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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I know what everyone says about being yourself, being true, doing whatever you like. But the sad truth is, how long can we actually be true to ourselves?

The moment we exist, societal norms and parental, even peer pressure shape us to be what we have become today. We are like pawns in a giant multi-national ( in Singapore's context, yes) controlled by the top few who hold power, and influenced from Day 1 by people who have experience in Life (or so they say).

What are we living for, exactly? It might seem like the politically correct answer to say, ourselves. However, do we believe in it when we say that? How many of us would drop every single consideration, every emotional thread holding us back to do whatever we want?

Can we truly be free, then? The truth is, we are living in a world that is run in the way an enormous trans-national company would be. We are just chess pieces in what is termed Development or economical and technological Development.

We exist to bring improvement to society, and contribute in our Own Little Ways. The scientists would discover new medicines for mankind, mathematicians formulate the equations and architects help shape the world. Politicians govern us and strive to bring their own countries, or do we say, the several departments of the Company we are all working for, up the social ladder , up the Company ranking, up the economic hierarchy, and in the middle of all these, bring social welfare to the people.

What do the people termed artists do then? They beautify the world, they bring a different concept of life in Life itself. They incorporate Life with Beauty, and showcase the exquisite masterpieces to the world. In the end, what they do is still subjective. Appreciated by some, hated by others.

In the end, the people who have nothing to prove, no tangible evidence of their supposed ingenuity, are kicked off and left right at the bottom of the life coporate ladder. They might be chock-full of morals, might be the sweetest person on Earth, but without that proof of their worth, that contribution or awards we so often hold in awe, they are nothing.

Society looks down on them, everyone secretly(or not so secretly) believes they are incapable of delivering. They will sigh and sympathise, but in the end, they move on. They cannot help. No matter what you do, if there are no results, you are left holding the bag. (Empty bag, in this case.)

So how can we actually say we live for ourselves? It is only to that certain extent (and a very minute one at that) that we can say we live for ourselves. And before we do that, we have to break free from social stigma, norms and expectations.

One can say, however, that we are always free to choose to do whatever we like. But will society appreciate me if i just play the violin or do the ballet? I would have to internationally known, or be a world renowned artist to gain that recognition and satisfaction that what I have done is correct.

In the end, it still boils down to competition and success. We all have to adhere to the basic steps to gain the necessary survival skill, aka degrees and doctorates before we can even comtemplate choosing to do what we like.

However, one can still be whoever one wants to be, althugh this is only in terms of personality and character. And since this is basically the only freedom we're granted, why not make full use of it? Make yourself, known, and do whatever you want. Say whatever guidelines your morals and give scant regard for those who criticise, unless it is to improve yourself and develop your character.

It is not wrong to do what one deems right, as long as your conscience is clear and gives you a peace of mind. What the others might say, take it with a pinch of salt. After all, if they cannot accept you for who you are, unruffled, self confident and self assured, if slightly contemptous, they are better off without.

Why not try standing up to what you believe in? Trying to please all pleases none. In the end, all you have to answer to is yourself. If they don't get it, too bad for them.

Perhaps they could just stick it in their diet yogurts and eat it, if they ain't already majorly anorexic. Some should just learn that another's diet may not be their cup of tea.

Res Ipsa Loquitur.


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm sick. Sniffy, voice kinda gone. Cough.

Not going to school tmr. (Ok, *slapmyself*, stop whining)

I get comments from people who say untrue things about me. I'm too tired to be bitchy to you, please. Not fun huh? I'm not so easily riled up. :) Try harder.

Lummie and Monkey extra nice to me cos i'm all dazed and half dead. They both got food with me so I would eat.

I have a habit of not eating when i'm sick. I once lost 5kg just being sick for two days cos i almost didn't eat at all. No appetite.

Daughter (Nattie) talked to me for quite long and said many things which cheered me up. Thanks daughter!

I really enjoyed the dance during pe. Everyone was quite sporting and kept laughing. :) And I would've gone for dinner with 13/08 peeps if my mom hasn't cooked. And I should learn to like subway. (okay cos i hate bread)

Son tells me to drink more water. ( More naggy than mom ah)

I'm wearing my nightie-jaket thing. Its fuzzy and purple. Sounds horrible i know, but its comfy! Now let me just find that pair of furry purple house slippers to go...

I have learned the art of blocking out my headaches successfully. Finally, after so many years.

I should start doing math tut 12. :(

I still don't know when i've cut myself. I walked around my house with a cut on my leg and i didn't know. Till i accidentally touched it, and was like, blood? Okay, great, where have i cut myself again?

My pretty flowery-oriental bag broke. Okay I shall try to fix it. And son, tis bag isn't ex la.

I need to start saving up for something, I can't remember what.

Those who have been saying that I'm mean, yea maybe you're right. Maybe I should have been nicer. Maybe I could've been less self-centred. Maybe I could've done more. Maybe I could've tried.
Maybe it's none of your business.
None of your business at all.


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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Chariot

The Chariot is the representation of victory and a reminder that, through dedication and perseverance, great obstacles can be overcome.

This card indicates that you are in control of your destiny and that your will is strong.

Your refusal to surrender is your great attribute at this time.

You will soon find yourself in a difficult situation that requires you to be in complete control of your actions and confident in your abilities.


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Appearance Vs Reality

You who look so fair from far,
are naught but vicious thought and barbed wires.

I thought you were an angel,
But I guess i thought wrong.

Perchance you have some innocence,
an' I,
a thought-less soul.

