Cos we're friends like that
Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yay! Omg Pam went with me to get it before we celebrated P and Yizhen's birthday! Steven by Steve Madden. It owned the previous pair by half inch! Back to the birthday. :D I don't have any photos, all with Pam and Yizhen so probably have to go their blogs! Again, Happy Birthday guys!!

Oh oh I super love the pants Pam got for me! Omg I just tried it! Anyway it's pic is in the other com. -.- Omg I looove it!! *squeals unglamly. I totally hopped around for sometime wearing it. And she got it for me while shopping. Like super random, suddenly call me and asked if I rmbed I wanted the "aladdin pants" LOL
Yayy thanks fag!
Who will rmb what others say offhand? Not many. In  fact, no one has ever done that for me. O: At least I don't rmb. Thankyou!! I'm so touched. *pokes

Oh I was sticking the stickers Sugar gave me when I was sad. :D Hee its all over my phone now. Lotsa buttons covered. YAYY!! Thankyou! I love it hot pink!

I am using this supercool lappie of my bro!! It looks damn nice and has cool functions, and Ore-sama is the first to use it! Yes. :D

Happy Birthday, Sinyee!!
Oh and C told me this. Yknow why now so many Nov babies? Esp this week? Cos exactly 9months before it was VDay. Heee no offence!

Went with the Topless 5 to Miss Clarity Cafe today. Its at Purvis St! It rained!

Happy 18th Birthday Sinyee!

Omg I love this! It's some appetizer I guess. We kept trying to guess what it was but failed! My guess was snail. Lol. Ended up it was fish and caviar I think.

Urgh. Tis mushroom soup is bitter?

Queen! Specs damn cool. I shall not post how Pam and Sy looked wearing it like cos I might get killed. XD

Me and Pam's food! Oven Roasted Chicken Leg.
(I love potatoes!!! I was being grinny and high after eating it. Then Pam looked at me weirdly. LOL.)
Eh at least I didn't sing! ^.^ Now the waiter is your friend. :D

Some fish linguine which Sy and Zhiwei ordered.

Some fried fish thing. Dunno name. Alice and Queen ordered! Good things come in pairs yo. :D

A-lice's fish looked like a rose. :D

My bread and butter pudding. Not bad!


Okay ice cream looks like this right?

The best friend's ice cream. Lol! I've never ever seen anyone eat it like this before! Oh well, I like the solid one while she likes melted. Complements yo.


The rest of the pics are with Zhiwei who'll prob give it to pam so it'll be on her blog. Yayy! Topless 5 outing FUN.

I never understood the 'wise' saying of being satisfied with what you have. I always thought it meant we'll remain like that, not push ourselves, cos we like things the way they are.
Now I know. We don't have to like things the way they are. We accept the way things are, and be happy with what we have, while continuing to better ourselves. That is satisfaction.

Wooooo new shoes!!!!!!!! 5 inches!!!!!!
Sorry, crazy moment.



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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday, David CF!!

 Wednesday, Nov 25th, 2009 -- You may be a contrarian today, doing things your own way just to demonstrate that you're different from everyone else. Normally, you could get a rise out of someone when you do something that seems out-of-the box. Now, however, people look at you with astonishment and admiration, wishing they could get away with such unconventional behavior so easily. But even if it's not as simple as it appears, doing the extra work, at least, sets a wonderful example.

Ooh okay my horoscope approves of me doing crazy things yay! Consider them done.

Went shopping with Pam and Sugar today! It was a last min random thing la so yea. :D Pasta and dessert pretty damn good!
Sugar got pranked by Pam and me! I think I gave most of it away. Damn...

Hahaha I am back to understanding the "Shop till you drop" thing! I'm aching. Haven't done this in a while. Parading around in heels gave me a toe cramp too. Oh but its soo worth. SM heels 125 should get? Should not?


Very funny lunch episode where eager waiter checked on my meatballs every few minutes. LOL. 
He was serving our dessert la! You think what. So he had to see if I finished my food cos I was the last. Service quite good and dessert yummy! Yay. 

Then walked ard with Pam after Sugar left. Went Kino and saw a book. 
About Jimmy Choos and "The pursuit for the perfect heels."

