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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Education's like eyeliner. Get it right the first time or spend forever trying. 

Sunday, Jan 31st, 2010 -- If someone appears to be overly critical today, it may be a result of your unfounded optimism. But it's not that you really believe everything is fine. You are aware of the difficulties ahead and you want to handle them the best you can. Still, others may think you are lost in a fantasy world and could judge you harshly. Consider it a reality check and make sure you aren't avoiding the truth. 

Sunday, Jan 31st, 2010 -- Creating a schedule is a smart idea today because you'll feel more comfortable knowing in advance what you will be doing. But even if you use your common sense when planning your day, you still should remain flexible to allow for unexpected changes. A lot can happen now that's outside your sphere of control and it's better to roll with the waves than to exhaust yourself fighting against them.

Sunday, Jan 31st, 2010 -- It's challenging for you to see the potential in the current set of circumstances, but a sudden breakthrough in your thinking makes anything possible. You may even have moments of extreme optimism today that temporarily lift you out of your serious mood. But don't worry if you cannot solve your problems with one brilliant idea. Keep in mind that you are in a long-lasting period of change and that it will take time to create a new plan.

I need to be less cynical, more understanding, even-tempered and not swat everyone away with doubts of their character  even before I know them. 
T is actually okay.

I think that dizzy, whole-world-swaying thing might be working for me. Now.

I haven't gotten round to shoe-painting yet which might be part of the irritated feeling.

I got bloody pissed when the clinic got so noisy and people weren't answering the queue numbers that I shouted, "129!" so fiercely, causing the whole place to become damn quiet and amused counter-girls start smiling my way. Talk about losing your temper. 

Then this old guy starts haranguing me when I asked him about the ref letters that didn't come. 
"It's still 28!! Today!! Wah, you are soo blur you know!"
Dude, I wanted to ask you why my 2 ref letters that I called for an hour ago, came while the rest of yours didn't. Oh well. Tough luck if they start asking for it and you gotta make them appear magically.
Lucky I have bitchy desk partners who make things interesting. 
And they like me. ^^

I can't believe the way he typed was so like him!!!!!!
Based on that alone is enough to make me thoroughly disgusted and weirded out at the similarity and gross childishness of it all.
I need that vacation.

I think stalking someone now is waaay too easy due to facebook. Seriously. 
I keep having chills and shivers thinking of what has happened this week. 
I don't think I'm sick. Just might be coming down with something. 
Crankicitis, perhaps.

I need that drink.
Luckily there's awesome picnic tmr!
So looking forward to it. 

Why is it that I am feeling so shell-shocked over nothing?
Hard to say and hard to know.

there was andsec alumni today again!
Really good though we're so not singing shima e now!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna have a fit and die.

Yc said that altos have to double our volume.
Huda super funny when she said, "How about we have Vijay and Pamela with us?"

Yc was saying that we had to sound very excited for Rosas and that we sounded dead. 
And our Dahil Sayo (Because of you) sounded like we were mourning for a loved one instead of happiness at finding true love.

So...being the lovely people, everyone sang with excitement for Rosas and passion for Dahil.
Then Yc got damn amused.
"You guys sound so fierce! There's no...happy excitement, you all just forcing yourself to be excited and it sounds...scary!! You all not happy today. Why?! Okay, next song, Dahil."

Which got her exasperated.
"Okay I can hear the feeling, but it doesn't sound like you found true love! It sounds like you're telling yourself you found true love."

Gosh, hard to please the finicky pres I tell you.

Then actually Shima E would be the perfect song right? Lovers who always manages to miss each other while looking for the other on an island. It's supposed to be very heart wrenching cos they spend the entire time searching and still miss each other.

Put the non-happiness we feel, plus the mourning for a loved one in and we'll get Shima E.
Perfect la.


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunday, Jan 24th, 2010 -- It's hard to know whether it's smarter today to be as practical as possible or if you can get away with taking a bit of downtime. Ultimately, your best strategy is to combine hard work with a bit of escape. But make sure you get the sequence right by meeting your responsibilities first, before you indulge your senses or your fantasies.

Sunday, Jan 24th, 2010 -- Your feet are planted squarely on the ground today and there's not much that can throw you off course. There is a certain safety in knowing exactly where you stand and where you are going next. Don't waste your energy trying to make sense out of something you don't understand. Focus on what you can perceive now and leave the conjecturing and dreaming for another day.

Sunday, Jan 24th, 2010 -- Although you might attempt to act independently today, you cannot escape from your current emotional entanglements so easily. You feel a profound sense of duty when it comes to your family and friends, making it nearly unthinkable to do something that creates a gulf between you and any of them. Nevertheless, try to expand your repertoire and consider pushing the boundaries just a little bit. You can still be there for others while you are also stretching and growing.

Sunday, Jan 24th, 2010 -- You could have a real sense of satisfaction today if you concentrate on finishing whatever project you start. This means that you'll need to set realistic goals, make a plan for the day and then follow through with your good intentions. Anything done without using your common sense now will likely backfire and complicate your life.

