Cos we're friends like that
Monday, December 24, 2012

Like seasonal jeweled pearls fall 
Out of the sky,
A promise kept, twice over.

They say,
A man, cuckolded, cries alone.
Or starts the Trojan Wars.

A woman betrayed, picks up a pen, 
words turned sword
And destroys the man.
A promise kept, twice over. 

A love that one would freely give,
Was more freely given away. 
Sweet and sound his lips had smiled, 
would charm 'most any girl. 

She hands him the knife,
and encourages him, 
Sweet lies and goads,
And befriended him;
A promise kept, twice over. 

In the fiery pit of eternal sleep,
Lies the secret vault to Heaven. 
Frantic searching in the light of dawn,
Yet nary a glimpse of breathen. 

Three times the rule of six and one, 
The witches, the ghouls, and Xaphan.
Dance the trance, a soul for a chance,
A promise kept, twice over.

She walked among the moonlit deep,
Lusterless landscape in a midnight stroll, 
All for nothing but this.

A promise kept twice over. 

loved on 10:45 PM