Cos we're friends like that
Monday, June 28, 2010

Okay she has like freaking lots of rabbit stuff hanging ard.
After playing and taking photos of her Rabbit, which me and Pam named 'Party Rabbit', I saw another rabbit hanging at her closet door.

*Intending to kajiao her for being faggoty
"EHH! Someone like rabbit a lot ah!!" *sniggers and shakes the rabbit

Then she starts advancing on me and grabbing me.

LOL i totally forgot I was wearing my bunny ears!
 Which made the rest of them laugh like mad when she started pawing and grabbing me.

may you grow up soon! and have less banglas chasing you. XD


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6A'03!! Omg I love all of them.
We went out for supper. It was a super random thing organised just the afternoon when I was msging NK.
He very nicely took us out in his car and we decided to go to Bugis to eat cos he needed to drop his bro off.

They are so alike, seriously.
We went to eat tauhuay! It was very nice!
Then we gossiped like mad and bullied NK. This is what happens with one guy three girls la. Lol

Then he threatened to run away with his car and leave us there if we bullied him too much. XD

Hahaha but I think NK is so awesome la.
He dropped me off at my hse but after I went upstairs to change he called and asked me down again. LOL we were going to HD's hse to talk!

-.- Then we exchanged latest gossips and updates on our life. Pity the army guys couldn't come out or we'd have the whole bunch. Louis, Fifi, Jeff, etc.

Jeff said I got fatter!
He is going to get his neck wrung when I meet him.
LR was like, "How can he say that!"

Pri sch friends. -.- I've known them for like freaking long la. Since p5.

Then I realise my oldest friend must be Edmund. We went to pri 1 tgt, our mothers were friends, we talked, gossiped, studied, slacked, played tgt.

Childhood friends ftw!

Went club with Eric and gang and I didn't know Eric liked vodka sprite so much!!


Halfway through Sugar was like, "You're the only one high."
LOL yea I was jumping ard the most.
I stepped on some irritating guy twice. 4.5inch heels.
I'm so sorry.


I hope the pri sch peeps can meet up soon! Hahaha the whole bunch of us meets up every year on Midautumm Festival. Yeap, not new year, not Xmas, not halloween. MidAutumm Festival. Then we play candles and talk and eat.

Hahahaha we're a funny bunch. I still rmb how NK and Louis sometimes come visit me.
Then they'll call me. 'Eh, where's your house, we're somewhere here.'
"Huh? I'm at my front door, I see no one."
*looks to opposite block and sees the two blurblobs.
*waves to them.

Win alr la. Always come still cannot recognise. XD Super cute!
They ALWAYS point out 826 w/o fail. ZZZ

I know LR lives at 800, but I dunno how to go. I dunno HD's block but I know where it is. XD
Then Jeff is furtherest. Him and Bra live in the 700+. Lol

Freaking hot. The day is freaking hot.

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For the Week of Jun 28th, 2010 -- The Moon in your sign on Thursday and Friday tunes you into your feelings. They can flow from the mountaintops of high hopes to the lowest depths of the ocean, so think twice before acting on your emotions too quickly. Using your imagination will increase your allure and a creative person makes an ideal partner to engage in the romantic fantasies you seek.


 Stop asking me if I'm happy/satisfied. 

Go define happy. Define satisfaction. What does it mean to be happy? Who says happy is happy? 
Then is satisfaction also acceptance?
If not, why?
If yes, then there wouldn't be the word 'satisfaction', but just acceptance, right? So satisfaction wouldn't exist and vice versa. 

If there's no satisfaction, what's the point of life then? Plain acceptance? Of?

And the hardest part of living
Is just taking breaths to stay

Yea I'm having fun. 
I don't know. I don't like people to think I'm unhappy. And I hate it even more if they assume I'm happy. 

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, Jun 19th, 2010 -- Fantasies about new ways to make money fill your head with useless schemes today. Instead of executing a sound business plan, you may be entranced by all your clever ideas. Nevertheless, you can exert more control over your future once you realize that practicing self-discipline makes all the difference in the world. Instead of letting your dreams run wild, make a choice and concentrate on achieving one worthwhile goal. 

Saturday, Jun 19th, 2010 -- Grandiose thinking about a home improvement project is not a smart idea now, so be ready to scale back your plan on a moment's notice. It isn't worth exhausting yourself by waging a war you cannot win. But you shouldn't surrender your dream either. Instead, seek a middle path without sacrificing your ideals. Balance may be elusive, but dogged persistence should move you in the right direction.

Saturday, Jun 19th, 2010 -- Although you have a lot to say now, you might not want to be seen or heard as the Moon enters your 12th House of Privacy. It's more natural for you to face an intense emotional or spiritual crisis on your own because you aren't sure that anyone else would truly understand what you're going through. Regardless of your perspective, change is inevitable, so don't resist the current process of transformation, even if it hurts. 