Met Fiona and tried on a dress! I managed to put on a dress while on the phone with pam. :D It looked fine though Fiona said it was too loose. Shoes galore in New Look! The heels not high enough for me to go gaga but I went mad for a while. We were like, woooahh. YES.

Okay you guys probably think (and know) I'm a sucker for shoes. Or I just happen to be looking for "the perfect heels" now. Or both.

I will have the girls over tmr, top secret mission, no guys allowed. Wee! 

Okay this is bad and slightly retarded. I just remembered I didn't have dinner. See? This is what craziness, extreme shoelust, hanging out with your bests, and watching Simon Baker The Mentalist does to you. You get high and forget dinner. I shall grab a...tomato (my house has nothing!) and eat breakfast tmr. Geez.

I have a weird cleaning obsession and I've cleaned the house (it's 3/4 less dusty now) including the lappie I now use to type. Wee!

I shall start again at 9 tmr! Windows and furniture now. My room has priority! Including arranging and bedsheet change. Yay.

But don't be fooled by this. I am NOT a homebody or homemaker. I simply enjoy change. Once I do something, I am usually obsessed, but drop it after it gets boring. 

I'm going Ikea soon! I'll get Pam to go I think. I want eat MEATBALLS again!
Meatball mood yo.

I shall buy useless stuff like candles and champagne flutes! Then I shall paint my room and dump some furniture! Buy cushions and pillows! 


Oh I keep thinking of my "dream bed". I have a giant dark room, with a high high high bed (like the princess and the pea kind? Cept mine'll be princess and the flea) and it has a view of the door, which is tiny. So I have an intercom so whoever gets in the door speaks to me (high up in the bed) through that. 
The room is always dark, and I'm always alone and the room is always cold. And I'm always damn happy! See, my dream bed. 
I'm scared of sharp-teethed monsters, so my bed is high, with a retractable ladder. How fun is that? Before sleep get exercise okay.

I am in the process of cleaning my room! (House actually.-.- Mama is much too busy and siblings much too lazy.) So when its all done and I've koped the sofa, it's time for SLEEPOVERS!! 

It will be damn fun!



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a touch o' happy magic in a beautiful world. 

For the Week of Nov 30th, 2009 -- A new spirit of adventure stimulates romance as the love planet Venus enters risk-taking Sagittarius on Monday. Standing still makes things stale in an ongoing relationship and reduces the chances to get a new one off the ground. Pleasure comes to those willing to push limits and explore unfamiliar territory while playing it safe can take you out of the game.

Okay this romance thing is for everyone! 

Yes, as expected I ran out. Sort of. Half skip half laugh, half drizzling, half wet. YES! I'm out.

So went cathay near ps with Castro just now.  Muahahaha. Craziness. 
I randomly saw this in a mag and asked her,"Would you take back a husband who cheated?" She said no. I said yes. Omg I know its totally ridiculous, but I would. She then looked at me and went, "Now I agree with P. You're the kind who'll stay in an abusive r/s."

 I don't know, not that I'm stupid or whatever, I just have this conviction that no matter how badly he treats me, I won't get up and leave voluntarily. Unless he leaves me. Or I die. Urgh. Till death do us part. A creepy twist now.

SO we went into this shop with lots of quirky toys. She flipped through this fortune telling birthday dates thing. And it's true! For hers, understanding! There's more but I forgot cos I was distracted by how true it was.

Mine started with,"Don't marry hastily! (Omg what the? Even a book tells me that. Probaby I really have to LOOK and CHOOSE carefully. What with being too soft in the head and staying in an abusive r/s, I might lose my life man.) Choose carefully, whatever nonsense. Loves sports (uhh, only cycling. Considered?) Loves being with friends and making new acquaintances. (Woo, true true.)

The day is filled with ominous signs that I will have a shitty husband and/or be abused. Woohoo! Oh,but I'll make a shitty wife too, as Eric kindly reminded me of my lack of cooking skills. Great! I shall live like Ebenezer Scrooge. Cept I'll eat nicer food la. He was eating sludgey stuff. Omg.
Yes I watched A Christmas Carol. 3D. Very nice! 