Shiny, far off.
Dark, grim, base,
Up close.

Stay far away and taint me not.
For thou art shallow,
Deep down.

I don't like everything. I was happy, you had to spoil it. Too bad. For you.

And Enid Blyton is a racist.


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Monday, August 11, 2008

I woke up very early today, bathed, walked outta the bathroom and saw this BAT.

Near the stairs. My bro was so kind to point it out to me. Ohmygosh.

How did it even get in the house?!!

Okay, cos the windows, and doors of my room is always closed.

And so is my sis's.

But i did open the balcony shutter wide last night while sitting around reading Eragon.


I got my bro to go up and take some pics. heehee.

Hey, thats what bros are for, man! :D

He wasn't even scared la. I think bats are funny creatures.

See? It;s just totally hanging there sleeping. Go lie down, dude, it's so uncomfortable!

Oh dear, being a bat must be tiring.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008


This card is commonly misconstrued and does not specifically pertain to physical death.

The Death card signifies change in your life brought about by the ending of a current situation and the beginning of a new one.

While the card itself may be morbid, it actually represents exciting change in your life.

Be prepared for new and exciting situations to develop.


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I am very anal about some things. Ms Giri thinks I'm some weird perfectionist by the way i do up the minutes and cut up the newspaper articles for the pw file.

Maybe I am, i don't know. Acting very un-flealike nowadays.

I don't hear people when they call me.

Went out to meet Minhui, then i walked past a couple of guys sitting at the void deck. Then they keep making stupid noises. Nice, friendly person i am, i just ignored them.

On the way back, walked past some dudes and I was so in my own world i didn't turn around when they started doing the funny squeaking sound thing. Until they called my name. My pri school mates. Gosh, they must think i'm deaf.

Not a stretch of the truth. Selective hearing, to put it.

Zongyi says JC life will change a person. I don't want to change.

But in a system where academic achievements are valued more than the process of attaining them, we really wonder, is it worthwhile holding on to that little bit of yourself, and stay true?

Why not cut straight to the chase. Get your As. Get out.

Is a school a place where one studies and learn, in the academic way, and however much other interests and pursuits are important to you, they play second fiddle?

Perhaps one might consider what Wayne said. The best three years of your life. :)

What happened to "The process is more important than the end result?"

I still stick to my opinion that being real is more important than being perfect.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

And my whole world. I don't intend to step out anyway. I'll stick to what daughter says.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Somebody said this to me,

You're like a Porsche.

Beautiful, elegant, expensive.

But cannot drive one.

So amusing. Makes me seem quite useless. haha

I'm very very happy today! :D No prizes for guessing why.

The dudes and dudettes are gonna perform during civics! I can't wait. XD

And i managed to get myself a sis. hohoho

The week looks good!

Missing People Bulletin

Heeheehee. See thy faces up there?

1. Haven't talked to me in a long time.

2. Haven't gone out together in a long time. XD

Ask me out for a date soon!


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Friday, August 1, 2008


During assembly today, Ms L talked about how things have gotten stolen in the college. She asked the school why the belongings were left unattended in the first place. And, "aren't they supposed to be with you, as you have a responsibility in taking care of them?" The tone of voice and sarcasm used clearly indicated how upset she was at the thefts happening in the school.

While it is true that one should take responsibility for one's own belongings, someone actually stole a phone while the bag was left unattended, IN CLASS.

What does this say about the students? Are we to go to the extent of doubting everyone in class? What is the point of having classes then? Might it be just another way to classify students into their subject combinations, and facilitate staff in taking attendance?

After Ms L's impassioned speech about how one should take charge of one' valuables, she warned the thief (ves), "this is the last time and not to do it again."

Is it true then, that junior college life not only prepares you well for worklife and society, where everyone around you can be potentially dangerous, but it also teaches you that sometimes, its people who have all the power who have the final say.

:) I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything. Just stating my point of view in a Gp kinda way.

Amusing things that happened.

1. Monkey tried to wear nerdy's jacket today and zip it back to front.

2. Minhui almost stepped on a grasshopper, frightened it so much that it jumped on a unsuspecting Fiona and hitched a ride for several minutes, leaving us wondering where Mister springy disappeared to. It only hopped off when Lummie and I spotted it clinging onto the back of Fiona's shirt and screamed at it.

3. Monkey actually said i was smart. LOL

4. Did something to someone's shoe, who tried to catch me but couldn't, cos he had no shoes.

5. Math lecture was kinda interesting. Kind of.

6. Everyone in my class has a funny nickname. And it all ends with -eey.

Monkey, Monkey, Nerdy, Goldie, Oldie/ Lummie, Yokey/Yuki, Mummy, Baby, Auntie and the Three Little pigs.

13/08 is just so cool. XD

7. Son (leon) bit of a klutz today. Dropped his fork, then dropped his prata. hahaha

8. Choir has so many scandals, though those involving me are always made up by my sons or TT.

9. I went up to a guy today while walking home and asked him where he got his bag from, cos it was so cute. I think he's so funny. I called like, "Excuse me?" three times and he didn't turn around. I went, "GUY!" and he turned around, a bit surprised.

10. If you were wondering whether he's cute, nope i didn't notice.

11. Besides, he's a younger dude, c'mon. I'm not a paedophile okay, no matter how much Pamela claims i am.


AJchoir is <33

13/08 is <33!!

Remember my msn pm, "my darling Josh?" which you guys thought was like my bf or sth? LOL

Meet Josh! My new baby. XD Erin gave it to me! I'm so happy. -grin-

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