Cos we're friends like that
Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank you Pamela, Jenna, Sis, Wanchun, Yizhen, Leon and the louhei gang.

LOL the louhei with choir peeps that day was damn good! Thanks Sis! For helping to organise and stuff. HAHAHAXD

In the end Sis(JJ) was the one opening and pouring in all the stuff. Then we are supposed to say 'auspicious phrases' while pouring the seasonings in staring from seasonings top and in a clockwise direction, but for the peanut and sesame bits we didn't know what to say, so it ended with "zhi ma duo duo!(lots of sesame seeds)" and "hua sheng duo duo!( lots of peanuts)"

LOL. Then we started the usual phrases until we got to "zao sheng gui zi(having kids soon)" and decided it was in the wrong context. Then we asked for good grades and "rong yu jing pai(Gold With Honours)"

Perfect words and sequence of adding until...

Yaoxin started the whole thing with his Flying Salmon Move. When opening the packet of salmon, the whole stack of salmon flew up and landed right outside the dish! Lucky it had the ice pack under it. It was hastily flung back into the dish by Yaoxin(again)and landed with a sorry splat. LOL then two slices flew at Pamela and landed either on her or near her, causing total mayhem and the whole bunch shouting and screaming.

Super funny la! Then the louhei-ing was like chaotic and super high! Everyone was shouting and flinging the radish and carrots. I didn't realise until someone dropped the stuff on my hand and I found I had it on my knees too(squatting down below a step where the dish was placed, at the outdoor amphitheatre).

All in all, louhei was crazy and fun! It's nice just hanging out with friends and having fun. So sorry for last minute notice to people who couldn't make it! Me and JJ didn't have any ideas so last minute organise. Heh. Make it up sometime!

Study session today was l o l. All the fourpart blends and the mugging (even though it wasn't that hard, we got things done). The incredulous look on Pamela's face when she opened the door on us and we greeted her in fourpart! LOL then she totally sang this highest note back, asking us to shut up. HAHAHA. Blending is love. I am in love with hearing nice chords. In love. Love you all!

Omgomg I got to so say this. I am in love, no, obsessed with Wanchun's phone! AAAAH it's super cute! I am going to attempt to buy it from her when she gets a new phone. LOL another of my crazy schemes but yea! I am obsessed with her phone. XD You, you, you...

I am rereading Pride and Prejudice for Literature now! How I wish I were living back then! I can sing and dance and read and do absolutely nothing else. Perhaps I might grow to hate my life back there, but hey, that's all I want now.

"When she did come, it was very evident that she had no pleasure in it...said not a word...and was in every respect so altered a creature, that when she went away I was perfectly resolved to continue the acquaintance no longer. I pity, though I cannot help blaming her.

I need not explain myself farther, and though we know this anxiety to be quite needless, yet if she feels it, it will easily account for her behaviour...

I cannot but wonder, however, at her having any such fears now, because, if he had at all cared about me...and yet it would seem, by her manner of talking, as if she wanted to persuade herself that he is really partial...I cannot understand it.

If I were not afraid of judging harshly, I should be almost tempted to say that there is a strong appearance of duplicity in all this.

But I will endeavour to banish every painful thought, and think only of what will make me happy - your affection, and the invariable kindness..."

-Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen. Adapted from Jane's letter to Elizabeth, Chapter 26.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009 You may be ready to do something that is out of character, which can take someone in your life by surprise. Unfortunately, others might judge you harshly for your erratic behavior today. They may even think you are being immature or irresponsible. But regardless of anyone else's expectations, this is your moment of truth and you need to make an original statement about who you are and what you want.

Hmm everyone thinks I'm not okay. Auntie Perry I am not emo.

I AM NOT BEING BITCHY. Hello, how can I be when that wasn't even my own opinions? Why do you have to tell me that? We can help out, we can try. But we can never ever do ALL of it for you. You think I'm so nice to do it? Hell, no. I'm evil, alright? And calculating and mean and practical. Buzz off. Don't tell me we have to fill in for everything that is lacking. Seriously. Yea and thanks Jenna, for calling. (:

Lucky pam's here to tell me I'm fine. -.- Usually she'll tell me off if I'm just being crazy or too anal about something.

I guess. It's easy to talk, definitely. I'd agree with what is said about how you can try and try and nothing will come out of it. Just so.

I have tried. I dare say that. How many times I've said it. Until I had to tell Leon to get it done. How he had to find time to do it.

And how it's easier to mind our own business. (: One year. Less than that. I have my friends and I won't die. I should also realise sometimes just being with friends is enough, and if nothing is appreciated, perhaps one should not try with your own beliefs about how it is to run things right.