Anyway ppl, sorry if I suddenly reply after a few days. My phone got dropped on its head one time too many and getting stupid. It happily chucks new messages under the 'read', so I have no notification that I received a message. Till I look through the convo on my phone I get a surprise like, "Woah! You mean I read this before and have no recollection??" Which, cannot be la, duh. I not that old yet.

 So the problem lies phone. Zzz. Many msgs from Queen and Pam alr mis-allocated like that. Great. When it's silent, I don't pick up calls. Now, I don't even have message notifications. Talk about phone regression, man.

Oh, and my media files apparently don't register my files? So I can't play any music. *wails.
I don't even drop my phone man! Everyone else does it for me! 
The feeling sucks. It's like you have a baby and you take such great care, then you hand it to someone and the person immediately drops it on its head. Ouch.

I am going to buy a vacuum cleaner! Is dyson good? Passer-by, quick recommend one for me. Okay sounds rude. 
Take 2: Passer-by, you mind recommending? Since you seem a tad free, tagging and all and going anon. 

No offence but I don't get why you don't wanna put your name. I probably know you (duh you think my blog so popular that ppl I don't know will read.) so just put your name. 
Yeap I just have a weird feeling talking to strangers (I haven't learnt any lesson bout not talking to strangers, but I'll still say it) so please name yourself. 
Aiya actually I don't care la. Do whatever you want. I just typed a whole para and went back to square one. No work done yea? (See guys, I'm talking physics! The physics magic is in the air you all can do it!)

Okay I don't get the whole,"Hope you did well for As." 
1. If the person felt that he did well, he'll think its not enough for good. 
2. If the person did okay, he'll think he screwed it. What is well? Define.
3.If the person did're screwed. 

It's like going up to a fat person,"Hope you lost some weight." 


I've nth against obesity la, I got fatter alr. 

Anyway please, stop it already. IT'S OVER.
I even stapled the written areas of my diary together so I nv have to read it again. Maybe like I'm 80 and wanna have a good laugh (or cry) then I'll unstaple it.

Castro says that to hold a convo requires more brainpower and thinking than doing everyday activities.
Now you know what they say, women talk and men do. 


Omg okay I fell asleep ytd so did not publish it. I shall publish it now.



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Saturday, November 21, 2009

OMG I can't believe what I just did. I was so happy, I actually typed my password like ******! with an exclamation mark!

I am going crazy.
"I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! *******look at me, yea, I'm on a boat!"

Hahaha I am going to cut my hair on Mon, meet Fiona on tues, lunch out wed, and omg! Pierce ears with pam! I am only gonna get 2 a side, and one on top. I'm going tanning and still asking around. Going kite-flying, I'm asking Castro. Prob moooovie, ask Wendy.

Shit. I am going to perfect the art of shooting rubber bands from that wooden gun! Prob next time me and A won't have to throw walnuts at neighbour's window to get his attention. :D

My goal is to get a pair of killer heels by prom and make sure I have my cardigan. It's taking so long to ship!!! Rarr.

I need to know where to get nice online guy tops! Anyone knows? I need to send it to Argentina so yea. It's a bit of a prob and I don't know the size. It's for my pen-pal and I've been meanly neglecting him cos of studies. I'm one hell of a sucky pen-pal zzz.

I need new make-up and get Queen's shoes repainted since I screwed up the last one. It said wash and paint. I paint and wash. I know I know. I can imagine Pam going like, "Retard much?" LOL

Abel says to do well for econs you've to have common sense. I haven't any, actually. *gulps. Nevermind.

Need to refurnish my room to make it livable again! It has stacks and stacks of notes, which are like, to me, unanimously called Paper. I don't care much about them! I shall probably throw out most cept lit and gp. And the As papers.

So I shall
1. move sofa upstairs.
2. throw away small cupboard.
3. get rid of vanity.
4. New bed (optional)
5. Repaint (neighbour says remove wallpapers(NEVER!!!))
6. Shelves and small bed for MBear?
7. Nice sheepskin rug. Yayyyyy. <3

I told Sugar I'd make her jajangmeon w/o beef so I shall try!! I made kimchi, spinach salad, pumpkin porridge after As. Which...only the spinach salad turned out fine? Surprise surprise.