Work is getting to be a little bit more fun.Because there are cool doctors who talk to you! Woo...
And Pam apparently thinks my choice is weird. Not exactly my choice, but I just think he has nice eyes?
She has hot docs talking to her and all I get are nerdy ones who...
forget it.

And working at the spam-busy clinic is mad! Some monk got pissed at me. Holy shit.
If a God-loving man (pardon, all God-worshipping ppl to use this term) can be so anal about his time, I suppose he isn't exactly practising what he preaches. If he preaches at all.

The last I read, not listening to others is a major sin. I suppose I'd say "F you" for thinking you'd never sinned at all. Right back at you, sinner!

Yep, envy, greed, lust. Cry pardon, I say.

And the fat woman who screamed at me! Lol and the man with the funny voice who got pissy too.
I almost laughed out loud when he folded his hands and started to scold. I think he saw me am-chioing and got more annoyed. HAHA. He didn't scold me though. Aww...XD he just kept glancing at me sniggering at him.

If I ever get fired, it'd be for laughing at an enraged patient. Woo! Happy new year to you, angsty-pants.
Seriously, getting mad at others because your own life is sad. Oops. Think I touched sth. A raw optic nerve mayhap?

And I understand Queen's mrt rage! Some kid just blocked the whole stairwell with his ample presence and made me (and a whole bunch of ppl) miss an empty 1 min train! And what was he doing? Looking over his shoulders. -.- Kiddo, nobody is stalking you. Now get a move on. 

His life is definitely shortened with the curses undoubtedly flung his way. I was decidedly mild compared to some of the commuters. No prizes for guesing his school either. Apparently its not very popular here. Or anywhere else, actually. I know you're like, "Omg! A kid! Aren't you mean?"
Nope. He's in high school. A guy. And it was a one min EMPTY train. Totally justified. 

I rmbed someone telling me -my sis I suppose- that being fat is a sin. Because when you got up there, or down there, depending on how many people you back-stabbed, God (for me the Goddess) is gonna say, "I see you have absolutely no control over yourself." 

I woke up early for work but ended up super late cos of stomachache!! Sad. Then when I reached, Pam saw me walking out and said she went to A to find me. *touched. XD After that I got a carrot muffin from her!! Wooo. 
Nothing makes my day like a good carrot muffin. 

And my new pick-up line for a hot doctor!! HAHAHA
For pam,of course.
"Hey, ****od! Lookin hot!"
Urgh. He's not, obviously. The exact opp. 


Some kid asked for my number on the train. Eep. Never never ever on an mrt train.

"There was something about the subterranean light that lent everyone a hell-bound pallor, and even if you did see someone you fancied, there was little hope of catching their eye. It's a well-documented fact that when people find themselves wedged into a space more tightly than veal calves, they attempt to preserve their privacy by looking anywhere but at each other. Staring at a stranger on the tube is as much as a breach of London etiquette as flashing. 

Pity, though. Lou wondered how many embryonic love stories had ended with a scowl when two lovely people who might otherwise have shared a drink, were caught sneaking a mutual peek on the Northern Line and instantly branded the other as a nutter. Why should that moment when you lock eyes and realise that you know someone in the sense that you have connected with their soul, be invalidated just because it happens underground? People get talking to complete strangers in nightclubs all the time. Why is the person you meet in the pub less threatening than the one on his way to the office? It didn't make sense. Nothing much was making sense to Lou that morning."
-Getting Personal, Chris Manby  

I am currently painting shoes! You have no idea what I do to them. Haha! And I made happy birthday headbands for Nelmy's birthday celebration! XD Awesome. 

And andsec alumni is...can I say...duh,nothing but pure addiction and singing and fun!
Supposed to learn all 3 songs by today, then I didn't get round to learning Rosas, so went at 830 and YC the Wonderwoman taught us. Combined all three songs after. !!!!!!!!  we sound like <3

Minnie my chinese sis is super too! Just got her voice back and she came and sang that note. *reverence. Hahaha
And JH Grandpa came even though he had a wisdom tooth op the previous day. O:
(He has no wisdom now! Gramps has no wisdom! *gasps) He didn't find it funny when I told him that though HAHA.
My ass rocks socks! From the security guard uncle to drinks stall auntie...Imma start weeping from sentiment.

We turn heads, you turn stomachs. 


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

You have a real lucky charm hiding in your astrological chart right now. You can use your influence with others in the workplace to push for bigger budgets, more responsibility, more control over working conditions that are important to your well being.


I just need more money, honey. (: Oh, and Angela frm the workplace, she keeps calling others dear and such terms of endearment. Oh god, I might start doing it soon. 

Okay I always know P says that looking at horoscopes is kinda silly. It's like, if you think sth happy is gonna happen, then chances are, it will. And if it tells you your day is gonna suck, it'll just suck. See how he's into that whole psych thing? But there's another problem. I mean sometimes you start out a fabulous day thinking that nothing can go wrong. Usually fate is funny and the ironic thing is, the day will suck. And suck big-time. 

