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Saturday, March 27, 2010

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For the Week of Mar 29th, 2010 -- You have two distinctly different sides, Pisces. One is careful and super sensitive and the other is willing to go whichever way the wind blows. It's the wilder part of you that's likely to be in charge this weekend. Go out and have a good time as long as you remember that this is all about having fun rather than making a commitment or settling down.

For someone who doesn't seem to notice an detail at all, I rmbed someone I met at A. He was this super good looking Indian guy. And he was a construction worker. And he was only 20 years old (I saw his work permit), one year older than me. 

What the hell. And I'm being such a self-absorbed ass, always thinking I don't have enough. 
I'm not assuming his life is sad. 
I just don't think he has it easy.
So, for every snide comment about others I make, I'll keep thinking of how they can't help it anyway.

Like the time at PizzaHut with W, and being the social snobs we were, we gave disgusted glances, glared or rolled our eyes whenever the diners at the next table whistled loudly for the waiter and made gross remarks about...toilet habits.
When they were gone, we unanimously said "Boor-ish" was the word to describe them. We then went on to talk about the couple's kid, who would naturally learn much from his obviously well-educated parents, and proceed to be likewise despised. 

I don't claim to be ashamed because they did made me feel nauseated and lose my appetite. And it is only common sense to shut up about shit -yea, literally-  when at a restaurant. 
But I think for all the horror I channelled their way, it'll be payback in karma for me, when in my next life, I actually find humour in shit. 

I really don't know what to think. 
Let's just not go to PizzaHut next time, shall we?

Sometimes when people treat you badly, your first thought would be revenge. Which is what would be if I actually quit. Payback is best served cold, and if I lose out, so do you. 
For all the worldly knowledge gleaned from working so long, one would expect the other to be more understanding. 
Hell, no. 
For some people, if they don't have it, they'd rather you not have it too, though it benefits them none and causes the former plenty of pain. 

Which would not have been much of an issue if the extra effort was suitably acknowledged. 
It becomes sticky when one person gives in, yet is dealt all sorts of accusations and annoyance. 
And stickier when the accusations were actually unfounded, and horribly twisted and untrue. 

Rats really say all sorts of stuff they can make up just to save their asses. 
And I'm just not small-minded enough to point fingers back and rub it in. 
We do appreciate being treated with an open heart and understanding. However one can only stand so much mean-ness and calculative behaviour.

I'd say, yes, it would be irresponsible if I just ran off and you were short-handed. It would have been my fault.
But again, I have no real motivation or attachment to be so dedicated when the permanents are so laissez faire.


  [in-fi-del-i-tee]  Show IPA
marital disloyalty; adultery.
unfaithfulness; disloyalty.
lack of religious faith, esp. Christian faith.
a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression.

I'm giving you a chance. Back off before its too late.

Lucky I've got a best friend who'll have my back. Ha, you've nth. Get the hell away from me.


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

For the Week of Mar 22nd, 2010 -- The Moon's shift into your 7th House of Partnerships should stir up your personal life on Saturday. Trying to please an overly critical person, though, can be frustrating. Still, if you're willing to make a few adjustments, it could bring new life to an ongoing relationship or provide enough clarity to allow you to advance in a new romance.

Sunday, Mar 21st, 2010 -- You might feel like a beached fish, longing for the nurturing nutrients of the fluid seas. But the energy is flowing mostly through fire and air signs now, drying up your emotions. Don't waste your time complaining about the lack of watery feelings in your life, just let others know of your sincere intentions. You have plenty to do before the tides change again.

NONONO.The only person I'm pleasing is MYSELF.
It's been so long since

So many things to do!
And so little time.

Lollipop, Mika
Hey, what's the big idea?

Yo Mika.

I said,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
I said,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.
say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.

I went walking in with my mama one day,
when she warn me what people say,
live your life until love is found,
'cause love's gonna get you down.
Take a look at the girl next door,
she's a player and a down right whore,
Jesus slows up, she wants more,
oh bad girls get you down.

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.
say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.

Mama told me what I should know,
too much candy gonna ride your soul,
if she loves you, let her go,
'cause love only gets you down.
Take a look at the boy like me,
never stood on my own two feet,
now I'm blue, as I can be,
oh love couldn't get me down.

sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.
say love, say love,
or love's gonna get you down.

I went walking with my mama one day,
when she warn me what people say,
live your life until love is found,
or love's gonna get you down.

sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down.
Say love (say love), say love (say love),
or love's gonna get you down.
say love (say love), say love (say love),
or love's gonna get you down.

Mama told me what I should know,
too much candy gonna ride your soul,
if she loves you, let her go,
'cause love only gets you down.

