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Monday, May 31, 2010

For the Week of May 31st, 2010 -- The Moon in your sensitive sign this weekend can flood you with feelings. If you look backwards, you can become lost in sentiment or despair. Take your emotions and paint beautiful pictures in the present by expressing dreams and hopes, no matter how farfetched they seem. It's your ability to imagine a great romance that pulls someone special in to share it with you.

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"

"That depends a good deal on where you want to go," said the Cat.

"I don't much care where--," said Alice. 

"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.

"--so long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation. 

"Oh you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."

--Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

When life throws you oranges, make screwdrivers and get pissed.
Then everything blurs into a neon kaleidescope and looks just about fine.
If not a little rosy.


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Friday, May 28, 2010

Since Zj said that my blog is devoid of photos here it is!!

One of my first pair of heels! Jeans material Charles and Keith kitten heels. 3inch. :D

Also from Charles and Keith. 3.5inch.

Some random one worn only once. i don't like wedges! 2.5inch.

Guess, 3.5inch.

Something every girl must have. Black pumps! Mondo, 3.5inch.

Clubbing shoes! I planned on getting a short-heeled pair for dancing, but as usual, temptation won and this is 4.5inch.

Rather scruffy ex-prom pair. It was like bought from some obscure place in paya lebar while Tracy, Fiona, Zhiwei and Dawn did hair extensions. :D 4.5inch.

My awesome(ly painful) Stevie! Steven by Steve Madden. AJ prom pair. Worn twice. 5inch.

Yellow, worn once. Very pretty! Bought on impulse with Sugar. Aldo, 5.5inch.

Sexy legs! ^.^ Not mine! Liz's. Note how the people who always cover up (ahem yeeching) look so hot. 
Anyway I made her wear the heels and voila! :D

I still have like a couple of pairs somewhere but heck la. Like my red 'alumni choir' one. If they are not missed, they are not important.



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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Okay I am in such a freaking fix.
I am going to go for a run at 4. 

If I can get out of my house I'll be fine.
I am so distracted that I ate 2 tomatoes before I realised I forgot to wash them all.

I am going to buy that bracelet!


I want a pair of heels.

My brother's Nerf gun is so interesting. those toy guns are getting more dangerous all the time. 
I swear I almost had my eye out with that one. 

Stop stop stop.

Fri meet P.
Sat meet PFF/Shamini.
Sun meeting TUS.
Mon meet ZJ.
Tues shop?
Wed club+stayover.
Thur sleep?



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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 -- There are many things going on today that could force you to alter your plans. You aren't usually this set in your ways, but now your schedule might be so tight that it's not easy for you to make the changes required to stay on track. Nevertheless, it's your flexibility that can turn a difficult situation into one that's successful for everyone involved.

Yea I cannot fit everyone in! I keep having to meet someone or the other, because I simply haven't seen the person in so long! And I can't make time for everyone and myself because I can only eat so many meals and I have only so many hours in one day. 

But I can't not see my friends. I miss everyone so much!

I kinda know how it feels like to be hyperventilating. Or perhaps, constantly hyperventilating. I feel I have to attach a paper bag to my face 24/7 or I'll die from lack of air. 

Panic attack.

ZJ says I shouldn't worry so much but I can't help it! 

I can't sleep at night and when I do I get nightmares. Only when people (sometimes even my sister) comes to stayover can I sleep properly. And its only after a whole night of staring glued to chick flicks and then falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. 

P says I must be depressed. 
"When I get out, I checked your blog. I was like, die la! So many posts. You must be being crazy now. Like I said, no post is good news."

Oh but shopping at Haji Lane with Topless Five was awesommeeeee. 
Pam is totally gonna get me there again. 
*thinks of my money. Lol

Oh but I was in pink heaven yesterday. Packed my wardrobe twice, first deciding to hang the dresses together, then settling on putting the favorites in the middle. 
Then I happily slept with Piglet, ElastiPig, Candybone and my pink bag. And I have Superman covers now! (they glow on the dark!!! I'm not kidding. Liz and I had great fun flicking the light switch on and off watching the glowy "S" Lol

I hate waking up.
Today, I looked at the picture hanging in my room and got a shock. It looked totally different from what I was used to seeing and all the usual dimensions blurred and moulded together. I saw things I never saw before and had a distinct impression of a white light in a human shape sitting at a table in my picture's garden, while the house looked ridiculously small behind him.