Oh oh I wanna get my class people to cycle! Ironically, W and I actually can cycle. So we'll see how fare against the vball and nball girls! Muahaha.

I cycle dangerously with my sis. The last I cycled was when she got into an accident turning a corner talking to me (who's behind) and riding full speed. One thing I was lookin at her, next second, a woman appeared, and (incidentally face turned back too so all I saw was her hair) and wham! Crazy crash and my sis got tossed into the bushes. I jumped off like mad and ran to my sis la, who was so brave! Her palm had an ugly scrape and was bleeding. And she just went, "Ooh, I'm okay." The woman was fine. Zzz.

So the woman asked if my sis was okay and kept apologising. So my sis turned her palm up to her and went, "There, it's okay."
AND THE WOMAN FAINTED. Yea I'm not kidding she slumped to the floor and her bf caught her. I was like, "Wtf? My sis is the one bleeding and you've the cheek to faint?" But I didn't say that duh, at that moment I thought she had a heart attack or sth. So I had another shock when she fainted and I was freaking out. Turns out she just gets wobbly when looking at blood. Jeez. Some people.

And the time me and sis got stalked on the beach after cycling through a forest patch. There wasn't even a freaking trail. Zzz. We had to sit down with a malay family so the stupid guys would stop tailing us.

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Third draft here. You can tell how violent the previous 2 were to be not even under posting condition.

It basically revolves around insensitive people. Again. I should just get over it by now. I should have known some people never have any EQ and I do not have to feel upset about what they say.

I'm not angry because I care, yknow. Sadly, it's because of me. I'm angry because you are making me feel guilty, stupid, inferior and dumb. I will not stoop to your level and do a childish thing like curse you, wick, oil and candle. Anyway you're already cursed with the gift of insensitivity which I am certain will carry you through life.

I shall do what someone did. "I will not scold you, for I don't want you to learn.You will go out to the world with this and someone will teach you a harsh lesson you will never forget." My only excuse would be that I fear my rebuke will simply teach you to be cautious but not sensitive and that will never do. A lesson sometimes needs a person to go right down to hell. Whether he is able to return is just something to hope for. Or not.


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Friday, November 20, 2009

Omg this is stuck in my head now. Thanks to neighbour. Eep.

"Yeah, never thought I'd be on a boat,
it's a big blue watery road..."



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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday, Nov 20th, 2009 -- It may seem as if angels are protecting you today as joyful Jupiter aspects Mercury in your 10th House of Status, increasing your optimism and adding a new clarity to your thoughts. You might feel invincible, as if you cannot go wrong now. But overconfidence can be your greatest enemy. Don't gloss over the details; being prepared greatly increases your chances for success.

Ooh, shitty, I better get off now. ):

Yes, angels are protecting me. 
And yes, I know what I'm saying. :D

I need money!

I'm asking ard for tanning after As. Anyone wanna join?


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I never knew I could smile like that! Its been so long. And it was just last year. Nvm, I will find it.

"Heart be kind and sign the release
As the trees their loss approve.
Learn as leaves must learn to fall
Out of danger, out of love."

Familiar? I put this up on my blog last time. Turns out it came out for lit. Lol
Its some YJ prelim or sth I forgot. :D Castro found it excessive but I liked it. :D

Out of Danger

Heart be kind and sign the release
As the trees their loss approve.
Learn as leaves must learn to fall
Out of danger, out of love.

What belongs to frost and thaw
Sullen winter will not harm.
What belongs to wind and rain
Is out of danger from the storm.

Jealous passion, cruel need
Betray the heart they feed upon.
But what belongs to earth and death
Is out of danger from the sun.

I was cruel, I was wrong -
Hard to say and hard to know.
You do not belong to me.
You are out of danger now -

Out of danger from the wind,
Out of danger from the wave,
Out of danger from the heart
Falling, falling out of love.

 James Fenton.

The End of Love
The end of love should be a big event.
It should involve the hiring of a hall.
Why the hell not? It happens to us all.
Why should it pass without acknowledgement?

Suits should be dry-cleaned, invitations sent.
Whatever form it takes - a tiff, a brawl -
The end of love should be a big event.
It should involve the hiring of a hall.

