Cos we're friends like that
Friday, October 31, 2008

Me: -ve
Joanne: +ve

Pamela: -ve

Zhiwei: +ve

Alice: -ve
Sinyee: +ve

We need 6 of us. 3 with the unfriendly faces, 3 with the friendly faces to neutralise. lol

I went to crash Joanne's BA lecture yesterday! Was having a headache, but when you have them almost everyday, it doesn't seem like much.

Lol if it was anyone else, you gimme free meal i also won't go crash your 2hour! lecture. HAHA. Or wake up at 645 to go all the way to Clementi.

Yea, so met Joanne at Clementi and squeezed up the shuttle bus with her. Lol it was so damn crowded la.

Then went into lecture early. You have no idea. They have carpeted LTs and streetlights in the school. And the place is huge. I think I can get lost trying to go to Canteen 1 from the LT. But I digress.

The lecturer is a funny, short man who cannot pronounce. Seems like a similar thing going on with lecturers-of-seventeen-year-olds. So he is super slack. Me and Joyin went in like 5 minutes early, and not even half the people were there yet. Everyone started streaming in after 9. And the lecturer went like, "I'm going to start punctually at 9.10."

Lol, dude, if you're starting late its not called starting punctually. Then there was this girl who has really bad hair and erm, bad everything. Seriously. LOL. And I still poke Joanne awake (like I always did) when she starts dozing off. Hahaha

Some people sit there, no books, no notes, nothing. Blank table blank face, sit blankly for 2 hours. Haha! Then i kept drawing on Joanne's hand. Eh, you stealer of rulers! I charge an interest rate of 1cm per day for ruler-kopping! So if I see you 12 days later, I must get back 2 rulers ah!

:D Then I went to surprise Lirong after the lesson. She was like, "Eh! YOU!" Hahaha.Then I decided to module hop cos I couldn't crash Joanne's tutorial. I went to find Yimin (Husband).

Had lunch with her mass comm friends. Lol then saw Lirong. Again. And she said I must be stalking her. Muahaha (you never know) Then she told me to take 852 to go back to yishun. But me, the geographical genius (Joanne would agree. Haha!) couldn't find 852. So i took 52 instead.

Hahaha. There was this guy in a blue shirt who looked so much like Niankiat when he boarded 52 with me that I thought he was NK. And I was walking up to him when I realised NK was in SP and not Ngee Ann. Omygosh. Lucky I didn't say hi. I would've looked totally stupid. And he didn't look that much like NK. I thought maybe he had changed a little since I last saw him.

I took a bus 52 which goes to Bishan interchange and on the way, who should board but Lirong again. You tell me who's stalking who? LOL Yea, she kept calling me a stalker. Loudly. Basically the whole bus heard cos we were talking so loudly. HAHA. So she told me it's faster if I got off at Macritchie and took 855. So I did, and finally manage to shake off that stalker Lirong. Lol!

But a few stops later, that Nk-lookalike guy boarded 855. Apparently he got off 52 some stops later and got on 855 too. And started looking at me weirdly like I was the stalker Lirong kept insisting I was. So malu can! I just looked straight and pretended like I didn't notice him. (which is more stalker behavior, actually)

Urgh. But i got home (finally), and I am so thankful I don't study at NP. Travelling alone would have killed me. :O

I don't have any pics, cept with husband. Lol and my phone can't transfer pics, and I don't know how to work it, cos I'm extremely tech savvy, as you all know.

Husband, must treat Dhev nicer okay! As they say, "Kan(4) zai(4) jiu(4) qing(2) fen(4) shang(4). " LOLOL

I didn't realise how much I missed those crappy fellas till I saw them again. ):

Come to 4/6 chalet, all you 4/6 sexys! NO ONE IS TO PON, GEDDIT?

Ps: I am quite scared for Sunday. The Man is gonna audition us. Eep.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Action speaks louder than words.

I know people who never say anything nice about anybody, but have a decent heart and won't go outta their way to say hurtful things. Queen, i think she's like that la. Just low, very very low EQ, but fine, really. At least she speaks her mind.

I know people who always say nice things about people but don't think of the nice things, and even though she says she's ugly, she thinks she's charming, really, and says that just so people go, "No way!"
I know people who will never hurt a fly in their life, but for some particular reason, all the people around her hurts her. Is it too cynical to say, nothing good will ever come outta being good?