-.- Just about swell time to start imagining things. As bad as the time I saw a person in the window and asked my dad who the person was. 

Estudiar espanol?

Oh I should be happy to say I have finally found a use for my reaction kinetics tutorials!
You know what everyone always says. 
"Just keep your tutorials! You will have a use for them."
I used them to curl my hair. 
I rip them into long strips, grab a lank of hair and start rolling it up. 
Then I tie the ends togther and voila!
Instant hair curler. 

I might just get rid of the whole lot yet. 

I'm definitely regressing. 

Yizhen has thrown out her bed in a room cleaning frenzy, so I shall start cutting up my shirts to make my wardrobe more edgy.

I realise there is absolutely nothing I can do with the aj pe shirts apart from wearing them. (heaven forbid)
My intention of using them as rags for house cleaning failed as the dry fit material can absorb as much water as I can absorb math formulas. So obviously a no go. 

I could give them to a charity or sth, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for saddling poor kids with such an offensive piece. Oh its not the color or even the cut. Its the indignity of simply being there that gives a shirt so much of an unholy burden. 

Oh and Zj asked me what's the difference between protective and possessive. 

Protective- tending to protect
Possessive-Having or manifesting a desire to control or dominate another, especially in order to limit that person's relationships with others

Seriously I can just pick two people and they'd be perfect examples. 

I realise the cup I got for my last birthday is pink and purple! 
Life is good.

We're gonna be 20 in like half a year!!!!!
Can you imagine?
"Hi, I'm ____ . I'm 20."

Omg, think.
The sheer responsibility. 



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Thursday, May 20, 2010

You need some time alone with a good book, or to study in some new interest you have taken on, but people in your life just don't seem to get that you are actually doing something. You may have to drive away from home in order to find a quiet space.


Thursday, May 20th, 2010 -- Your feelings are up one minute and down the next today as alternating currents of excitement and worry distract you from what you ought to be doing. You know you should be concentrating on the details at work, but you may be too inspired about the big picture to pay attention to things that seem trivial. Remember, you do have the capability to control your thoughts, and focusing on the fine points can make the difference between a mediocre performance and true success.

Oh no oh no it's exactly what I'm feeling now. Alternating between excitement and worry.
I wanna go out with Pam soon!!!!!!
I need some assurance.
Or scolding, whatever la, my brains are pretty much very fried right now.

I have a new mission! I am going to read books until my eyes turn square and my brains fall out.
And I am determined to master Spanish since I know Lis (Alice- I can't seem to call her that anymore, Lis sounds very nice, or maybe I'm just lazy) is learning it too.

I am going to paint my room!!!
Perhaps I'm gonna paint it calming green. 
Which again shows how crazy I am because there's no such thing as calming green is there?

2 times in a day I have people calling me Ice Queen. Nothing wrong with being an ice queen. It's cool and all.

Because my tv has no dvd player since the last one was thrown away due to it being a retarded laggy thing and my computer is also a retarded laggy thing, I have decided to take my dvds (or Neighbour's actually, sorry YH I have been keeping them far to long, haven't seen him in a while) to my dad's car and kip there and watch them.

See how sad I am. I'll be the first person spending a night in a car watching dvds. Whoohoo!
Perhaps I'll bring ElastiPig down and use him to decor my seat. I wonder what happened to my strawberry seatbelt cover in the last car.

Oh yea, my dad got a new car. 

I hate new car smells. I rmb how when the last car was new, I spent the whole time with my head in a bag of crackers because I couldn't stand the leather smell. 
Then I ended up being carsick (I'm never never carsick, even when I'm sitting back to front or in a boot or whatever) from sitting at crash position with my head in a bag. Lol

Oh yea a taxi driver recently gave me a life analysis/ fortune telling based on my birthdate. 6 March.
"You will be happy and successful if you find what you like to do. You will never ever be fired- there is no need to. If you love the job, you're invaluable. If you hate your job, before your boss can realise it, you're already out. 
You're lazy when you have to do things that bore you or that are a chore. 
But when you get obsessed with something, you keep at it until you reach where you want to be, in your case, the best.
You trust people easily, and don't lose faith in them until they seriously prove otherwise.
You have an idealistic view of the world, but it doesn't serve you well in reality because you are always disappointed.
You give a lot and have many friends, and you sincerely care for all of them.
You tend to pretend to be happy.
You sometimes laugh at things people say but your mind is thinking of something else. 
Your mind is always thinking of something else."