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, lollipop.
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, lollipop.

Sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down,
sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down


Remember what you told me.
Remember what you told me.
Remember what you told me,
told me, told me.
(Waking Up In Vegas, Katy Perry.)


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday, Mar 19th, 2010 -- Sometimes you Fish like to swim through your day, letting the currents take you where they will. Today, however, you'll be better off making your plans in advance and then trying to stick to them. But keep in mind that this could be a study in frustration if you are so rigid that you cannot alter your schedule when circumstances warrant. Being practical is ultimately more important than doing everything your way.

I keep having moodswings.

I realize what being a guy means, after all. And I realise that Andsec guys are still the best.
Everyone couldn't go for the open house and I was all set on going for the Nus one on my own, because I was simply too tired to keep asking ard if anyone was free, and getting a negative, then Cal offered to go with me though he said he didn't want to go, and had to get home earlier for dinner.

Even HY offered to go with me if I was gonna go alone.

Much can be said of them. It's like, I can always still count on the 4/6 guys to be there for me. If I ever fell into a drain and couldn't get out, I can always count on Cal or Monster or ZA to come and get me out.

And real guys didn't complain or go on and on about how they couldn't make it, but would try to make time, and gladly sacrifice their time for me. Real guys cut straight to it, and either said they could, or couldn't. If you hemmed or hawed so much, you must be from a bs.

I was feeling so so down and irritated on Sat that I utterly disliked Ntu. Thanks to Alice, Bertina and Joan that I didn't have to walk ard alone and be so lost.

Of course I wanted to go to Nus, but was so sick of asking, practically begging, people to go with me that I jusrt made up my mind to go alone. Then saw Cal and gang at Ntu and he said to go together if I was going alone. Lol

And he was totally late! HAHA. But he was dressed very nicely, so no complains. And he was so sweet, went with me to Fass talk though Business talk was going on at the same time. :X Actually I wouldn't have minded at all if he went off for the other talk (I alr envisioned a day alone) and we met up afterwards.

He's awesome sweet la! Like an elder bro who constantly picks up nonsense after me.


He always looked after me. Even in sec school.
And Wj always made me laugh, tgt with Fiona.
Marv always bullied me.
HY amused me.
And ZA is just...forget it. It's too complicated.

So much happening now, and I just wish someone at work would just stop following me ard because seriously, I don't like it, and am becoming quite scared. Wished I hadn't talked to you.



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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, Mar 11th, 2010 -- You may be at your wit's end today because every time you start to share your feelings, the words slip away before you can express what's in your heart. Paradoxically, you seem to know what you want to say as long as you are quiet. Even if you don't think that you're providing an adequate explanation, don't withdraw before giving it your best shot. Once you start the conversation, you can always fill in more details later.

For the Week of Mar 8th, 2010 -- The Moon enters your sign on Saturday, establishing a dreamlike atmosphere where colors are brighter and emotions stronger. It's easy to fall in love under these conditions, which is fine as long as you're able to enjoy the moment without making plans for the future. Living in the present can reward you with blissful feelings that are beyond description.

I know my horoscopes always tell me it's okay to dream, whereas everybody else tells me not to. Is realism better than idealism? Can they even be compared like this?

Realism- the tendency to view or represent things as they really are.

Idealism- the tendency to represent things in an ideal form, or as they might or should be rather than as they are, with emphasis on values.

I guess we all know which one'll make you feel like shit whichever situation, okay?

While working today, immediately after I told her I was Buddhist, some auntie working at the clinic told me that if I don't believe in Jesus, I'm gonna spend 7 years in "suffering"
-which pretty much adds up to "hell"- after all the believers are saved.

What the?

1st thought: You cursing me?
2nd thought: You're threatening me.
3rd thought: Piss off.

I didn't insult, denounce or shrug off your religion. But you downright trampled on mine. 
If I were the Satan child you so obviously think I am, no doubt, hounds and devils are after you now.

It's one thing to think that people from other religions aren't gonna get saved. It's another thing to tell them they're doomed for eternity if they never switch faiths. 

In one way, I'm glad my friends have never (very) openly discussed religions and their stand on the different faiths. Because, of course, to each his own. No need for imposition.

I mean, do unto others what others do you. How would she have felt if I had strongly objected and loudly dismissed her following? She already got all red and shocked and irritated I was Buddhist. Who knows what she'd do? Probably she'd turn violent and whack me over the head with that broom. 

I'm not even against any religion in particular. Just the people who show utter disrespect for other's choice and beliefs, who steadfastly refuse to budge from their position, and actually dare to exude a certain smugness and superiority over others. Because, they worship (whatever term you use) a different god from us.

