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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened."
Don Draper, Mad Men 

One day, she thought, she'd look back at all the heartfelt and dramatic investments and dismiss them as foolish.

Yet, she wouldn't go so far. One had to dissociate oneself from all responsibility and foresight of a situation in order to shrug off any connection or blame. How possible would that be, if one entered into any such transactions with full knowledge of what will transpire?

I suppose some people never experience rejection in its full. The first experience becomes a dizzy one. Mixed emotions of utter dejection, disbelief and a certain sadistic schadenfreude. Like a drug, you slowly determine to try every level of that emotion, in every possible mixture. It becomes an addiction. One becomes hooked on emotions.

One derives a certain high from riding an emotional roller coaster day in and out. Just like alcohol, one would push their limit, and wake up triumphant the next day, with a massive hangover, a secret glee at finding one's emotional tolerance and no trace of regret.

Regret. One word, two syllabus and a lifetime of heartache. A powerful yet unknown concept. Countered only by what may be the simplest phrase in the world, "At that point in time, it was exactly what you wanted."

Too little know what they want, and fewer obtain it at the end. Tricky questions posed innocently since birth and yet no one truly understands the intention behind it. A dilemma where the questioners do not hold the answer.

One can reminisce about the past. One can travel back in time and indulge in past fancies. But nothing happy ever lasts and we are left with nostalgia.

As someone once said, "Nostalgia" in Greek, literally means "the pain from an old wound."

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