Unless, there are no improvements.

We try to tell this to ourself now. "All is fine, all is right. We're okay we're improving. Everyone's trying. We're gonna do it."

Sure thing, if only we could make it like this. I guess we could.


Thing is, I'm not that hungry to get it. You forget, I already had it once.

Zk is right. Pamela's right. Henry's right. All that matters isn't this.

On a happier note, I haven't gone angpao collecting yet and got one from my aunt already! 200 bucks. Again! XD Hohoho. This is so cool. MONEY. Lol

Chinatown outing tmr! XD Yesyesyesyes. Sometimes all you want is go out with people who matter. I am very straightforward about who I don't like though. Unreasonable, childish and I would lose the friendship. Wait, we don't make friends sad. Acquaintanceship then. I support Kantianism! Telling the truth regardless of all circumstances.

Why things have come to such a head. I don't know. It's not my fault.
Things have come to such a head. I don't know. It's not my fault.
I don't know. It's not my fault.
Don't know. It's not my fault.
It's not my fault.
Not my fault.
My fault.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My dad just handed me 200 bucks. It's the first time I have no idea what to buy. I have so many pairs of heels already. ): This is dumb. I shall just keep the money anyway.

My aunt bought my doggie a bowtie. Lol but he hates wearing frilly girly things! Maybe I'll wear it on my bag somewhere. 200 dollars. Hmm. Isn't now supposed to be like in recession or something? I have no mood to shop! This is nuts. Imagine me. Not in mood to shop. -.-

I used to feel weird not having a "recent must have" all the time. Now all I want is...nothing. I shall put the money away. I still have my pay too. Lol. It always was yokecheng, the broke-cos-she-spends-too-much.

Have you ever felt like kicking up a big fuss over nothing?

Joanne's blog:

We do the things we hate, just so we can do the things we love.

Going back to Anderson Sec makes me so happy. The best four years of my life. And it ain't cliched either. My juniors asked me why so many Andsec-AJ seniors never promote AJ. In fact, they say the seniors tell them to stay as far away as possible.

Versions me/my sis heard.
"Er, better not come. I'm suffering."
"You'd be better off elsewhere."
"No Andsec juniors coming? Good what."

Lol. But different perspectives. I'm lucky to have 13/08 and choir. At least some things and people I love. Without 3/5 of the Topless Five here I would've wilted.

I mean, I'm not seriously unhappy, just not happy. People tell me it's the same. It's not!
1 2 3 4 5

Rate yourself 1 to 5!

I keep looping the same song over over over over over.

"I think I imagined you in my head."

I am having fun here. But it's not the same as being happy.

Kinda like what I said to Carissa, albeit a different context, "I wouldn't really care if it was taken away."

It's like how I love/am not used to every little thing. I love choir members. I am not used to the genre of songs. I love Pamela/Alice/Sinyee. I am not used to AJ-cians. I love my class. I am not used to general school population. I love a couple teachers. I am okay with the rest.

It cancels out.

Rating: 3

She stared into the dark reflection on the black screen.
Saw the black pupils gleaming and yet so frightened and lost.
She stared back accusingly at the reflection, somehow demanding an explaination.
The black pupils glistened like water.
Dark, black water.
Pupils dilate.
The anger and distrust.

The frustration of being powerless.
The reflection darted off into the shadows beyond the small black screen.
She stared back at the empty shell,
Eyes dead,
She sighed for she knew.
The reflection has run away.
And she had no courage to go after it.

Admitting your mistakes don't help the least. What's done is done.
Or rather, what had not been not done.


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

AJChoir, caroling at Bugis Junction.


We're glad we did this,
glad to say goodbye.
Glad to see that one face,
shrivel up and die.

Hello darlings! Me and Sis have made a facebook fanclub for our beloved AUNTIE PERRY! GO JOIN!! XD And anyone who wants to be in admin, tell me! I was going to put Chairperson for the position as admin, But v v weird! Paiseh Mummy! I'm only Pres of my fanclub. HAHA

I love Ms Yiak's new hair! Omg HOT.

I haven't made a new year resolution? Be nicer to Mr Ng. I think he's nice and I've been a prick throughout all the lessons so far. I'm sorry...

Mdm Loh is super cool. Period.

I love the choir members! They are way cool. Talking to them online alone is enough to make you die laughing. No joking matter here. I talked to Sean, Uncle Yeujinq, Sis(JJ), Perry. Online.

(Sign) *Caution, conversation with certain individuals highly emotionally traumatic, and the combination of several at once is deadly. Of course, against fifty odd of us, you might well not try. Or die trying. Thankyou.

