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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lol I am so super tickled by Husband's (Yimin) d.p.! HAHAHA totally hilar. Husband, that's so totally you, yo.

Neways, her p.m. was a quote from Marilyn Monroe.

"...if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."


Lots of funny things happened during the camp!

But I don't get how some people see it as "the whole world revolves around me The Great." Its called psychosis. Nothing a shrink and ten years on the couch can't cure.

But too bad(for you) we're still here.

"how much of pleasure or pain it was in his power to bestow!"

Oh I rmb sth Yaoxin said. Lol. We were trying to guess Jenna Mummy's shampoo cos it smelled super nice.

Then yaoxin suddenly random, he said Follow Me is a lousy brand.

"Later the shampoo, "Follow Me", then the hair will follow, then they'll all start dropping out."



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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mdm Loh showed this in class and we all think it's cool. :D


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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Castle of my own

Thank you all you lovely people who wished me happy birthday, hugged me, gave me presents, surprised me, tricked me, and made me the happiest person ever.

Okay I shall give a very very lengthy account of what happened. Lol. No pics until I get it from Yizhen then I'll put it in again! XD For now I can't resist not posting. Hahaha

2200, 5 March
Felt super tired. Econs test the next day! (my birthday -.-) Feeling crappy and feverish so I went to sleep, planning to wake at 0000 to study!

0000, 6 March
Of course I didn't wake up and fell asleep till 0530 and realised...SHIT. Then I saw all the missed calls from JJ! Omg I totally missed the BCBC. AAAAAAHHHHH.

Then Pam's miss calls too! O: Urgh I totally fell asleep and didn't see...

Then I saw all the messages, with Castro and Leon giving me super sweet messages at 0000! Thank you my friends! All the messages made me feel really really happy. The feeling like people care enough about you to wake up and message you 'happy birthday'. And 4/6 dudes! Thankyou hahaha.

PLUS the BCBC via sms! XD The BCBC is the BC's birthday chord. LOL. Priceless.

0625, MyBirthday!
I smsed Sis (JJ) to ask him if he'll be early cos we writing messages for Perry, Wanchun and Yizhen. Then I said I could leave house and reach at 650. Then he said no need cos he's late and still at home and gonna do his hair soon. I thought that was kinda late for him but I was like, okay I'd go later then. HAHAHA

Turns out he's already in school and frantically messaging all to say I'd be in school 0650 and NOT to walk past the LT. Lol!

So I reached school to find Yeujinq and Stella and Kanmani at usual table. Then I took out my suret0failnow econs to study.

Saw Sis walking towards me w/o his bag. So I was like, "Where's the golden bunnies and messages? I need to write. Your bag in canteen? Quick let's go get it."

So he didn't reply me AT ALL. Then kept doing dunno what until he suddenly gave me this piece of paper. I was like reading it until I suddenly realized. O:

"Birth Certificate. Build-a-bear workshop." O: O: O:

Then I jumped up, "Omgomg, build a bear!"

Fyi, I was like really jealous of this kid I saw before who has three cardboard houses for the build-a-bear thingy. But seriously la, I can't go to my dad and ask him to let me make one right? I'm 18!

Lol ohmygosh I’m 18!

He brought me to the locker area and asked me to find an "easy locker" I thought he meant Yaoxin's locker haha sorry, so I tried to open it. Then just before I opened it he told me I got it wrong. So he started giving me a lot of nonsense like "turn two times, nono, that side, no must go to 20, no wrong number."

Until I realised everyone was at the locker area. Jenna, Wanchun, Yaoxin, Yizhen, Shermaine, Cinch. Yaoxin was like, “why are you tryint o open my locker?” LOL

Then they were with A GIGANTIC BALLOON BOUQUET. Then they all sang Happy Birthday!

O: I was like, Omg. I'm so so touched! Oh man. Thankyou! Hahaha XD

Then Sis was like, "Easy locker la!" Then he flipped open this locker with no lock. LOL. Then I saw the build-a-bear box. I pulled it out...

"Eh? Empty." Then they all laughed at me. Lol!

Then I was like so so happy at the balloons, with the huge castle and all the Disney characters. Lol! XD Its like a dream la. All in pink and purple and floating and big and pretty. So I didn’t really think about the build-a-bear thing and kept looking at my balloons happily. Then we all crowded around the table and were talking. Lol

Until I saw the bear! On my bag! O: I want like, “Oh!” LOL. Then they all laughed at me again! Hahaha! I can’t believe I didn’t see it la! Then Perry came and wished me happy birthday! And Johnny Babe too! XDXD

Super super happy! Then Pamela and Alice and Sinyee gave me this box with a ribbon and a heart-shaped lollipop! XD HAHAHA

Inside the box there’s nail polish and eye shadow and two mars bars! HAHAHA Thanks you awesome people! I’m so touched la I didn’t think Pam would rmb what I said was nice when we went shopping. Cos it’s the random kind of “Oh you like this, I prefer that color” kinda thing which we do ALL the time! Hahahaha thanks yo!