Better than the unquestioning descent
Into the trap of silence, than the crawl
From visible to hidden, door to wall.

Get the announcements made, the money spent.
The end of love should be a big event.
It should involve the hiring of a hall.

Sophie Hannah

"Trust, that you know."


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Wednesday, Nov 18th, 2009 -- You may be feeling a bit insecure today about showing others what you can do under pressure. Your worries, though, are likely unfounded, especially if you took time to prepare for your current performance. But even if you didn't do your homework, your enthusiasm should enable you to pull it off with style. Today is a lesson in the power of positive thinking.

weehoo. :D


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Monday, November 16, 2009

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out"
-Walter Winchell 

So I was telling pam. You kinda know who sticks by you when you're down and out, only when you're down and out.

It's so simple. The ones who are there for you are the ones you'll keep forever.

There are people who look for you only when they have time. Fine. I don't actively seek constant affirmations of a r/s. It's not needed anyway. But to ignore messages when your friend is freaking out isn't nice at all.

Ignore a friend when he/she is undergoing a stressful time at the risk of losing the friendship. And at your own peril.

So...if I've ignored anybody, then I certainly don't deserve the friendship, nor your time when you finally have some after the As, and vice versa.

You can just reply a curt, "I'm busy" for that would be what I deserve. Similarly, don't expect a more than polite tone when associating with me, because you don't deserve it anyway.

I've no time for you.

I week!

"Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare
False friends are like leaves, found everywhere."
- Anonymous


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Friday, November 13, 2009

Last math paper of my life!

I know I look like I can't do math but the examiner didn't have to check my calculator twice. Lol

I'm pretty happy.
6/11 gone.
Soo much to do after!
And so many friends to catch up with.
 Those who left me alone when I was sad certainly won't get anything from me after these end. :D

Crazy stuff we say when studying after tuition.
1. Horror movie
2.Refurnish room
3. Ikea
4. Bali with Wendy(she already checked flights. How fast. I haven't even asked parents LOL.)
5. Clean sis's room.
6.Buy Dyson vacuum cleaner.
   (so far I've a pen fetish and now vacuum cleaners. Don't ask me.)
7. Repaint room
8. Me and Wendy talked bout tanning. She'll do it in the shade. Lol
9. Korean food
10. SHOP.
11. Steal beige sofa from living room for my room. Stayovers! It's comfy. I'll have 2 beds! XD muahaha
12. Throw out cupboard and math stuff.
13. Shoe rack in room.

Things I think up
14. Work and earn MONEY.
15. PLAY.
16. Go club or sth with Pam. Makeup themes!!!!!!
17. Movie marathons and LOTS of stayovers!!
18. Bum with neighbour and prob abel too.
19. Learn kite flying.
20. Meet sis for dinner at airport frequently.
21. Help her clean room regularly.
22. Bring my baby back from gran. My dog la. Not some illegitimate kid. Lol
23. Train dog to be less fierce and not kill.
24. Refurnish house.
25. Help dad with business.
26. Learn baking with Wendy.
27. Korean with Sw.
28. Seaside getaway with family, prob with aunt.
29. Overseas outing with cousins.
30. Teach Jw english.

Gosh that's alot.

ps.Uh, thanks passer-by, who randomly stalks my blog and tags. Lol.

pps. It's true. All lit ppl are slightly...weird. Lol. No offense lit ppl. We're cool.

pps. QUEEN, that song you sent me was stuck in my head for math p2.

Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)

-keri hilson, knock you down


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Monday, November 9, 2009

3 weeks and we PLAY.
Anyway I saw some documentary or sth on tv when I was too bored. It says garlic can increase sperm count!!!

Apparently those lab dudes found out that the number of active sperms increased by 10,000(or 100,000) I dunno. It was in mandarin and they said yi wan. What's that. I only know yi qian is 1000 and yi yi is 100 000.

Whih is a pretty great number, right? I mean, one more sperm means +1/1000 000 chance of conceiving. Yea. So,eat more garlic I guess. Raw ones work best,and the fried ones are the most ineffective.

Cos its the sulphides (which is the stinky smell) which help the production of more male hormones.
The garlic contains allicin and allinase which kinda combines in your body to form sulphide. And it also forms allithiamin, which is Vit B1. Allithiamin helps as it is anti-bacterial and antioxidant.