Just like we already do not condone racism, what's up with religion?

I told her Indians have their numerous gods and goddesses. So if there was some saving to be done, probably most of the Indians are "left behind"?

To which she weakly countered that many Indians were Christians. 

"What about the chinese in Taiwan, for example. See their temples?"

"Lots and lots of them are Christians too."


Like about a...quarter?

So am I right to compare religion with race? Is it the same thing?

Or religion is something we actually choose, not something we're born into, so if we just happen to have a different set of beliefs, we are supposedly "inferior", namely because of the perceived "bad(or wrong) choice" and therefore dubbed "different" and thus treated and seen differently. 

Differently meaning, with certain amounts of satisfaction, pity yet security, in the sense that you are a notch higher.

A notch higher? I suppose not. All men are equal. The ones who think not are the biggest losers of all. 
I am certainly thinking these people did not derive their pompousness from teachings of their religion. I suppose they just say whatever. If any disagreement were to break out, it would stem from the mouths of these insensitive people. 

Disharmony, discord and deaths. Makes me really wonder...

Interestingly, she told me that in the future, people who have "666" on their foreheads will be able to buy food to survive. The rest, who are not saved, and do not have the magic numbers imprinted like a freaking barcode on your head, will starve. 

Even more interesting is the fact that we all know the number 6 is actually related to the Devil. (This knowledge is gleaned from watching too many reruns of The Omen)

So you claim you follow one. How can I know it's not the other?

Or is that blasphemous? 



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Sunday, March 7, 2010

You could have a lot of fun today picking up one of those books that teach you how to fix up your home. You have been watching a lot of those television shows where people tear up and redo their homes - just remember it is not as easy as they make it look. 


Yea I do wanna paint my room, tear everything up and throw everything out.

I keep wanting to blog about my birthday celebration but I am not in the mood to. It's supposed to be a happy post, for God's sake. 

I snapped at Nelm when he smsed me stuff about cheering up and not to think too much abt results (sth along those lines).
I was just freaking angry already because I was seriously okay about my results, and everyone made it out to be super bad. 

1. I didn't feel anything before collecting results.
2. When in front of Ms Chua lining up for results, I still didn't feel a thing. Not a damn jitter. 
3. After Ms Chua flashed my results to me and I saw them before I could prepare myself, I couldn't feel a thing. Even if I wanted to. What a waste of pent up emotions waiting inside to be released when I get my All-So-Awesome results. 

I didn't feel a thing. Nor gave a sheet, to be exact. Maybe cos I know since birth, life has been handed to me on a silver platter and my life in future, though not all roses, was definitely not gonna be a dump. point worrying.

And my worst fear about not getting an A for GP and actually failing a subject didn't come true, so when I saw my results, I actually felt elated. 
Sorry bout the total lack of self-respect when I say this. I bet some would grimace in shame for me.

But c'mon. I spent two years studying 2 hated subjects in a hated school and passed. 
I am freaking good.
I didn't crumple and die halfway. 

Oh I was kinda getting my hopes up about getting an A for GP or lit, but when I looked around me that was AJ, something just deflated in me. 

I mean, this school has been the worst experience of my life. Yes I learnt so much. But even the little things no one thought could go wrong, went awfully bad for me.  Even the things I took for granted. Especially the things I took for granted. 

And you know what they always say. Studies main part of school, yadda. So do the math. 
High freaking chance this was gonna be the major disappointment ever. 
Equals zero expectations. 
Equals no unnecessary hopes.
Equals happiness at results!

Then people started the...what shalI call it? Condolences.

Sympathetic messages, messages of frantic enquiry. Pitying looks and patronising manners.
Which made me feel guilty.

Was that all I thought myself capable of?
Couple of measly As?

People thought my situation bad enough to contemplate suicide and I was joking with W in an ice-cream palour?
Oh God.
What the fuck?
I'm such a fucking loser.

I thought what I did to get my As. Nothing. I monkeyed ard and slacked. 
Had sleepovers and played during As. 
Went for aimless walks and admired trees.
Moped and thought there was nothing to life.
Studied and nothing went in.

I put in 20% and got 50%.
In actual fact, I had done it.
I had put in sheet, and gotten something that wasn't too dumpy.

I knew my elation wasn't unjustified. 

Now, damn those people.
To be fair, I had told everyone I was fine.
I happily joked about HZ's bald head and people's girlfriends.
I talked about who slimmed down and who grew fatter.

Suddenly, I got all the condolences (says it with a sneer like it leaves a bad taste in the mouth). Was I in such a dire strait that I had to kill myself?
I was freaking happy. And my outfit that day was good. 

