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Friday, July 25, 2008

Sometimes, we put up walls around ourselves not to shut people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

There are things best left unsaid,
don't keep asking if
One is alright.
When they are obviously

Ps: Again i have to say my blog posts don't reflect how I feel currently. I just came back from Little India after eating paper thosai and shopping so i'm very happy. :D Yay. I think Mr How is a very nice person to talk to.

He said that in Singapore, you cannot fall or make a detour in life. If you fall, we are very sorry, but we move on.

I think it's quite true. Our attitudes towards failures are very different from that of other countries or people of different cultures. We expect the best and cannot stand to have mistakes.

I remember something that happened in Taiwan. A toddler was walking in front of me, with his elder brother (around 10 years old) beside him and the entire family walking ahead.

The little guy fell down, and his elder rother immediately helped him up, saying, "Are you okay? You are fine, alright? You are fine. It doesn't hurt. Come you are so brave not to cry. It doesn't hurt. "

And all the time the kid was blinking back tears. His mum heard them and turned around and started saying the same thing to the kid. "It doesn't hurt right? Come, you are a very brave boy. It's okay you're fine."

And he didn't cry. He just nodded to his mother, held his mum and bro's hands and continued toddling along.

And frankly, I was a little surprised. I expected the mum to turn around and chide the kid for being careless when walking, or to blame the elder brother for not taking good care of his little brother.

When i heard her comforting and encouraging her child, i was surprised, which in turn shocked me. Is it not a natural reaction for a mother to comfort and encourage her children after a failure or mistake?

It might just be me, but i have seen many parents do that (chide their children), enough for me to start thinking it is the way every parent would react.

Perhaps it is just Singapore. I'm not sure. Well, i'd certainly remember what happened between the little boy and his mother. In an elitist society where the fastest and smartest win, I would be very appreciative of a little compassion and understanding from others.

After all, it is the process that counts, not the results. If you have not gained any character development, whatever results you get is just... *&^%$#$*^#%.


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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Okay i only slept around 5 hours yesterday. Sheesh. And i'm not sleepy. I'm supposed to be right?

And there are a lot of weird things that happened before in my room.

1. I was camwhoring in my room and i took a pic of myself and it turned out negative. I didn't even try out any funny effects! I totally deleted it, then pressed the shutter and took a pic of the floor. Which turned out fine. A freak of technology? O:

2. I thought i heard my sister calling me outside my room so i opened the door and went out. And found out she was still sleeping soundly next door. (maybe that's why i can't sleep)

3. I glanced up at the painting in my room and saw someone standing at the window in the painting's house. Freaked me out for a sec, then it blurred out to a shadow.

4. I used to sing in my room, really loudly. Then someone shushed me. Like, "Sshh!" And i was the only one in my room! I just ran out, thinking i was overreacting.

But sis used to sleepover in my room, so one night when i returned from brushing my teeth, saw her sitting near the door, looking scared. She told me she was singing when she heard a loud "Sshh!"

5. My mum says my room always feels cold. Some people say it's like this cold spot in the house that's haunted. Nonsense. The only thing drifting around in my room at night is me.

6. Mom says she cut off my hair when i was young cos i used to walk out to the dining room and just sit there, long hair and all, looking pretty much like, you guessed it. A ghost.

7. I don't believe in ghosts, but i do think there are parallel universes with beings in different dimensions. But why call them ghosts? It's such an unglam name.

8. Anyway, I didn't dare to say it. But you know there's this one episode of Supernatural when they tried to catch this monster eating/ killing children sleeping in bed?

When my siblings were younger, I would walk into their rooms on purpose, especially if they're sleeping alone. And just check on them. I was always very scared I would find something there.

So i get up at night sometimes and just sit beside them. Okay i might actually be weirdly paranoid. So you can imagine this sense of deja vu when i saw that on tv.

9. In case you're wondering, nope, i never did have an imaginary friend. I had my sister to play with all the time.

10. The only spirit i ever saw was 4/6's class spirit.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh, so Charmaine Yue (Friend!) was telling me about her friend who said something about me. Lol. Thank you! Even though i don't know you hahaha.

Tag on my board please! Even though i don't really blog now. I only use the com when i have stuff to do. Yayy, i just love making new friends! Which reminds me, i haven't gone out with my closer friends in a looooong time. O:

Lol Pamela said once, "Next time I go overseas with you I don't wanna walk on the streets with you! "

Me, O: "Why!"