Saturday, Jun 19th, 2010 -- Although you may appear open to feedback from your peers, your convictions are stronger than they seem now. You are focused on your long-term plans, even if others are telling you to pay more attention to what's happening today. Nevertheless, you may think that your friends are just making matters worse by distracting you with their opinions. Fortunately, you have the tools to keep yourself on track, and it's up to you to use them.

Saturday, Jun 19th, 2010 -- The scattered Gemini Sun continues to pull you in too many directions. Today, your anxiety level rises because you are overwhelmed by so many things to do that you must eliminate some of them. Perhaps your life has become more complex gradually, but now you must do something about it. Although change won't come easily, you can do almost anything once you set your mind to it.


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Saturday, Jun 19th, 2010 -- You feel emotionally stretched today and something in a relationship may have to give. You don't mind constructive criticism from a friend or partner, yet it might seem as if positive feedback is hard to find. If you are being pushed too hard, set firm boundaries. Clearly let others know that more pressure will only increase your resistance. Tell them to back off and give you room to change at your own pace.

I know this makes me seem like a materialistic and capricious person, but the small shopping spree yesterday with my kids (my siblings) cheered me up a lot yesterday. 

I got a hair curler (Pamela I finally got one! YAYY), a heart-shaped bookmark for my reading (my sis got it for me), floss and plasters. 
I think I am probably the only person who can be so fascinated in a Watson store. 

The bill came up to 42++, and got reduced to 32++ after I became a member. Which is pretty cool cos my hair curler was a lot cheaper, in addition to the other items. 
The membership was 5bucks, which I kind of got out of curiosity.

My sis: Yea, I think you just get it. (Bet she's probably thinking I can get her more of those disney plasters)
Me: Yea...I wanna know how the card looks like. Think its green. Cool huh?
My sis: -.-

So...I have a Watson(s or no s?) card! Awesome.
I am going to buy my hair mask, showergel (tiny glitters! The Olay one whic HM had and I was obsessed about) and...more floss I guess.

You know my current obsession. 
But they don't have the Sally Hansen thing I wanted. Disappointing. And they're makeup range is just Silkygirl and ZA. Both of which I hate. Zzz

I'm talking about my tiny Khatib branch of course, (But, ZJ, Khatib is still the most hip and happening place ever...)

Oh gosh my thought are so disjointed they just run all together and I have all these brackets.

Okay I'm just saying. So if you guys wanna get anything at Watson just get me too! Anyway I wanna get a new mascara too. Either Maybelline? Or Marjolica Marjora? 

MM cos HM said its good right?

Actually I find my Fasio mascara the best. 
I am gonna throw away my Sasa and Maybelline one soon. 
The Sasa one I think is good in lengthening and basically extending your lashes 'sky-high' but probably works just as well as any dual-tipped mascaras, in which there's the primer and the mascara. Like pam's long ago L'oreal one which she loved. But its FLAKY. Like there's powdery black stuff raining down after awhile and your eyes get irritated and your face is specked black.

Maybelline's best products are the mascaras, cos of the soft wand and good easy-to-wash-off formulation. It doesn't smudge that much, doesn't flake and doesn't droop. It also doesn't hold curls very well, nor lengthens or volumizes very much. It's a...mascara that's functional, but doesn't have very specific 'goods'.

Fasio holds curls super, have the best waterproof mascara and doesn't clump. It doesn't really volumizes a lot though, but then it gives you fuller, more natural looking lashes. A bit hard to remove though, but then again, its an awesome waterproof. 

Okay now I feel like I'm giving a mascara review.

Lol. Oh but the Bodyshop one is good too, I hear. Pam has one which works really well (I assume) cos I really like when she uses it. And MH has it too, though she only used it first time with me. Haha
If I'm right, it doesn't dry very fast. 
I assume.

Oh how I love this phrase. And how people use it all the time. All the presumptuous silly little pricks with swelling egos. Also closely linked with the groups of people we have a...thinly-veiled derision for. Hah.
Blast you and your foul schools full of inflated heads.

When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

I don't know why I'm so on the edge and barbed and irritated, but if you do a hop over to Alice's blog, you will also see how I feel. Except that I do not have the talent nor forthright-ness she has in expressing how she feels, rather I'm dithering on like an idiot. 

So excuse me. 

I am going to order from Fyrinnae again! I don't think I'm gonna ask around anymore. Firstly cos I'm tired, secondly cos I'm tired and thirdly cos I'm freaking tired. 

Sorry if I don't reply messages nowadays. I find my phone too ugly to linger on any longer and the typing to be weary. Pls send me fb msgs instead. (Pam alr does that LOL)

My ugly phone! I have a mind to take back my old pink one.

Design triumphs!

