing. hahaha

Oh yes! Shamini is actually a chinese.

We were singing the songs, then when we came to the chinese songs we haven't sang in years, she sang the line, then continued! I was like, Huh? Yue liang chu lai liang wang, wang liang wang wang. Er....

Shamini "Xinag qi wo de ah ge... ... zai shen shan?"

I was like, O:


Then I was holding the score, and we were singing. Then halfway I was like, squinting, eh? What word?

Then shamini, "...peng zhang..."

I was like, "yea yea!! I knew it!"

HAHAHA she has like this super memory la! LOL. And better at chinese than me. O:

Nvm! I'm secretly indian. (: It's True!!
(self proclaimed)

I have learnt the art of Barley making!

From my bro. (:

I think me and Pamela has like super a lot of gay moments!!!
Gay moment definition [often active]: When two or more people a)do b)sing c)say the same thing at the same time in the same manner.

Gay moment 1: *Turned to each other and sang, "they call me Stacey..." in the same pitch! O:

Gay moment 2: *Tiredly walking, then suddenly we mutter, "I wanna pee..."

Gay moment 3: *On mrt, "Hark how the bells..." same pitch again!!

Like exactly the same note. XD


Aahh my soup making is BAD. It's...inedible. I will make such a bad wife or mum la!
"Ah, husband, the dinner is...non-existent. Please go buy sth."
"Dear, I screwed up the meal. Take-out?"
"Honey, er, I kinda messed up. Dinner out?"

Or I could always get a maid!

I remember Jenna, "Eh if cannot sew nvm!! There's always the tailor..."

HAHA. Yes! Agreed.

Gosh. I should stop being funny and make my soup. Barley is fun too! (cos its easy!)

Kudos to Leon for the conducting!! It was quite good. And he kept smiling at us, which made us smile and Mrs Yim said that we were good, and a very very smiley bunch! YAYY!

Then Shermaine kept looking at altos and saying we were good!! Thankyou thankyou! :D


Lunching with Sam and weiwei tmr! I told him I miss Sebastian and he says I'm a paedo. I'm so not okay!


I miss all the anderson sec juniors! Only saw Syafinah.

And Joyce. I owe her a drink! LOL

I can't wait to meet the Topless Five on Mon! XD

Okay, also, due to certain demand, here it is.

Seriously I don't mind. Lol but since some have pressed for explainations, here it is.

-Slept on her shoulder on the MRT

-Dropped many hints but refused to confess no matter how many chances she provided me with.

Conclusion:My charm on girls hasn't faded, not a bit.

Clarification 1: You went to lie on some old woman's shoulder cos you fell asleep. We (all 5 of us) were laughing.

Clarification 2: Chances? I think I have more options if I got together with my floor rug.

Conclusion!: My charm on gays hasn't faded, not a bit.

Thanks to all who are indignant for me. (:


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Monday, December 8, 2008

I woke up to messages from pamela. I love you woman! She just knows exactly how I feel. You're right. I'm not hurt so no use pretending I am. Hehheh wunderful. It shall be a undercurrent drama. I think Pamela knows exactly what I'll do too. XD Perfect.
Then I got Fangqi's message just when I was getting up.
"First day at batam, boring, shower came out black water... ..."
Replied him.
Talked to Samuel online. Then he invited me to a Christmas party some vocal consort guys were organising. Yayy fun.
I just found this on the sofa. It is a wooden gun. It shoots rubber bands. It hurts.
And I know cos I tried it on myself. Very cool.

It is fantastically H-O-T.
Maybe I shall bring it to school sometime and shoot whoever is not focused. "Hey, stand properly!" *shoot
"Sing properly!" *shoot
"Support!" *shoot
"What rubbish are you filling in for me!" *shoot
Lolol, I shall not get carried away. Inflicting physical harm? Tsktsk whatamIthinking?
Everyone is entitled their rights. So basically I can do whatever I wish to anyone.
However, I cannot violate their rights. If I go and kill them or whatever, I am violating their rights and by doing so, have forfeited my right to do whatever I want.
You have forfeited your right.
I know I can't blend now. I shall try to shake off that AJ sound which is super forward. Argh.
But then again the airy comments will make you keep pushing right?
Too airy! Push harder.
Omg Leon just mentioned sth to me about a gun. And I haven't even posted this yet! Coincidence, coincidences.
I shall run to the end of the earth and never come back.
Never ever.
This place gives me the creeps.
The creeps...are just worse.
*Shoot shoot
One more year. Less, actually.


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Friday, December 5, 2008

Dragonfruit juice is the new cool! It's like purpley-fuchsia! My all time fave. Daughter Yizhen is back! Hahaha finalllyyy. Like gone so long man. I have been planning to post this but haven't had time to finish it all.

She gave me a notebook today! Yayy.

Today was fun! Although only admin and Auntie Perry came. WE HAD FUN.

Last Comm meeting.


-Someone shot arrows at people who have done a lot of work.

-Shot back.

-They haven't done much anyway.


Talk is cheap.