AJChoir. Not for the faint hearted. :D

And Carissa gave me this hair conditioner which she got from Faceshop! She went to Philippines and bought it. THANKYOU!

Pamela lunched and waited for me today. Thanks woman! XD

Saw my junior, Weilong there.

Comm dinner on wed! Can't wait. I think it's not really comm dinner. Prob got close friends too. Okay comm and friends dinner! Okay we're all so close actually. Okay friends dinner tmr!



What I want

1 Fangqi to cheer up

2Henry to feel better

3Pamela to be less crazy (I've been laughing so much, hell, I will choke one day!)

4Castro to be less of a tupper XD

5Goldfish less lame (But cheers me up, thankyou!)

6Mr Lee to miraculously forget my existence, and hopefully forget about my holiday hw too.

7Mr Lim KW to not kajiao so much about migraine. Or I shall be forced to run like a...(according to pamela) guniang.


We'll all make it together.

AJChoir. Go the distance.


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Saturday, January 10, 2009

This is what I've been doing.

I go to

I look at the sign-in page.

I decide I haven't anything much to say.

I feel that I would just write a whole load of rubbish.

I close the page.

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine,
you make me happy,
when times are gray.
You never know, dear,
how much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

This entry is full of complaints and petty discontent. Viewer discretion is advised for the intellectually and emotionally challenged, and self righteous individuals.

I haven't been talking to the people I have been talking to since caroling and stuff and I feel decidedly weird.

I can skip all my meals for a day then eat a lot on another. My diet depends on my mood! How pathetic is that.

I miss the anderson people more than ever. And I mean anderson sec choir dudes. Things are just different. Very different.

If you seriously ask me, I will only listen to people I respect. Because the forgive-and-forget if you don't care or pretend to care doesn't hold true for me anymore. If you seriously have no idea what you're doing, keep it shut.

I do think actions speaks louder than words.

Admitting your mistakes is not going to help at all. Yes you've done wrong, so what should you do about it? If the same problems keep occuring again and again and again, I'm going to start thinking perhaps you don't really mean it after all.

Sleeping on the sofa is probably the best thing for me.

I've seen a lot of funny stuff today though. Especially today. Omg, woman, your, "Matrix!" or sth was damn funny la. And I was am-chio-ing when you hopped across the room with a high stool placed...

Okay I admit it, I keep comparing the two. But I can't help it, I AM DISSATISFIED. Pam and Alice agrees.

I think perhaps we should save the politically correct answers for next time, perhaps, when it is needed to scam your interviewer or garner mass support. Just like AP said.

But then again, perhaps I am expecting too much. But to compare it with a bunch of kids. Unfair comparison, you say? So why do we not measure up?

An unhappiness doing what is required. I say again, I am not a realist. I am an idealist. I don't suppose one could be happy due to all the illusions one has.

Okay school starts soon.

What I have been doing to my poor teachers.
Using red ink for assignments. I clarify that I do not use it for writing! Only for marking out purposes. Which obviously confuses teachers.

I do not hand in my work, and my only excuse is..."I don't have a reason for not doing it. I'm just tired." Which is perfectly truthful, but utterly disrespectful to teachers.

I never smile in gp lessons.

I have been plain horrible!

I need to be more understanding. Okay not really, I feel that this is a very practical system. It's not fair not fair not fair! I see people studying so hard. Yet.

I am extremely whiny here.

I am comtemplating if I should post this.

How about I post some happy stuff at the end?

I should do something. Someone once asked why do I always keep changing my bags. I said, "In AJ, what can we change? Nothing. So i change my hairstyle, my shoes, my bags, my pens and my ink color."

I am someone who thrives on change and will become angsty and crazy if things are stagnant too long. I need to talk to people or I would be weird.

I need change.

Yizhen daughter has cut her hair! I wanna cut mine too...except I just did. Which resulted in bangs. -.-

I know how I am babbling a lot.

I wanna say thanks to pam and leon and jenna and alice and joanne and fangqi and henry and weiwei for talking to me, or at least smsing me so I haven't been too nutty, doing up chem tutorials and understanding almost nothing.

I am horrendously restless, I feel. I have that inexplicable urge to run off and fly away in a plane. -.- But what the hell.

This is a weird blog post.

Why do I have a feeling I am just an empty shell and the real me has run away elsewhere?

OH! Btw, please note how semicolons are used. It is a crime to use it wrongly. Ask Pamela is unsure lol.

Please excuse my ranting.

How crazy.


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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Supposedly to end the year off but whatever. XD PICSPAM.
Photos courtesy of pamela's cammie! :D

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to persons/animals dead or alive is purely coincidental.

It's almost the same.