So...not only do you have higher sperm count, you are bacterial-less and look younger. Lol why not?
Only trade off is stinky breath which can be combated by eating coriander. (Rmb the (also disgusting) seasoning in soups?)

 For ladies, fish oils can help alleviate mood swings caused by hormonal imbalance. The omega3 fatty acids help (in some way la I forgot.) I think every guy prob should carry fish oils and give it to the girl everytime she seems like pmsing. Then the world would be a happier place. LOL. I dunno if eating fish helps. You prob have to eat like a ton of it to feel the effect.

Okay,disclaimer. Some of the stuff, esp the garlic thing might not be 100% accurate as the show was in korean which is translated to mandarin and translated (by me) to english. So hahaha. And I managed to combine math, chem and bio into it! Hmm...I used to take bio after all.

Just for laughs! From Reader's Digest.
After a spate of shark attacks in Australia, the Week asked its readers to create the country's next tourism slogan. Here's what they came up with:
"What happens off the coast of Australia, stays off the coast of Australia."
"Australia: Disarmingly beautiful."
"Not quite heaven, but you can get there from here."


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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Wtf is 3-methylbutylethanoate?

Damned if things don't always happen before major exams. Last year promos. This year prelims. Now, As. Come to think of it, Os too.
 And come to think of it, it's always someone leaving me! Or the likes of it. O:O:O:
Yea whatever. It's easy to be cynical in my case and be like, "Hell, the more you give the more you hurt, so blahblah."
I am working hard not to be cynical and shit and to forgive and forget easily. Sometimes people say things out of pique or spite or annoyance or anger or simply just stress. (though it doesn't hurt any less.)
I shall not take into heart what has happened in my life so far and concentrate on the now.
After all, someone just died and my life's gotta be better than his right?
Not to be blaphemous or anything.
Impt thing is to be happy.
Might be gone tmr, ya know?
But still, be happy.

But I'm screwed for As. I don't even know like partial fracs! Or the like.
I'm condemned to go overseas.
I'll be a failure and work at the local pet store selling mealworms.
I'd sell ice cream at night and get creamed by housewives telling me to get a life.
 I'd teach tuition but nobody'd want me cos my math sucks, and everything's about math.
 Then I'd have to commit some crime to go live in prison cos I have no home and no money.
 But I heard they might start charging prisoners now cos of the recession (in the US anyway) so I'd be totally worse off.
Ever heard of slippery slope fallacy?

Our society is not elitist.


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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just for laughs

It totally looks like Mr Neo.

Laughing when watching soccer. How retarded. In cameron highlands. The day my phone drowned and died.


Momma and Pappa. And ugly fake dog.



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It's All About Me
Are you wondering at this title?
So am I.
I am amazed how some people can ingeniously turn everything to point at them.
"Why didn't you reply me? Did I scare you?"
"Erm, no...I've been really depressed. Sorry."
"Sorry to hear that. Oh tell you, my life..."
"Geroff, minion!" (Which of course I don't say)
"Alright, I know that sucks. I gtg."
*this is just one classic example, you can probably think of two million ways the minion can harrass with his life story. Or stories. Whatever.

OKAY PEOPLE STOP READING. COME BACK ON DECEMBER. THANK YOU. LOVE(sorry i don't understand the true meaning of it LIKE YOU ALL.

It's just like a dream.Or nightmare if you have it.
I am an expert.
It's exactly like walking out of a cubicle after bawling like a crazy person and someone outside asks if you've heard that madperson wailing. 
"Nope. Person's prob still inside.Poor kid."
My eyes totally turn white after 10secs, I swear. Apart from my nose, which looks almost artifically lifted(which is weird cos it looks sharper), and red at the tips, I look normal. Weehoo! Welcome to my world. There was this time I couldn't freaking cry cos I cried too much before. Now, after I could cry, I am now weeping my eyes out at no apparent sign of grief or distress. I don't feel anything yet tears keep coming down. It's freaking me out, I tell ya. I prob should go easy on the water now.
Like how you always cry in too many public scenes. After a while, you get kinda good at it and people don't know it anymore.