I am so tired today. I went out with Henry and Fangqi and Pamela today! Went to this japanese restaurant at Plaza Sing.After posting all the pics on Facebook I'm too tired to post here again! I shall post on my next post.

They're in Batam now.

Daughter asked me to do this! YAYY 7!

1. Insects. (you don't really need 6 legs! LOSE THEM.)
3. Emotions
4. Small holes
5.Being alone.
6. Manipulative people (most times I play along but hell, we know we don't give a damn)

1. Tomatoes
2. Cucumber
3. Cherry
4. Friends
5. Lollipops
6. Flowers
7. Soft toys!

1. I'm allergic to seawater (my skin is sorta sensitive)
2. I looove travelling.
3. I don't listen to what people say.
4. I like to go out with friends.
5. I am in love with the sea.
6. I am romantic about women.
7. I am a cynic about men.

1. Bungee jump.
2. Drop everything, and be a drifter for a year or two.
3. Travel to 150 countries, big or small by the time I'm 80.
4. Pass math
5. Make sure I haven't lived my life in vain or for myself.
6. Want others ro remember me as someone who cared and dared.
7. Keep a lock of hair for people to remember me by.

1. Talk to random strangers on the streets
2. Make a person feel loved. Or vice versa depends.
3. Grab my dog when he's in a bitey mood and hold him there w/o being bitten.
4. Patiently help with others' makeup
5. Shut out the pain from my migraines
6. Run in 5 inch heels
7. Stay in the bathtub forever

1. Emphathise with people. Especially if they don't care to understand how you feel.
2.Walk in slippers for half a day.
3. Do math
4. Resist sorrys
5. Resist pleases
6. Eat alone.
7. Catch a ball.

1. Nice voice!
2. Big hands
3. Big shoulders
4. Nice chest
5. Humor
6. Decisiveness
7. Smiles

1. Gosh
2. Unglam!
3. Omygod
4. Hello
5. Ooh I see
6. Never!
7. A-ha.

1. Daniel Henney
2. Lee Dong Gun
3. Mark Zee
4. Matt Damon
5. Keanu Reeves
6.Emmy Rossum
7.Song Hae-Gyo

Uh I dunno why there are women. Haha! No more cute guys.

"There are symbolic dreams- dreams that symbolize some reality. Then there are symbolic realities- realities that symbolize a dream."
-Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase

I think dreams make you realise a lot about what you want. I've never felt so happy except in my dreams.

I had a super great laugh that time having lunch with Jenna, Yaoxin and Leon. Laughed till our sides were splitting and making a din. If you look at all of us, we're all noisy people.

But I fell asleep yesterday afternoon. And the last dream I had that made me so happy was the one on a cruise ship. Where my sis woke me up laughing.

This dream made me so happy and smiley that I picked up the phone and said Hello? so naturally. I thought everything was happening for real and it wasn't a dream. Until I saw myself on the bed and Fangqi asked me if I were sleeping.

Happiness is short-lived.

It doesn't matter, I remember what I dreamt and it lasts me a long long long way. The cruise dream was so long ago. Exactly a year ago? Or two.

I dreamt he came up and said that to me. And even though I was shocked and avoided him, I think deep down that's what I really wanted. But he's gone for so long. No one can bring him back.

I dreamt I were back in a choir. Ajchoir with seniors. A lot of people. And many other I don't know. And I stood next to this senior wearing white. I don't remember her face but she's a good singer. An alto.

She suddenly reached over with her powder compact and pat my eye. "You look tired."

Her applicator was a rose made of soft cottony sponge.

The choir sounded good.

And in the dream I was in a bus or caravan sort of vehicle with a few people. It was something like a bar, yet in a bus. And we were sitting in a line just eating and talking.

The simple joys of life.

I was with Pamela, Leon, Jenna and Perry. I kept taking Auntie Perry's food. Lol

But the feel I got from just being there was one the the purest, most basic form of happiness I ever felt. One where time is non-existent and you just live in the now.

I know how being happy feels. I know how talking to friends and simply playing around feels. It feels good. But is it so difficult to stop and just enjoy? I have always felt like I had everything. I am happy.

But how is it that I feel I've never experienced any such singular emotion before. But then again, it is not so.

It is like a drink. You think you're drinking lemon juice. But in actual fact, you're having lemon. Sugar. Water. There's never any pure distinction. One without the other. Of course it's fine to have Sugar just by itself. But the things don't come together like it should. Worries, Sadness, Regrets, Anxiety accompanies Happiness.

You cannot have Sugar without Lemon Juice or Water. Or just have Lemon Juice.

The Lemon Juice tastes exactly like it should.

Sweet and sour.


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Looking retarded beside Mummy! Haha! I'm supposedly this bimbo 16 yr old confused over love and she's pacifying me. (it's the song okay!)LOL

Told you I was emo.

Minhui was saying, "Hey you know what! I always thought you like very bimbo etc, but you actually do a lot of things others will never dare to do.

And that time in Esplanade you were twirling around in front of the whole audience, like, sell out concert, and you didn't seem scared at all! You're like very brave you know! Are all performers like that?"