David... grr

They came to watch us! Thanks Minnie! XD

Lol more and more retarded looking photos. Hahaha

Chipmunk 1


It doesn't get any better than this.

I managed to get all four!

Private joke XD

Caroling at Forum
Caroling at Hilton

Four Seasons Caroling!

:D Me the good photographer

When Jenna suddenly walked in saying sth funny and then we all laughed. Okay I was slow la!! So I still kept my face for that laggy two point five seconds when Pamela and Leon laughed. LOL

Yayy XD Minhuay came back!

They remind me of grecian princesses or ladies or whatever. Glam poses. XD

Lol guess who's feet?

Pamela the angel, me the human, al-li-ce the...
Sorry we pangsehed you together! Hahaha

My version of cock-eye is screwed.

Oh! Then we couldn't stop taking pics, so Pamela said we do jackpot faces. The minute we get all three same then we stop. LOL brilliant!
Out of situation 1 : Me

Out of situation 2: Uh, still me

All three out of sync XD Lol I was doing some retarded, according to Pamela, qianbian face, which we didn't even include as one of our jackpot faces.

Pamela's nails!!! Supernice red with uh...lupi on top. HAHAHA

Out of situation 3: Alice! XD

OOS 4: Omg it's me again. Damn, never bring me to play the jackpot man.
Pamela gets it correct with one other person all the time!! O:

FINALLY! We got it. All sad faces. :D All's in folks!

Then it's...(Pamela singing that song in a kiddy way),"Home, home on the r..."
Thankyou to all who have gone through 2008 with me.
my sadness
my anger
my tears
my attitude
my retardedness
my brainlessness
my craziness
my bitchiness (pamela agrees :D)
and most importantly, my happiness.
You have
comforted me
let me cry on your shoulder(s)
talked to me
shouted at me
pissed me off
whacked me
shopped with me
sang with me
taught me math
bought me candy
bought me donuts
encouraged me
helped me
I remember one really touching incident. It was after Italy and I got sick almost immediately after that. I came to school and a day later fell sick.
I met Charmaine and Shermaine and ZK and bunch in the canteen. I was really having a fever and I had a three hour break before one last lecture of the day. I refused to go home and wanted to finish my lecture before I went. (Not that I really wanted that lecture, but c'mon, who would waste one early leave?) XD
So they sat with me for half an hour while I slept. Then someone put a Italia jacket on me while I slept.
Then I woke to find the rest gone and only ZK and Eugene there. The rest had lessons so they went off.
So in between half or one hours, I looked up to find a different face, but a choir member, sitting with me, during their break. After ZK left, it was Colin, then Gwen, then a few J1s.
Then after 2 hours or so, I looked up and the canteen was empty, and Daryl was sitting opposite me. After his face became less blurry to me, he said, no rumbled in his bass voice ^^ (okay I love deep voices), "Are you okay?"
Then turned out he had bio lecture, but had already missed a little of it. And he didn't want to leave me alone cos everyone else had lessons. Okay I know I should be guilty, but he left for poly anyway, so his skipping lesson wouldn't be so bad.
I was like so super touched cos it seemed everyone was rushing around like mad trying to catch up with the lessons after Italy and they still sat with me. Even the J2s. Then Daryl Frog made me leave for home cos I was looking like I wouldn't make it out of my seat alive. He pei me to get my early leave permission.
Then even the VP was so nice. She was like totally uninterested, and didn't look up from her work and said, "What happened?"
Then I croaked my reply and she looked up. "Oh dear you're so pale! Yes you should go home. Then she spied the Italia jacket and asked if I was from choir.
Then she said she was proud of us and that many of the choir members are getting sick. Then she told me, " all must take care."
Then after thanking her(okay for someone half conscious I still rmbed) for her support so choir could have gotten the trip and all the support, I went out to find Daryl. Then he waited till my uncle came to fetch me.
I ask you, how many would've done what these AJChoir members have?
See? This is the AJChoir love. We support one another, care for each other, and love each other.
You've all made me happy. Not all the time, but I have grown. Hopefully to someone more mature. Who will not be bitchy (okay I'm lying here but hey, we all need a B-who-rhymes with-rich to protect us from nasty individuals. Unless you're nasty yourself, which is another thing altogether) or insensitive or impatient or snobby.
And yayy with my fish and co. treat! :D Super nice. Thankyou!
Some dude with the media or sth asked JonTan (in MANDARIN(tsk I've learnt)),"What is your New Year resolution?"
JonTan, "Uh, shentijiankang (Good health)"
LOL talk about NAQ and kantangs! XD
Yes, so good health to all of you, potatoes and the like, and have a happy 09.


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