Yeap, my trip from my house to Zouk was spent listening to his impression of me. But I must say, damn, his analysis is good. Did he seriously get all that from a birth date? 
He claims he knows all the dates and months. 


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disturbing dreams...

I know many people have asked me what scary dreams I've had (since I always have nightmares).
I know the word nightmare sounds like a dank dark dream in which a person is always running away from a monster.
That used to be the case.
Now nightmare has taken on a morbid creepier meaning.

It used to be chasing something precious that was taken away from you, or running away from something horrible chasing you.
Dreams are an interpretation of our lives and thoughts.
Now the dreams are filled with riddles,questions, answers and meanings that spill over from mere dreams to reality.

Things that are obscure and vague become painfully clear in dreams. You see things clearest, and you find an answer when you dream. Its like travelling to a Land of Truth, but discovering that you had it with you all the time.
You knew what was going on, you just wouldn't admit it before.

Dreams put us in touch with our unconscious, the deepest level of our existence.
Perhaps its the closest one can get to the Cro-Magnon days. Where humans could interact and control the energy in our minds.

With us using only less than a tenth of our brainpower, who knows what we can accomplish with the utility of our whole brain?
Is the unconscious another dimension, then? A dimension parallel to all other dimensions in which we are unable to go to because we have limited powers?
Or is it simply an alternative one?
Like there would be dark without light, concurrently, there would be un-consciousness in a lack of consciousness.

So does it mean that everything is concrete in reality whereas what is in dreams only imagined?
Are there consequences of your actions from dreams?
Or no matter what you do, it can never every touch you in this realm called reality?

That is only partially true.
My happy dreams have always ended before I could fulfil them, in the case of my extravagant shopping spree in Korea where I got everybody something. But unfortunately, I woke up before I could pay for them, so sadly, I don't have an inch of anything for my pains trawling the aisles of the supermall the whole night.

But interestingly, I have been ocassionally haunted by spectres of my dreams which I have stupidly offended. (Like the time I kicked a skull in my dream)
Of course some might explain it as a secret torment to oneself using psychic abilities unknown even to the perpetrator himself. The deliberate withdrawal of tangible satisfaction to the (almost) tangible manifestation of a phantasm to haunt in reality.

Perhaps one shouldn't be too satisfied in life.
It does one ill.


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"I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?"
Ernest Hemmingway

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 -- You may be a bit discouraged today and your low energy has you believing that you're not up for the tasks that are demanded of you. But this isn't about whether or not you are capable of doing your work. It's more about your unflagging idealism and the challenges you face when reality doesn't match up to your high expectations. You should feel more confident in a day or two so don't undertake risky behavior just to prove that you're okay.

Just the other day I was telling J I had never written a poem again after I graduated. 
I can only write when I'm depressed, for without the emotional imbalance and polar mood swings, I would never have been able to write well.
Which is why I'm scared I'll never write again, for I'm certainly quite happy.

Of course its such a stupid thing to think.
What is (almost) everybody's pursuit? The quest for happiness! 
There will never be perfect happiness as long as we live and the grass seems greener the other side. 

But then again, no matter what we do, there'll still be that bit of unhappiness. No matter what we do, it'll all be useless right?
People die, trees die, animals die, things die. What difference does it make what we do?

But I suppose existentialism isn't an excuse to stop working.
Nor an excuse to stop living.

Why is my makeup taking so long to come?
I'm positively depressed. 


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

For the Week of May 17th, 2010 -- You're heading in the right direction for love this week. Magnetic Venus dances into your 5th House of Romance on Wednesday and the Moon moves into your 7th House of Partnerships on Thursday. This is a powerful combination of attractors that should spice up a current partnership, help you to find someone new or simply support your desire to have a good time.

Lol I realise my vid has been blocking my tagboard! Ahaha

Crazy weeks of clubbing, dancing, sleeping, shopping. ^.^ fun!

But I'm falling sick...

Cough, sore throat and headache.

But life is so so FUN.

"I gotta feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night..."

Aiya dunno what to say.


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