So I kind of agree with what Pam said before. Sometimes people start out with lower expectations for the day. So when it's good, you feel better. And if its bad, you just say, "C'mon, you knew it wasn't gonna be fabby tip-top so just get over it. It's just one day." 



Not that I'm starting out 2010 with low or no expectations. I just don't wanna go with my star sign anymore. I'm not gonna be floaty and dreamy and idealistic. It's oftentimes stupid and irrelevant. And hurtful. So...realistic is key. I mean, be more practical, see more of what's right ahead instead of always looking up and down left and right. Most times I'm looking in the wrong direction anyway. For things that aren't gonna, and will never happen. 

This is a solemn entry indeed. With no photos either. Well, apparently they had a contest in god-knows-where, where they asked contestants to send in what they would want the next decade to be called. We had the fifties, sixties, seventies, and fabulous eighties. The winning entry suggested the new decade be called "One-der"

For all that turbulence we've been through, a miracle name has to be given for a new start.  
I was just wondering...what about the 2nd year? Toodle?

Haha and I've read P's blog that Sugar read all her journal entries. Lol. I think it's a cool way to see what went right or wrong. But I'm not gonna do that la! I'd die. Not from sheer length, but the immensely intense emotions. -.- Its a new start! Like I told Ed on the way back from Nelmy's that I'd already forgotten everyday before Jan 1 2010. Not literally, you understand, that. 

Some might think like, hell, no, you're just gonna run away? Nope. For every thing I met, I had met it head-on and rammed myself into it, gotten mangled, then walked out. Or if I couldn't walk out I trusted Pam enough to get me outta there. Thank god for her. That was instead of my usual, fishy (piscean) way of running away. I'd had so many running away dreams that spelled out to me, exactly, word for frickin word,what I was running away from. Straighforward, simple dreams that needed no interpretation but itself. 

I rmbed how terrifyingly clear some dreams were. I didn't know I had subconsciously thought a person was pretentious until I saw her in horrifying entirety, where she threw me a wad of 1000 dollar notes, a black couture gown (don't ask me), and a white chest, and told me, in no uncertain terms, she wanted me to leave. Then she shoved me into a room and ordered me to put it on, and that I had to leave immediately after that. I put the gown on, took the chest, threw the money in her face, and ran out. It was so frickin cold and it was raining and all. So I ran down a street filled with cars with ghost drivers, slipping, yet miraculously not breaking my ankles running in 4.5inch heels in the rain. And I didn't know anyone who could help me, because they looked strangely detached from the environment. Did years of hard living make people like that? I only recognized one face. And when I stopped and looked the person in the eye, the person said nothing, but simply looked away. It was clear to me that I could either give in again, or leave the person. After a minute of looking at the side of the person's head, I turned and ran down the street, while the person suddenly turned and called me back. But I was already gone. And I would never go back again. I already made a choice in my dream. When I woke I knew who they were, what their intentions were,and what I had to do. 

It's like when I told C what I dreamt during the countless breaks we ought to have been studying, she said there wasn't a hidden meaning. It was just like it was. It was plain as stupid could be. 

I don't and won't say I'm a better judge of people now, or that 2010 would be any different, but I do know that sometimes, when we can hardly see, in the backs of our mind, we see the clearest, and that we already know the answer. It's just whether we admit it. Or have the courage to do what's best for ourselves.


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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!
You will encounter unusually lucky experiences today. While a win big on the lottery is unlikely, more than a few members of your sign will be the recipients of small gambling wins, sweepstakes prizes, and good numbers of you are likely to find money in the laundry basket. 

Omg Nelm's toto! XD HAHA and I alr found money on the couch in the office!

Friday, Jan 1st, 2010 -- You are a live wire today and should be able to raise the energy level at any social gathering. Your participation is greatly appreciated by others now, for you are able to set aside your personal preferences in order to facilitate a group activity. Even if your altruistic intentions are pure, don't forget to also take care of your own needs or you'll end up resenting others without knowing why.

I don't get how my horoscope always says 'take care of your own needs, etc' Like what? Eat sleep and alone time???

Countdown at Vivo ytd with the usual suspects! Another outing on Mon I think but if my sleeping pattern is not adjusted I won't go. -.- Always feel so frickin hung-over on Mondays due to no sleep. 

I visited Nelm at his yogurt shop at Oio Yogurt! It's very nice but its soo ex! I bought a strawberry twist and had bluberry toppings! :D
Then got a mango one, which the supervisor made! He's super sweet la. And ytd when I reached the shop I had another pomegranate yogurt! Damn nice. With lotsa toppings cos it was closing time. :D 

Went up to rooftop but too many ppl,so counted-down near the entrance and left quickly. Pam immediately ran to Carl's Junior to get Texas Toothpicks! First food of the year!

I got the first call of the year from Queen! :D

I didn't get my beanie though...First purchase of the new year!

Anyway, Something Rad...
1308 Class Outing!
Drinking outing!

Last one to reach gets drunk! Regardless of whether you reach at 8 or 730 or 7, if you're the last you get drunk! And the voted worst dressed sends drunk home! LOL

I think my class is crazy.:D


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