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Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, Feb 21st, 2010 -- Your current conflict stems from your ability to derive meaning directly from symbols -- like fully understanding a dream as you are being told about it. But you may have a difficult time completely trusting your psychic powers now when your analytical mind arrives at a very different solution to the same dilemma. Remember, your strength comes from simultaneously holding conflicting points of view, without trying to force one correct answer.

Omg yea! My dream tells me the exact opposite of what I already think I'm at a decision. Demons turn to stone when exposed to light. I'm not sure what to do but I'll figure them out. 

Andsec alumni:
During rehearsal, Ms Lim joked that she would only conduct us if we screwed our matinee. 
Matinee- Sang Dahil too slow and thought we bombed it. Ms Lim said it was fantastic and Rosas was fast. We just thought she was trying to wriggle out of conducting us.

Then before the 2nd perf, when we were warming up, she told us to stop cos we were already good enough.
"But if you conduct us, it'll be better!"

Then she laughed and ignored us. But couldn't help coming forward and commenting. Then after persistent pleas she softened and asked yc how to cue us in. 

Then it was on!
She tried Rosas and when we sing, you could feel the excitement and happiness crackling through the air. It was like pure adrenaline- everyone was grinning.
Then when she tried Dahil with us, it was raw, heavy sadness and passionate grief. 
We only tried 2 stanzas per song but it was obvious how much better we became when she conducted. We felt the songs- but with her emotions added in, it was a crazy combination.

Then backstage, she was flipping the files and saying, "Dahil i count, 3, 4, 1"
"Rosas will be, 1, 2"
"Do you guys hold this note? Do you cut this quickly?"

And everyone was so relaxed and easy even though we've never had a chance to sing with her conducting us. We were confident that we could decipher what she would convey to us onstage, and that we could deliver.

And in the end she just hastily said, "Ok! Just do whatever I want and follow me onstage!"

Duh. Like there ever was any other.

I think the bond and the chemistry with her is too strong for us not to know what her every movement and gesture meant. We already knew what we always did. We just needed the extra oomph and it was her. She heard us sing every note and held it or cut it with her will, playing with the music and enjoying it. Creating it. Showing it.

We added dynamics and she controlled them, adjusting the volume, speed, mood and tone with her hands and face. And the last note of Rosas. She held out her hands and swept out and downwards, loud, powerful and triumphant ending. I only remember, Perfect. 

And walking offstage, I kept thinking, this is what it was meant to be. This is what I want. What we all wanted. And we got it. This...exhilaration. The joy of performing. The power to move. The sheer satisfaction of being onstage and conducted by Ms Lim Ai Hooi. Perfection.

Anderson Secondary Alumni Chorus.
the voices within


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I have met with one or two persons in the course of my life who understood the art of Walking, that is, of taking walks, who had a genius, so to speak, for sauntering.

Walk with me.

Walking by Thoreau


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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Cny and Vday
Monday, Feb 15th, 2010 -- This is another powerful day for you, especially if you can let your imagination lead the way. But fueling your life with your dreams is not an excuse to be completely unrealistic. It's almost as if you must maintain a double life now; you have your head up in the clouds, but also need to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Le sigh, what's new?

Okay first day of cny! And I wore sth vaguely resembling black. But I put on red lipstick and a red handbag that matches to...counter it. Who cares la.I wore Stevie too. Never a time to dress up like Cny. 

I've been seeing people with flowers and all on the eve before Cny eve while shopping with Pam. I'm not envious or anything, weirdly. I've always gotten flowers from different people I nv see again every Vday so Vday isn't a big deal for me. And Pam's lovely early morn meet-up and breakfast was AWESOME!!!!

YAYY. I was nv so glad in the morning. 
Apart from that I was late for work and was bouncing off to yellow-grey sky, dangerously swaying trees and leaves flying up all around me, buffeted by the ghostly grey wind eddies. And I msged Pam that it was the apocalyse,with lots of amusement. I think I shocked and spooked her la. She thought it was nice. I was like, crazily thrilled.

Anyway she msged me just when I ran up to the station, trying to catch a 1min train, "Hey where you now?"
Then I told her, and she didn't reply. Think she was running to the station. Then I decided not to get into this train cos it was too packed. I waited for another one which was coming in 2mins. Then when it came, just when the train doors opened, and I took a step forward, her msg came,
"Take the 2 min one!"

I looked at the sign and it said,"Next train, 4mins." I was like, omg! Which one to take? Then I was like, thinking that it couldn't be this train, so I just let the train go away,hoping that she wasn't on it. 
Of course I got it right. She was on the next one. With breakfast for me! XDXD
Awesome la! The usual people I see on the train are, no offense, weird and...gross. So it was a major mood improvement to see her. Add food into the thing and you get Fabulousness la. 

And I think the docs are really quite flirty. The nurses told me that too. Hmm...I mean, it is kinda impressive to be a doc. Or to be dating one, even. But it's just odd to think that everytime he looks into your eyes, he'll be thinking, cataracts, acute conjunctivities, glaucoma, dcr tube, get the drift. Creepy.

I called P to tell him abt disastrous steamboat and asked for alternative date. He totally guessed what color I was wearing. "Bet it's sth close to black."

"Omg, yea!!!"