I know people who never do anything bad to anybody in their life, but just gets ostracized for no good reason. Just so due to the lack of people skills.

I know people who just talk to you ever so nicely, she realizes what's right and what's wrong, but she cannot help but do all the wrong things. Cannot help, yea?

I know people who are just there for you even though you may be a complete ass to them.
I saw this on postsecret.


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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I went for plastic surgery,
Today and everyday.
Of course it would make me beautiful,
Or so they all said.

They injected the anesthesia,
squeezed out my cheerfulness,
extracted my optimism,
shaped my smiles,
took away my laughter,
and replaced it with sorrow.

It is a painful process,
And so they all said.
Am I beautiful now?
When I look in the mirror,
there is no trace of who I used to be.
The old image haunts me.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lol saw this funny quiz at Girlfren's blog. Yoohoo

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.

1) Your name?

Yokie (there's no yokecheng)
ussually a studly stud who is dating a girl named emily and is a playa and is a great basketball playa what a stud
Hey daddy look at that yokie hes a great playa....

STUD? hmm...

2) Your age?

Seventeen is the last year before college, the last year before you can vote, the last year you are dependent on your parents—it is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Seventeen is not considered as monumental as sixteen, but somehow 17 sounds so much older than 16. Sixteen is carefree teenager enjoying life while they still can, but at seventeen some sort of responsibility is expected.
She thought she would never turn sweet sixteen, and then suddenly her 16th year was over and she was seventeen

Wow, I should be sad? Lol

3) One of your friends?

A girl who seems innocent , but also knows how to have fun. Joannes are usually beautiful, have slender and sexy bodies, extremely smart, and get all the guys.
guy 1: "That girl looks like a Joanne; she's so fine"

guy 2: "I know, damn i wish i could tap that"

Hahahahaha woman!

4) What should you be doing?

Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining.
Hey, whatcha doin'? (clearly working on something complex and important) Nothing.


5) Favorite color?

Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin.
Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple!

A drug? Woohoo...

6) Hometown?

5 types of climate: hot, very hot, damn its freakin' hot, wow look roast human char siew all over the streets!

Otherwise, 4 common interest among all typical Singaporeans: Food, glorious food! Shopping, Welcome to the Great Singapore Sale! Toto/4D, come Saturday Sunday.. will I win? (bai liu li bai hui bu hui kai), Education - "Boy AH! u finish tuition homework liao or not! Later got piano lesson! AIYO! Your spelling learn already anot?!"

3 MRT lines: North South line, East West line, North East line

2 hours(approx): is needed to travel from one end to another end of Singapore.

1 common language: Singlish "See liao lah... What you want?" "SCUSE"
Singapore is rojak.

Muahaha very true.

7) Month of your birthday?

Indefinite date, usually implied when something is coming soon, but the definitive date is unknown.

See also procrastinate
New and improved, coming this March!

8) Last person you talked to?

Joanne. (see above) Lol i'm a stud and she's a babe. HAHA good pair yo.

9) What did you last eat?

A female sexual toy cleverly disguised as a vegetable. Most bag clerks at the grocery stores look at the women purchasing these and guess whether this chick is on a diet or if this thing is going where many men have gone before

Trust me, when a bagger sees a 300 pound woman buying a cucumber,he knows she isnt on a diet! He almost feels sorry for the torture the little green veggie will be suffering.

The bagger knew the cucumber was in for a bad night, so he "accidentally" left it out of the bag.

WTH lol I'm on a diet tyvm.

10) Your nickname?

Founding Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist. A living example of one of the world's best musicians. He isn't my fave Chili-Pepper when it comes to looks, but he is a genius and deserves all the love, respect and money he gets. We're with you flea!

Flea's real name is Michael 'Flea' Balzary. He is 5'9 and he has appeared in several movies and he is the voice of Donnie in the Nickelodeon cartoon series, 'The Wild Thornberrys'. Not exaclty a looker, but his talent makes up for it big time.

Hmm, très interesting.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sean, pam, me, leon

Lightbulb Joke

Leon was telling me this the other day and I actually answered him correctly! HAHAHA

Leon: How many Aj students do you need to change a lightbulb?

Me: Umm, none? We just report to the OM la.