Watching the Devil Wears Prada again, I was like slightly annoyed by how they classify people according to brands. 
"Is that Chanel?" *mouth hangs open
Well who gives a damn. 
Okay she was dowdy to begin with, but its not like you can't find style from other lower-end brands. 
Don't be bound by fashion, people! 
They were created and are still being created by people. 
Fashion rules, but we rule fashion! 
Designers express how they feel, we express how we feel. 
Fashion is an expression. 

Oh well, this is reminding me of my A's GP essay on fashion. *winces
But oh, however we choose to express ourselves, form and fit please.
Unflattering silhouettes just makes you ugly already, no one will look at your fashion. Except maybe gawp at the seamless way you managed to un-flatter your bodyline. Then perhaps they will think you're going for shock-value instead.

Again, I'm just ranting.


I am evil. 

But then as you probably should alr have realised, 


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For the Week of Jun 21st, 2010 -- Group activities can become very complicated this weekend with a Lunar Eclipse in your 11th House of Friends and Organizations. Be careful about allowing a powerful person to manipulate you or joining pals in potentially dangerous behavior. Sticking to your principles is a way to assert your power, earn you some respect and keep you out of trouble.

Let's all pay homage to

Good music


Good food

Good friends

Good fun

Good bitching

Good foooooood

Good monkeys ^^ tupper!

Best workmates

Best classes.
True camwhores. (see how nicely everyone is spaced out lol)

Best company

Crazy friends

Best choristers

Childhood friends

Best buddy

The diva in all of us

Best times

Best stayover & sleeping partner

Best siblings. And stoning.

Great food and wine

Killer heels that dominate

Best choristers we once were and always will be

The vows we made

The love we share

The ones who care.

People we love.

Best friends. 
Friends who complete us.


The juniors at Bratislava! Festa Choralis. 100 marks!




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Sunday, June 13, 2010

For the Week of Jun 14th, 2010 -- The Moon passes through your 7th House of Meeting and your 8th House of Merging this weekend. Relationship issues are bound to command your attention, yet trying too hard to please a difficult partner is not recommended. Someone has to commit to meet you at least halfway to merit the time and effort you're ready to invest.

Okay, can't resist another post.

I am going to dye my hair black! To match my contacts. I am wacky, I know.

I love my brother! He says the cutest stuff. And he talks in a snappy, kinda way, with a cartoon character accent. Considering the tv in on at least 12 hours a day since he was born, I'm not surprised.

my bro loves to take unglam pics/sneakshots of me. we used to chase each other ard doing nonsense like that. that and insulting each other. he has the most inventive vocab, I tell you. I usually lose cos I'm rolling ard in laughter.
he says i look like my sis

pamela! They look blue! *horrified


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, Jun 11th, 2010 -- It's difficult for you to express what you're thinking now, without catalyzing someone else's swift reaction. You might try to employ avoidance tactics because you really don't want to be slowed down by this level of emotional dissonance. But sidestepping the underlying problem is probably what landed you here in the first place. Deal with whatever comes up, so you won't need to handle it later on.


Yes, this is all in S'pore, believe it or not.

Looking like a ghost is very healthy. Now I know why sunglasses were invented.

Using my phone's lousy front cam.

My bro saw me doing this and suggested...

This! Mustache shot. ^^
His expression? Priceless.

Look at him!! Chipmunk!

I'm in Miami, bitch.

Sugar came to stayover ytd then Eric and her got me Ben & Jerry's!!! 
Sugar was wandering ard and asking for 7/11 or Ntuc after we watched movie (Killers!) and basically acting so suspicious that I thought she wanted to buy alcohol or sth.

She just kept repeating "I need to buy something!"

And her something turned out to be...


Thanks Sugar and Eric for getting me this! :D I am not depressed alr.
Or at least, significantly better.
We must totally do this again!! Muahahahha <3

And the darling ZJ always brings me out to eat and he really really cheers me up! He's like super blur in some things and I'm super blur in others so we make an awesome pair.
I have a million movie stubs alr, from all the movies he brings me to. And Sugar was saying that if we traded in all our ticket stubs, we would get thousands. 

Movie moguls earn all the big bucks, man. 

Today, 12June2010

I'm sorry this is so crazy and the timeline thing is all screwed up. But Pamela's japanese themed dinner at her house was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
Everyone ate till damn full and there was still ice cream!! Muahahha. <3
Thankyou Pam for organising and cooking!! Didn't know someone had a domestic streak lolol. 
Seeing everyone together again was super. 
There was Liz, Ms Neo, Queen, Yee, ZK, Meinu, Veron, Nelmy and of course, the host!
And everyone started camping ard in her room after the Topless Five (minus me and Pam) left.
And Nelmy started playing gay songs.

Photos with ZK!
His lousy cam lol.

Pam asked to meet me at the mrt station then I was at the CC registering some stuff with my bro so when she called I had to run there. LOL. raced my bro to the station and she gave me this!
Not one.
Not 2.
But a bunch of stuff!! Thankyou lovely!! 
Nothing cheers me up more than flowers!!
Hap-hap-hap-hap-happy day!


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