And to think I expressed utter distaste and shock at ppl wearing black on Cny. Of course, I'm a superstitious asinine person, so black was so out. 

It's uncanny too, the time when me and Pam picked out a perfume we thought we liked best and made the other guess it. Of course we got it correct. LOL
I was like freaking shocked cos it wasn't even my usual pick of flowers or stuff. It was that goldish flamboyant YSL pale pink one. 

How...uncanny. And awesome.

I think my job has made me super talkative and open to random chat with strangers. Skipping past the cleaner in the morn, I said, "Good morning uncle!"
and when going home and passing some guy in work clothes admiring his red car, I almost went, "New car?"

Lucky I didn't, He noticed me opening and shutting my mouth like an idiot though, and am-chio at me. Zzz. Had to scamper away quickly. How awkward, and we live on the same block. 

And I snapped at my friend who had to ask me this,
"What's "Love is metaphysical gravity"?"
He totally got it from Reader's Digest.
And I  sarcastically went, "Uh, I've no idea what the hell's metaphysical? And what's love?"


Oh and working at clinic 1 is doing wonders to my temper. Some guy was shouting at me cos of the slow queue and I spun around on my heel while he was still raving and glided over to the other end of the clinic and picked up a feedback form for him. "Oh, I'm sorry. Here."

Lol I derive joy from diao-ing pissed off people while still maintaining a empathetic yet mildly nonchalant exterior, coupled with slight amusement and general contempt.  
Such satisfaction. Not.

Oh, and gathering is postponed to 26! Sorry, I didn't know my dad was holding a dinner treat on the same day. Sian. I hate it when people assume things. 

I don't understand when people treat you like trash and once they find they have nothing to their name, they come back to you and pretend like everything was okay and expect you to welcome them with open arms and happy smiles.
Eat dirt and die. 

Met up with pri sch friends again! Fifi, Louis and Nk. :D So coincidental, Nk called me when I just reached home and was still standing in my heels. Then I agreed to go meet them. Minutes later Neighbour smsed me to meet up with him and abel. Sian after the whole day playing and developing a headache I could only meet for a while then go to sleep. Louis fell into a drain and bloodied his whole leg! I feel kinda bad now. I did nothing but laugh. :X
I guess its cos he's a guy and I think it's fine for guys to have a badly scraped leg. O: 

Which is so not true cos studies have shown that guys feel more pain than girls even though they can have the same kind of wound or whatever. It's the way we are anatomically structured or sth that makes it like that. Nurses tend to brush off winces from guys when injecting them, thinking that precisely because they are guys, they can withstand that little pain. Surprise surprise, guys actually feel more pain from a simple pin prick then a girl.
Muahah. How unfortunate, given that most guys like to act tough. Which gives us girls more to smirk about, given that they feel more pain yet have to bear it with a smile. Little wonder guys die earlier la. No offense. It's true.

I also read somewhere that there are more documented cases of cardiac arrest in men, simply because they feel it. Seriously. It's not that there are actually lesser women with heart attacks but that some simply go unrecorded because they were not reported in the first place. The women having heart attacks assumed they were having minor chest pains and dismissed it as non-serious. 

Guys are tough?


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

For the Week of Feb 8th, 2010 -- If you're lucky, Sunday could be the best Valentine's Day of your life. The Moon hooks up with sensual Venus and optimistic Jupiter in your imaginative sign, giving you a strong cosmic signal to leave reality behind to create an inspiring atmosphere. This alignment is ideal for a romantic interlude, but you should make this a special day even if you're flying solo now. The dreams you create today shape tomorrow's reality.

I know how to fly a kite! :D awesome.

Okay so my life is getting more interesting now that I have random people who gives me flowers and perform magic tricks. It's even more exciting to think that I will be going back to CR soon. 

My bank balance is fast depleting, even with work. Zzz. Thankfully Godmum has given me 200bucks to spend on clothes. Awesome! My first thought was to blow it all on a pair of shoes, but on second thought, thinking of what the Stevie has done to me, I'd rather not put both feet into a pair of toe-pinching killer heels. 

During class outing at sentosa, I went to Vivo with girlf earlier, intending to get a nice pair of work flats. Then Perry called me just when I was lining up to withdraw money and uncannily told me not to go spending all my money. 
"Omg. Erm I'm like withdrawing money now. Okay promise, I won't spend more than necessary."

Of course I spent everything. -.- Urgh.

Talked to Pam ytd abt a certain someone. Of course, she told me the exact word which described him to a T. 

How right. And how blind I am not to have seen that before, refused to believe it when I'd realised it and am still dismissing it as me being too demanding and arrogant. 
Seriously. I come across as utterly stupid. Which is not too far a stretch of the truth. 

But I'm really enjoying myself now. Roses aren't too bad, though I prefer red roses, and magic tricks, though not the best, are interesting in itself. Strange how he's rather good-looking -he models- and I don't feel a thing. Just glad to go out and have dinner. Didn't even dress nicely, just shirt, shorts and slippers. He's like the perfect gentleman, even said I looked hot when I was wearing those plain stuff. 
I thoroughly detested it and was glad when dinner was over. 
*winces. Better off going back to uninterested-meets-boredom-coupled-with-snobbery.

SMRT, like the USA, should consider having larger train carriages. Just sayin'.

I need a break.


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