Lol! Brave or crazy la same.

heeheehee. XD

Our heart lol

I have dreamed...

I realise that I cannot have two posts on the same day or my other posts will get screwed up! So I'm just gonna add on to last night's post!

Anyway Fangqi called me yesterday night. I know he like wants to cheer me up. Oh man. *guilty

I cause so many people to worry! Like pamela! I have been using your shoulder like a few times HAHA thanks woman!

And Jenna! Your hugs are super nice! (cos she smells like flowers, and fresh something. HAHA) I was gonna say leaves but wth!? Leaves??
And Leon! He keeps talking to me, giving me lollipop sometimes and helping out with altos sectionals. Yay! I shall challenge you again! Don't you dare say no alto can throw you off your note!

Yea and the jokes Fangqi kept telling me are super lame! But one stupid funny one about a char shao bao. LOL Thanks BabyRanger! Just don't sing the power ranger song to me again! HAHA I'll die.

Don't stress too okay! Bout cat high. It's difficult being in charge of monkeys I know. Lol. Must jiayou! I would sing that PR theme song to you if I were nice but I will never! Hahaha. Who ask you sing so many times?

I wanna see Joanne again! My lovely lovely friend who was the last andsec sop SL and Queen and Bimbo and Unglam!

I saw this on Mummy's blog so I shall do it! XD

The rules and regulations:

Each player starts off with 10 weird things about/habit/little known facts.

Tag 10 people, blah blah, I shall START!

1. I get angry or upset almost everytime I feel hot. Okay warm HAHA and almost always in a good mood in cold places.

2. I display violent tendencies when I get woken up before I want to.

3. I absolutely dislike sweet guys who fuss over girls. Argh

4. I simply love how I get goosebumps when I hear a perfect blend. So far, I've only gotten it with Anderson Sec choir. <3!>
5. I am a sucker for lollipops and cherries, cucumber and tomatoes, mars bars and...nail polish.

6. I have a voice fetish! HAHA. Nice voice la.

7. I HATE people touching my face or hair. Unless you're Pamela or Jenna or maybe closer friends doggie!

8. I am totally freaked out by cockroaches. Or worms, or creepy-crawlies. I can like hyperventilate or something.

9. I live in heels. 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inches I have it all! Muahaha

10. I walk in a funny manner. My feet are almost always in a line. You know, like a model? Cept I'm not one. My dad has been trying to make me walk properly (he kicks me if I don't walk with feet apart) since I learned how to walk and, of course, judging by how I still walk, has failed terribly.

yizhen (still away!)

whoever reads this and wants to do it.

Okay, now you see yesterday night's post...Lol

Monday, Dec 1st, 2008 --
It can be quite challenging for you to reconcile the vast differences between your respect for the past and your need for change. Your strong positions on both sides can be confusing to others, yet you can see the extremes as part of a continuum. Don't give up on the possibility of finding a sensible solution. Keeping your hopes high can be a full time job, yet it will be well worth it.

(My horoscope says I should keep my hopes high. I'll try to string 'em up since I don't have the energy to hold on to it.)

The rose on my vanity has withered.

So many people came to ask if I'm okay. Haha thanks!

Even people from vocal consort sense I'm not as okay as I should be and ask me why? Wow. People like Fangqi, Samuel, Henry.

Samuel was talking to me just now and cheering me up! Yayy. I mean he's the only one who listened to everything and did not just ask me to "forget it", or "relax". I do get angry sometimes so let me be. Haha

Henry has this uncanny thing la! Like he added me on Facebook, then we were talking then he added me on Msn. Then he suddenly went like, "Are you okay? You don't seem okay." And me (hello I just knew him I have to be cheerful right?) I was like, wow. Okay I'm fine.

Then a few days later I was really fine. Until I received a disturbing message, and I was in mid-convo with Henry. But I still kept up with our talking. And he suddenly said, "Hey, know you've not been very happy lately. Whatever is it, don't worry okay?"


Jenna has been very supportive of me. So's Pamela, Leon, etc. Thankyou for all the hugs and kisses!!

But sometimes Hope is just an illusion to false beliefs and lies. If we didn't believe so much, we wouldn't hurt so much. But I'm an idealist, really, so Hope will always be there for me.

Sometimes we just have to lower our expectations?

And my little kids! Really very heartened to see people putting in effort for choir, and supporting others (namely me) emotionally.

So sorry guys I've been acting like a total prick! I mean, come on, the reason why we're stressed cannot be blamed on anyone. It's nobody's fault but everyone gets hurt. Just like a war. Collateral damage. can't be helped.

So JJ said this to me, (he's already complained I ruined his image after that Basses thing but its funny right!). I got like three comments he's got a good sense of humor. LOL

Me, "Sis! I'm dying..."
JJ, "Why do you all have so much admin? Hmm you can go die."
Me, "Thanks ah! What am I then?"
JJ, "You can be an angel!"
Me, "Wow, yay! Okay!"
JJ, "Then you help God do admin."


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