I might start sobbing on my paper in the exams. I guess my only excuse is that I'm making the paper soggy to go recycle it later. 

At least I'm man enough to admit it. Which is saying sth, buddy.
Why I say these here. Because I know the people (all guys huh,*rolls eyes) read this. Or if I'm flattering myself too much then at least they'll feel the karmic wrath somewhere on the worldwideweb. 


It's really empty! I'm freaking out! Where am I! Oh look, I'm turning into one of those weirdass emos! Look at me!

Apparently "suffering is caused unmindful speech and inability to listen to others".
-some buddhist book
I can fuckin safely say I fall only into the former.
And I vouch for the validity of the latter. You know why? When you tell others things, they pretend they know it all already (I'm so experienced, I've seen the world yknow.Whatever you know is written on my left buttock) then assume certain shit which is so grossly misinterpreted and all the pain of that is shoved up your ass or slammed in your face. Then you're like ouch, and the dude totally rambles on and on and on...(you get the drift) and you're left trying to recover enough composure to pretend it has not happened but totally wondering why you're hurting so much. 
They don't listen, geddit. Oh I get it, you're prob not even listening. Forget it.
You know what they say, into one ear...

But I feel kinda sorry now.
I accused someone not too long ago for not caring about me when I was sick.
But he did. Claims some people care from afar. 
Well it was certainly pretty damned far. 
About as far as HZ.
And I did the same thing to someone close now.
I deserve to be shot.

Actually I want to be.


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Okay P has totally tempted me to come here.
Thanks Sugar! Whom I sms so I finally wake at 630-7. Then I sleepwalk ard then sms her. HAHA

Crazy-things-I-did update:
1. High speed run- While crossing the road, I went(and I usually do),"Got car! Quick cross!" Then immediately ran across, with a bewildered sis beside me. Lol. Then after we got across, she shot me a dirty look. "Got car and cross! Who the hell does that?"
"Uh, I meant, got car, still quite far away, quick cross." HAHA

2. Went chalet party

3. 3 online blogshop packages on the way! Muahaha only one for me. -.-

Weird things I did update:
1.Turned elmo song(with Keetha) into a perv song. (Sorry yizhen daughter!)
 "He loves the children, he loves them all...he's...elmo...perv!!"Oh we sang it in the school library.

2.The librarian is my friend now. Everyday she'd catch me wearing fbt and not skirt and everyday I say I forgot. And she still smiles at me and lets me in. She likes me!

3. I lighted a tealight to keep warm in my room. Which, incidentally, has closed windows and no ventilation.

Realization of the week!
I am a social snob.

My entire future lies in As and I'm not even scared. Nor nervous. Oops, can't switch channel.
Channel S.
For Stupid.

<3 you lovelies we study hard now, party thrice as hard after this shit!
X~N(hard, work) ----c.c.------>X~N(PLAY, MAD) approx

But if you wanna be mad,why not 3X~N(PLAY,MAD)?

Just saying!


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Monday, November 2, 2009

Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 2009 -- The Moon in steady Taurus gives us the determination to reach our destinations. We can't be distracted by anything that comes along now because we have the discipline to say no. Concentrating on our personal agendas moves us closer toward our goals, but we must motivate ourselves to stay in motion or we might just remain in our familiar routines. We can feel the stubborn energy begin to dissipate when the Moon enters restless Gemini at 11:52 pm EST.
(Ooh, ooh determination eh)

I'm home alone! Freaking scared.
And you guys who've been in my house knows its pretty dark. And that's in the aft.
Goodluck to me man.
I shall hide under covers now. 
Lucky I'm not afraid of the dark.
I got no one to call, everyone's sick or depressed!
I shall comfort MeshuganaBear cos she's totally freaking out now. Woo...

My blog should have some disclaimer like: Comments should be taken with skepticism and a pinch of salt as writer might not be lucid at moment of blogging. Even so, it is to be further regarded with suspicion should the writer be lucid. 

Because I've just realised I said some stuff I have absolutely no recollection of, which Pam kindly reminded me and Sugar backed her up. I am actually rather horrified. I don't know what I've written. Gosh.

Shoot me. 

(Jk! I can do it myself)


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