Funny things that happened

1. I managed to stay awake during gp lecture. I was too annoyed to fall asleep. (You guys there will know why)

2. I managed to stay awake during econs lecture. Cos Ms Li(Lee?)'s voice is nice.

3. I made Castro drop her "frog" biscuit in the LT, then we couldn't stop laughing at small stuff.

4. I kept laughing at the stuff Carissa wrote on my gp paper. Lol. And our funny faces. XD Okay mine was unique (hahaha fine, deformed).

5. I walked out of school with 2/4 of the Alt F4 gang. Then had to get stuck in that shelter and share an umbrella while talking to Queen on the phone.

6. Queen told me to tell them I was talking to my lesbian friend. Lol then James and Edmund just went, "Oh, does she want a gay friend?" Talk about gays hahaha

7. I got wet walking in the rain talking to Joanne after I got off the bus and didn't realise I wasn't walking in the shelter.

8. When i started walking home, I saw two Aj people and I thought one of them was david. Omg, okay, my excuse's that I was wet and cold and talking to joanne. Lol

9. I cut my hair ytd and Alice didn't notice at all. Until I told her. LOL that girl

10. Pamela pointed out that although all the people at the morning table was 4/3 dudes, most of them were 2/6 dudes anyway and I could join them. Lol and they proceeded to ostracize the 4/3 and not 2/6 people. Hahaha okay i don't make sense.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I thought it would hurt,
I thought I would be sad.
But I was surprised
For when I thought of that,
There was nothing but a dull nonchalance,
where pain used to be.
And a gentle wistfulness,
for the pain that used to be.

Okay so my blog posts do not really show whether I'm happy or sad. It can sometimes lag etc. Haha. But thanks guys for asking about me. Like, Cheeguan and Eric (so nice when he asked if I was okay lol)

Anyway some people have been asking me why
1. I am not attached.
2. Why I don't seem interested. (??)

Haha okay I think I'll make a really bad girlfriend. You know the bitchy kinds who demand your whreabouts and blow your credit card. LOL okay just kidding.

Why I think I'll be a horrible gf :D
1. I think I'll be the jealous kind who will get angry if the guy talks to some girl all the time even though I know they will only be friends.

2. I'll want his attention all the time.

3. He has to be really tall. (okay not really taller than me's fine)

4. I'll get angry if he is too sweet. (fine I'm weird okay)

5. He can't have neater handwriting than me. (Lol really weird)

6. I want his studies to be always better than mine.

7. He must speak good english.(he can be a physics or math genius but if he can't really speak english...) :)

8. I'll want him to do funny stuff for me. Like...painting my nails? HAHA

9. I want him to be able to sing. At least not all tone deaf la.

10. If he can't sing in tune I think i'll keep teasing him lol

11. I might call him in the middle of the night cos I'll get scared or can't sleep. And he must sing me a lullaby! XD

Okay i think enough of me being obnoxiously demanding. Lol you all will say that's why I'm still single haha. So, yea see? I'm still single. But I'm quite happy cos I have so many people I love! XD

Anyway I have my Husband (Yimin!) and Boyfriend (Si en) and Girlfriend (Sharleen)/ I feel like an wonder so many lil kids. XD

( I have a feeling I'll have a boyfriend when I'm in J2) Nooo...I dowan.

Pamela will say, "My dear girl, keep all your funny feelings to yourself please." Lolol XD

Which reminds me of my amusing hotel stories which I told the dudettes at the dinner table in Italy. (Shona, Shena, Pamela, Wanchun, Yizhen, etc)

Okay I shall leave that to another time weeee...


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

One should really wonder if saying the most direct things will be the best for everyone.

Cos Mr How was talking to me. And he said that they'll look at the bell curve thing to see who retain. And I'm thinking okay fine, if you are meaning me, its okay.

And he said its the way things go. So i'm like, okay. So the society doesn't look at things in another way. Like I didn't go for PAE. I went to Italy. Choir members got back a Grand Prize, but who cares. Studied during June hols to catch up but still failed mid years. Did all my tutorials when I had time but so what. Got a B for math but might be a fluke shot.

They see that I fail my common tests. Don't do my tutorials and have no reason. Sleep in lectures and sulk in class.

