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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello I'm so sick of looking at the same skin and have decided to give my blog a facelift and much needed lipo to get rid of...excess.

Chant to bring back the wolves

SYF in 2 days! Hmm...I just want us to perform the best we can. (:

Thank you, you wunderful people who keep asking me to get well!

So many cute things happened la. And so amusing.

Pamela is damn amused when she woke up on the table and I was beside her. Then she said, "I want a hug." Which I heard as AngMoKio Hub(?!), cos we were going to go get some stuff. Then I totally sneezed LOUDLY. Lol. Then she kept laughing at me la! Walao I still rmb that time my one note cracked and guess who was sniggering...

Then Perry was super funny. "Eh you must takecare okay. Get well soon! *pauses Eh no! YOU BETTER GET WELL AH!!" Lol!

Then Sis kept flipping my hoodie up! Grr...

I totally love small group singing with Amanda and gang! Lol. And everyone just joins in and we sing everything with dynamics! Surprise surprise. We do know our dynamics after all huh?

Johnny Babe is so sweet la, he asked me to get well, and Swee sent a msg too. Yayy

And JJ, Sugar (Wanchun, but I like calling her Sugar on my blog! Lol), Perry and David were at JJ's house cos I went to meet them after tuition near CCK. Then we started to sing together cos apparently we have fourparts! Me as a counterfeit sop(and failing miserably). Then his dad said he could hear us singing. Lol small group prac!

Jenna said on Thursday, "Why do I feel like hanging some of you upside down and whacking your backside? Because you all don't take care of yourselves!" Lol so mummy!

Everyone take good care and try not to do any work on Monday night. (:

I am scared of long bus rides. Like totally. There was this one time, in band camp...Hahaha okay lol anyone watched american pie? Yea anyway there was this time late at night I was on the bus. This old guy got on and sat opposite me.

Then at first he kept staring so I ignored him. Until I looked into his eyes. They were so incredibly sad. Like he was carrying the world's worries with him. I don't know why but I had weird goosebumps. Then he continued staring. It's like I felt as if he could read what I was thinking and he knew that I was unhappy and miserable.

His eyes were an odd mix of curiosity and detachment, as if he knew what I was miserable about yet his eyes showed that he couldn't help. It was all I could do to not start weeping in the seat opposite him. Sad eyes reflect watery eyes. I was seriously so spooked by him that I was so glad when I got off.

Long bus rides can be so trying.

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