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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Altos will be my motivation to do everything from now on. How the hell do I give up when I see all the them trying! Damn. Altos just rock. Period.

Pam, me, Joji. Yaoxin took the pic! Still rmb the late night Cafe Cartel and gossiping! And the running. XD

Me, moomoo, pam

Pamela managed to get this. LOL!

21st Nov concert

Cute family portrait

Auntie Perry! XD

Jenna's lovely rose to me! It still hasn't withered, amazingly and is still on my vanity. It's kinda like telling me not to wither up and die.

Unglam head shot, pam and me

Zhiwei's birthday cake(head) for yee!

I love her blood red heart! Woo...

Birthday girl, Zhiwei, A-li-ce, Queen

Queen's delivered gebera! I had a HOT PINK one once. How cool is that! I looove roses and any hot pink flowers.


Marge Simpson wig

6 of us! <3>
A-li-ce and I!

They're the three happy faces

The three scary faces. (or so they say) Alice looks the fiercest when not smiling! hahaha

How many unglam pics I managed to get HAHA

Pamela, no need to tiptoe to tell me you're taller la! LOL

Yee has to feel tall too!

Alice looks pissed HAHAHA

LOL! Look at Queen! Classic.

Pamela, priority seat.


Even pam and alice was in the pic hohoho

Pamela passed me the cam, "Eh take some pics."
Me, "Okay"
And I managed to get at least 20 variations of her doing that.
Pamela taking back cam, looks at remaining frames, "4!?"

Alice din even know she was in the pic! lol. Yes I'm secretly in love with Alice! *handonheart
Friend (Charmaine), wrote me a note, saying,
Really wanna take this chance here to thank you for the effort you've placed for altos. It's really a very special and admirable thing that Pamela and you are doing, cos you guys are finding ways and means to try and improve our section although you'll are not from the music comm...Go all the way for today's performance! :)
And she rmbed what I said too.
-Take pride in the things that we do.
Love, Charmaine
See why I love the altos? They're so sweet. Gosh

So I was talking to sis(JJ) yesterday night. Sis, Robin, Fangqi and some cat high dudes came to Shangri-La Hotel to watch us. Thankyou!

Meshugana says:
Listen to perry la
Meshugana says:
as in the tenors

Meshugana says:
all like monkeys

*-{ Revan }-* Love is more than a candle... Love can ignite the stars... says:
*-{ Revan }-* Love is more than a candle... Love can ignite the stars... says:
tenors are the fun bunch

*-{ Revan }-* Love is more than a candle... Love can ignite the stars... says:
if tenors all nt fun the ah

*-{ Revan }-* Love is more than a candle... Love can ignite the stars... says:
den u might as well call us basses


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well we've been lucky devils both
And there's no need of pledge or oath
To bind our lovely friendship fast ,
By firmer stuff
Close bound enough.
-Robert Graves (Two Fusiliers)

He asked me why I didn't cry.

He asked me why I was so composed.

I told him I had just used up all my tears.

And perhaps, for some things,

when they get to such a head,

are not worth crying for.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey all! My lovely daughter has opened a blogshop! I kinda advertised in a previous post but that post's screwed! So here it is!

She's selling lots of cool stuff, so all girls, can go see! There is some Christmas edition thingy of nail polish(new) and nice tops and dresses.

And the fake lashes are only at 3 bucks! It's like, a must have. XD

I'm getting on too! And probably a top! Woohoo...

Here is the address so go check it out...

I went to join vocal consort caroling cos Mel says they need people, especially altos, so since me and Eve already learned the carols, we went.

Then I was really nervous, cos I don't know most people there, but Mr Kwei and Mr Foong were smiling and talking to us and we felt okay. Lol

Mr Kwei had to promote(:D) some tenors and sops to altos cos there is a serious lack of altos.

Then it was pretty easy cos Eve and I already know the songs. Lol. Then I was standing next to this guy called Bryan who seemed kinda nervous and really scared of me. The guy next to him is Fang Qi, who added me on facebook.

He is super friendly! It is so cool. Out of all, only like, two people came to talk to me first. Okay maybe cos I was always the one asking for names first. XD The two who came to talk to me were Kelvin and Fangqi. Lol really really nice people. :D

Stephanie (MJ alto SL) went too! But Aunt Perry and Sher didn't go cos Auntie wanted her beauty rest and Sher had a bad night. Pity Sugar couldn't cancel her lesson!

Anyway I am still reeling from the shock(?) of being called pretty twice in one day. *breathe in breathe out. But I'm quite happy! Thankyou!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday, Nov 22nd, 2008 --

If something today reminds you of the limitations you face, don't succumb to self-doubt. Your old fears aren't necessarily pertinent to the current situation anyhow. Don't keep your anxiety buried or it will continue to grow. Find a trusted friend or colleague and share your worries without placing blame on anyone. Just talking about your concerns can help dissipate the negativity before it causes any further trouble.