But I pointed out to him. There are people who fail like crap, but promote. Pass a H2 but retained. Why, if the system is meritocratic? They see who, to put it bluntly, even unkindly, suck up to teachers. (you might be thinking, why am I so horrible)

Alright I have seen students who put in so much effort. Just that they are not in the habit of socialising with teachers. They appear to be arrogant, snobby and even donwnright rude. But they stay up late to mug, ask their tutors when in doubt, and basically take their education just as seriously, if not more then the others who are always running after teachers. Yes the teachers see these students as people who don't ask for help. But tell me, if the teachers look at you, incredulous that you don't understand, would you continue to keep asking them?

Well the types of people who are gonna get promoted
1. Smarty pants
2. Scraping-bys but still pass, on the average
3. I-study-so-hard-I-appear-to-take-studies-seriously-but-I-just-messed-up-this-0nce-please-let-me-promote

I am so cynical. But I won't say sorry cos i'm horrid. haha

But I'm just gonna say what I think. There are people who care a lot about studies. If they don't look for their tutors, perhaps the tutors should evaluate if they themselves have been encouraging enough for these students to look for them.

Ah enough ranting, life isn't fair anyway. You climb to the top of the coporate lader but you don't always get the post cos the boss might be busy getting acquainted with that skank down the corridor. Appearance vs reality huh.

Zongyi said that Jc life changes a person. Hmm. I think it just shows me a more realistic picture. The truth always hurts. Just retain your sanity and that's more than you should ask for. After all, no one owes you anything. NO ONE. Just wake up.

I keep thinking I want to go join Elizabeth down under cos my dad won't mind. But would I be happier there? I would be utterly selfish and a right twit if i run off without thinking of my friends. They make my day in school much brighter and many times, I would just sink through the floor and disappear if not for them. Many make my life beautiful, and my classmates are such wonderful people. Carissa has been the sweetest classmate, and Leon the most wonderful choir mate and good friend.

During the forum, I wanted to say something during the feedback time (I didn't cos there wasn't time as lots of people were asking very constructive questions like, questioning the architecture and cleanliness and even the welfare of stallholders. And I had wanted to raise the point about the possibility of a sheltered walkway from the main gate to school, but nvm.)

And Carissa actually said, "Oh, go say it! I'll support you. I can go with you." And she said its normal for classmates to do that. Hmm, normally I would get responses like, "Uh okay...go la." Or "I see. Okay. Byebye." Okay whatever I don't wanna go into my lack of social skills.

And Leon cheered me up countless times. Sometimes he does so much I'll be scared that Daughter will be angry but he just says, no la, I do so much more for her.

I shouldn't complain anymore. I'm kinda tired. Mom didnt let me go to the choir performance tonight. Can't blame her.

I hope for all the best for everyone. Love you all no matter what.

Ps: Anderson sec has had two suicide cases this year. Why, my dear juniors? Life doesn't suck so much. Well...nvm. Even if you wanna die think of those who care about you and reflect on what a selfish nitwit you would be. Yeap. They put in so much for you, yet you become so melodramatic and then go kill yourself. Dude, life is perhaps unfair for you but you are being unfair to those who care.


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Monday, October 6, 2008

What can I think?
When for months I never did see anything wrong,
that I could do something to right,
so that I wouldn't end up with nothing.

And she had many such dreams that she could not wake up from.

She dreamt that she was running down a blinding white corridor,
hoping to find the thing she wanted.
And yet she saw the corridor had no unlocked doors, nor ending.
She hoped to find something, but she did not know what.
And she ran and ran.
She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out.
She had nothing.

Or perhaps she was chased by something into a dark dark tunnel.
She ran towards a light, but found it was a white rock,
which turned into her long-dead pet hamster and bit her.
The tunnel was filled with white rocks, no, rats
But had no light.
She heard shuffling noises of a thing in the dark, searching,
And she ran and ran.
She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out.
She had nothing.
Or perhaps she was running up and down a staircase,
terrified of the second storey,
horrified by what she saw on the first.
The floor, damp and muddy, and she slipped, twice.
She was crying by now,
but Nobody heard and Nobody cared,
and Nobody came to her help.
Her vision blurred by her tears, she fell,
but saw the cold hard ground clearly as it loomed up to meet her.
Then, there was a dog, her dog,
barking, calling her,
She tried to turn, but could not.
She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out.
She had nothing.


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