So what's up with those msgs?
Do I look like I'm pretending to be happy?
I wailed in front of half the choir, not once but twice. if I was sad, all I had to do was cry, damnit. 
Why would I joke abt bald heads if I felt like shit?
I would've just run off; high-tailed all the way out and have zero contact.

I mean, of course some think in the way they behave. 
But I'm not good at faking others.

So people started spreading around that I did badly, yaddah, so please! Everyone, go msg her, remind her that she did badly, she doesn't have to think about where the hell she can go, or in the case, can't go. And oh! Tell her to cheer up and that there isn't anything to feel sad about.

One small problem.
She seems happy with her results.
Are we being such utter hypocrites?
Seriously! She didn't do that bad?
Then why the hell you message in the first place!

Cos you thought her results were bad enough to go into depression.
Cos you thought it would seem kind to message sympathy messages.
Cos you thought you'd have a chance to tell your results, and by some small chance (given that you only occasionally top the class while she frequently scrapes the cohort's bottom) actually lord it over her. 
Cos you thought she cared.

Well you thought wrong.

So sorry Nelm, wasn't meant to be a full-out thing on you. You just happened to message, wrong time, wrong target. Thank the person/s who went around telling people I was depressed,please. 


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For the Week of Mar 1st, 2010 -- This is the last week with delicious Venus in your sensitive sign. Make the most of it by taking as much time as you can for personal pleasure. Sweetening things up with your current partner or lingering at a local watering hole instead of doing your laundry is a good idea. Indulging your romantic desires should be your first priority now.

We're not in Kansas anymore,Toto. When in Oz, do as the Munchkins do.

My birthday celebration by Pff was awesome and I got a bikini! I'm thinking of asking for a beach outing this mon. Let's go get  tanned and crazy. Oh god. I thought i wouldn't fit orange color but I look good in it!! HAHAHA thankyou lovelies! Esp Sugar, YZ and P who went to buy it. Yea P totally went in too. :D:D:D

When in S'pore, do as the locals do. Get into the rat race. This is one of the fiercest races known in mankind. The race to get into the university, course, job and ultimately, life, you want. Darn if we're not just 19 year olds, as Pam said. 

Spent the time after results killing mozzies. I suppose this accumulates good karma huh? After all, I did let them bite me first. (Current count: 30. And I'm not even exaggerating.) They didn't die hungry. I'm not that mean. Unfortunately for them, the kindness stops here. 

They fly so freaking fast man. So I cover myself up, leaving only an arm and the other covered arm armed with a spray. 

My blood for your blood. 

Bloody good time spent killing 2. And sustaining many bites as it bit me and flew away while I daydreamed. 

Oh! I just rmbed sth. I almost got knocked down by a lorry if CHY didn't yank me hard by the arm and pull me forward. I was still half sleeping and only moved forward reluctantly. Then I sleepily half-turned to check out the car she thought was gonna knock into me. Yea. My ear almost got grazed and my bag too. The freaking lorry zoomed past me and sped into the distance while I gaped (and mentally counted how many lives I had left). 

CHY,"I got -results which she found like shit- but I saved a life today!"
Me,"I got -results also like shit- so I should have just died back there."

And pam came to my house today! I was having a damn good time watching spongebob (what else is worth watching other than simpsons?) and she appeared at the door and I was dressed skimpily so had to run to change. LOL

She gave me a WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ diary! Yea it's called that. Omg damn awesome. It has stickers!! Which are like the most fab things. AND it had stamps. *Swoons and dies. AND the stamps say "Praha", "Venezia","Firenze" and "Rome"!! OMG. 
AND there were small paragraphs in the diary of the book. The Wizard of Oz. 
Only drawback?
Dorothy seems...fat. LOL

I guess last time fat was considered fab. But Dorothy's illustrations seem too plump. When in 2010, do as the size 10s do? LOL. Oh well. The midget wizard pretending to be Oz like can alr la. 
But the book so pretty I won't bear to write in it. THANKYOU WOMAN! yayy. And we had soft-boiled eggs! :D 
I'm such a domestic goddess. Of course I manage to screw up the eggs with Pam's help so they came off a bit raw. HAHA

Omg I had this vegetarian steamboat just now where I treated my family. IT'S DAMN NICE. I know it sounds gross and all but just imagine steamboat with maize, cabbages, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, etc. Super good. I eat till I'm totally stuffed la! Damn full.


Then just now David had to come ask me bout results, where I'm going and stuff. Oh god. I DON'T KNOW.

Found in MDD (My (fat) Dorothy Diary), Scarecrow,

"No, indeed; I don't know anything. You see, I am stuffed, so I have no brains at all."


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