Wonderful SLs board of fame

1. Nu er!! XD The SL with the largest section. The SL who is always the first to reply to my messages. Thanks Nu er!

Nu-er,"You looked and sang like an angel tonight,"

Omg I was like wow...LOL Nu-er is super sweet! Thankyou my lovely daughter!

I was immediately reminded of the song, It came upon a midnight clear, where the altos solo the last line. It's super low okay! Kudos to altos! "And the whole world send back the song, which now the angels sing.

And I managed to make new friends during the combined choir pracs even though most people kept to their friends and sing their own parts. Pam, "You attract strangers all the time. Full stop."

2. Perry! Feeling a lil more stressed than usual, but no worries, we all feel stressed. Thanks Perry!

Of course, technically the first should be altos (cos me and Pamela doing) but of course the fastest! Lol Me and Pam. Jenna gave me the rose! Cheered me up a lot! XD Thanks Mummy!

Pamela,"I wanted to get you a flower too but I was late...*sheepish

HAHAHA god knows how many times we ourselves wanted to get flowers for people but couldn't cos we were late... XD WOMAN! Thanks for lending me your shoulder! Lol

Lol family portrait! XD (Taken in room 702 before our performance)

Judging by those facebook comments, Perry the Auntie is highly popular!


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anyway, we split up into our two carolling groups today. Leon was my group's conductor. Lol. I think our group had like, muo-qi with Leon, cos when he wanted us to do some dynamics we did them. At least not too badly.
I really like how he stops us when we don't do the dynamics well enough. It's like he spots the little weakness or uncertainty and immediately corrects it. Just like when he helped with alto sectionals.

And he tells us whichever tone to use, or if we were overdoing some part. "Hey I said more grand, you all are going, NOEL, NOEEEEELLLL!! Don't shout! You don't want to kill Noel right?!" (mutters "my brother leh!") LOL. Leon/Noel. It kinds of makes everything sound much much better. Yay! Very glad he's conducting us.

And I really hate if anyone says altos are soft. True we could use some blasters, but it's so difficult to be so loud! Okay I should go and work at being louder instead of whining. Period.

Maybe they can shift JJ to our section? LOL

I still remember TJ talking to me, "Hey, you don't have volume problems right? (referring to OP) I don't think choir people have any problems. -laughs"

"True, we should all be quite okay."

JJ, "Quite okay what?"

Me and TJ, "OP. Choir people should have no probs."

JJ, "I had!! Coach Jay said to me, "Hey Buddy! You think you shouting is it! Talk normally la!"

LOL. Yea. Too loud is another problem.

But i think the carolling songs today were not that bad though. It was Colin, My himbo son ZK, Bitchy and Yuhuai came back! And lunch was another session of gossip, crapping, and duh, more gossip.

Me, "EH! You seniors only come back for gossip right!"
Bitchy (Eugene), "Me? I don't have to come back. I already know everything." -angelic smile-

Bitchy and me

Today was fun! I'm meeting Diy and Sham later!


He's my neighbour's husband.

He's my neighbour's boyfriend.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


1. Sweehao for always encouraging altos and helping
Sara cos Eve's not well. I always try harder in
learning and singing cos I don't want to disappoint
him. And he says he can see me and Pamela putting
in effort! (Pamela more actually, I'm more a fraud
who's standing beside her and getting pissed cos I
feel hot.):D Kudos to Sweehao!

2. Perry! Who is extremely funny and lives in a
kampung and takes 4 modes of transport to Siglap.
Lol Pamela says we're both so auntie. This tenor SL
just ROCKS! Everything in order, all done
accurately, no problems for me at all. And I said,
"Perry, you're the best!" And he went (to a very blur
Hongzhi standing around nearby), "She praised me
leh! I'm the best you know!" HAHAHA!

3. The two wonderful Sop SLs. All the excuse letters
and MCs done up so nicely, labelled and all (credit to
Nu-er!) and in pink somemore! And
always the 2nd (Perry the Great is 1st) to reply me
when I ask SLs things even though they have the
largest section of all. SUPER! Makes me very happy.

I simply detest it if people pon choir la. I can be very anal about attendance and a total b-e-e-y-a-c-h. I figure liars (forgoodnesssakeihavetwoyoungersiblings) easily so at least tell me straight you're tired and give an excuse letter. Sometimes it's just not one of our days, I geddit.

I've been getting headaches everyday so I'm not going for math peer tutoring tomorrow. Very tiring doing all that differentiation and integration.

You spend half of your life doing differentiation.

Then the other half integrating.

Yes I'll live here forever


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Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Joanne,
I don't really know how to tell you this but the mafia wants you. I think I realized that when your dwarf bit me outside of Chicago and I saw you sit on Manchester United's goalkeeper. I'm sure you're cowardly enough to understand that I get turned on by garbage men (LOL!). I'm returning the cut toenails to you, but I'll keep your suicide note as a memory. You should also know that I never openly mocked our friendship.

Greetings to your freaky family,
Yoke Cheng


Behold... My Future
I will marry Spongebob Squarepants.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Hungary in our fabulous Mansion.
We will have 1 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a red BMW.
I will spend my days as a bar owner, and live happily ever after.
whats your future


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