Pamela, "Cos there'll always be random people stopping us to talk! And it's cos of you!"

Hahaha! Like in Italy when this two guys started asking us about the weather randomly. And where we came from.

Then this old lady who put down her shopping bags right on the pavement and stopped us and asked if we were from a choir and if we were competing in the competition. She was like, "Italiano? Italiano?"

And this guy who gestured to us when Pamela was taking my pics and kinda(english plus italiano plus hand signs) asked us why he wasn't included. LOL! Fellow camwhores in Italy!
Okok, i know i really shouldn't talk to strangers! They might go psycho on me.

And i can bargain quite well okay! Like 4-6 euros off? Okay then everyone said cos i'm very auntie/mummy. O:

C'mon it's not like i'm ever gonna see them again right. XD

I kinda miss Mr Cheng's wisecracks in class. You know, the intellectual kind. Not the oh-so-totally-lame-and-I-don't-know-it kind.

I still remember how our class complained to him about our life. Or the lack of one. And he said, "You think you're busy now? Wait till you start to work." -insert incredulous and slightly sarcastic tone-


I can't wait.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Attention all darling choristers! Please tell me if you have pe time slots that were changed during the concert due to them clashing with choir pracs.

Quite urgent la haha. Tell me asap! Sms me 92263691. Tyty!

Oh and i haven't been blogging for a long time. I just got another daughter! Minhuay! Welcome to the part Ajchoir family!


I'm very very happy now. hoho.

1. Minhuay bought donuts for me and son early in the morn!! Jealous?

2. Mr How was actually nice. A little anyway. But he's ultra amusing. XD

3. Had a lot of fun with my class ppl! Including camwhoring, gossiping and talking about everything. Yeap. Everything.

4. Highlight of the day!

5. went home earlier

6. Took a lot of random pics

7. walked home along the little road to my house, which no matter who i walked there with, they leave me with no other feelings but that dreamy world in which i'm constantly in.

8. i got my daily dose of daydreaming!

and many more...

And i made many new friends through friends! I love talking to other people! XD yayyy...

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Smosh: How not to act on a first date

How me and Diy used to study at my house during Os period and how we'll watch this together.


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Friday, July 4, 2008

There's just so many things to say, so little time to say it!

Okay cliched, whatever. -waves hand effeminately- (think, lit instructor)


Farewell for Mr Clement Cheng
1. We made him a card and colored it with crayons! And he said, "Wow, .
this is the first time since many years I touched something colored with
crayons. Primary school i think."

2. We tried to flash it on the projector but failed. Then he came in and I
stashed it behind the screen before he saw it.

3. Wanted to take pic, but wanted him to hold it. Asked him to find it.
"Treasure hunt!"

4. He found it in like, 2 secs? "Wah, you guys think very long is it?" Cos we
were kinda high after eating. hey, most of us didn't eat whole day,
decorating the card.

5. Then they pointed at me. LOL. C'mon, creative hiding spot in a

6. Had Botak Jones with Mr Cheng! ( Castro and I went there to buy cos
they didn't deliver!)

What happened on the taxi we got on when we went to buy food:
We hopped in the taxi, told the dude where we wanted to go, then realised it was so cigarette smoky inside!

Next thought, SHUCKS.

Then Castro pointed to a No Smoking sign. That's right, uncle, smoke in your cab la. And the thing is, he isn't even old! He's like, mid 30s??

He'll like get $%&

Okay so we asked to open the windows.

And after our horrific experience, we decided to walk back to school.

I'm sure Brent the taxi-man (takes the taxi everyday, anywhere, anytime) will have much more stories to share.


Brent performed his clarinet for us! Lol he is so pro man.

Okay 13/08 is so going to miss Mr Cheng.

He's my fave teacher, and Ms Yiak too. Now GP won't be so fun.

Mr How said, "The best present you can give your teacher is to do well in the exams."

13/08, all of us passed GP. We didn't disappoint Mr Cheng. :D

Best present? You got it. And it doesn't hurt to have Botak Jones thrown in, with a splash of rainbow crayon colored cheerfulness and love from 13/08.

PS: You have no idea how much fun Castro, Soh Min and I had, mucking about with crayons, drawing rainbows and Mr Chengs.

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