Throughout the day, everyone kept telling me how sweet the choir people are. XD I agree! So’s my class and the Topless Five hahaha.

Then my wonderful class 13/08! They sang me a birthday song with this supernice choc cake!!! Thanks Castro! I know you went to get it by yourself hahaha. YAYY I love choc cakes!! Muahaha thanks Monkey.

Then my class guys gave me a card! Together with Brent!!!! I’m so touched cos I thought guys always just share presents. Lol yayy thanks! It means a lot to get cards from guys. Lol

Ms Yiak said Happy Birthday to me! Hahaha and Ms Chua too.

Me Lee gave me a card! LOL. Yayy!

Then Bryan/Bonka sang happy birthday to me with Kuek Jing harmonizing a lil. XD

Then there’s the stupid…which made people unhappy. Urgh.

We went Ikea to eat! Thanks BC! And so sorry leh Perry cos you became late for piano. O: I was walking back to the table with my food and then Perry was standing at the table. Then my drink kept wobbling and the glass was kinda sliding around. I’m a horrendous waitress la.

So throughout the whole trip back to the seat I kept my eyes on the glass, thinking how I’d malu myself if the glass fell off the tray or landed on someone’s head. Then I saw Auntie Perry looking at me weirdly then I smiled back cos I thought he was amused at my pathetic tray-carrying.

Until I put down the tray, I didn’t notice anything. Then I looked up. OMG A CAKE. Hahaha! Ohmygosh la! No wonder! He kept thinking I’d see the cake walking back to the table and all the time I just kept my eyes on the glass. LOL!

Then they sang me the most in tune birthday song! HAHAHA. With a candle on it! Yayyy. Then Perry had to run off for piano and we went shopping for awhile in Ikea.

Met a group of people from AJE and Wanchun’s friend wished me happy birthday! Hahaha! Thankyou though I dunno who you are. Lol!

XD Then Meshugana Bear sat in the trolley and Sis pushed her around and even buckled her up! Hahaha Then we took funny pics of Meshugana Bear with the furniture and did stupid things like pretending to brush our teeth with the toilet scrubbing brushes.

HAHAHA. Super funny. Then I was supposed to meet Castro to drink! But I ended up taking the bus for a very long time and didn’t sms her already.

Then I saw her at the MRT! With Lexy! Lol. Super happy la. Then we talked some nonsense then I went back home. Lol so cool to see her there la! When we were supposed to meet at toa payoh. LOL

My post is super slow cos I wanna get the photos from Yizhen first! XDXD

But I’m so happy on my birthday!!

I really appreciate all of the attention and birthday greetings, birthday cards, presents, crazy activities, and fun we had. Thankyou to all of you! My bear is so so pretty! She sleeps with me now and I take off her shoes (hahah omg so cool) before she sleeps.

Thanks for the crazy balloons, which made everyone know it’s my birthday(including all on the MRT), making me squeeze into the lecture theatre, hit the door twice, squeeze onto the bus, and finally into the lift and almost giving me a heart attack as the castle was almost caught by the door split seconds before I reached out with my bear-filled hand and snatched it just before the door closed on it. Whew.

Lol I very very happy that all of you were there to spend my day with me and make me happy, laugh and cry. This is the best birthday ever!

I’m glad all of you, my class, choir people, Anderson sec mates and even teachers are with me on my birthday. Even though some are not here with me, all of you guys who're my friends but I've not mentioned you cos I'm too busy gushing are appreciated. Thankyou!

My birthday wishes includes all of you and more. I appreciate all you have done for me, not just on my birthday but the whole 1 and half years or for some, more.

Being with friends is not something we should take for granted. Who cheers you up when you’re down? Who cries with you when you’re sad? Who makes you laugh when you sulk? Who encourages you when you fail?

Not all angels wear wings, and not all reside in heaven.”

All of you have a place in my heart, and you know it.


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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Caresse sur l'océan

by Les Choristes

Translated by Coel.

Caress on the ocean
Carry the so light bird
Coming back from snowy lands
Ephemeral air of the winter
In the distance your echo moves away
Castles in Spain
Turn to the wind spin unfold your wings
In the grey daybreak of the raising
Find a way towards the rainbow
The spring will confide

Caress on the ocean
Put down the so light bird
On the stone of a submerged island
Ephemeral air of the winter
Finally your breath moves away
Far in mountains
Turn to the wind spin unfold your wings
In the grey daybreak of the raising
Find a way towards the rainbow
The spring will confide
Peace on the ocean.

Caresse sur l'océan
Porte l'oiseau si léger
Revenant des terres enneigées
Air éphémère de l'hiver
Au loin ton écho s'éloigne
Châteaux en Espagne
Vire au vent tournoie déploie tes ailes
Dans l'aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l'arc-en-ciel
Se découvrira le printemps
Caresse sur l'océan
Pose l'oiseau si léger
Sur la pierre d'une île immergée
Air éphémère de l'hiver
Enfin ton souffle s'éloigne
Loin dans les montagnes
Vire au vent tournoie déploie tes ailes
Dans l'aube grise du levant
Trouve un chemin vers l'arc-en-ciel
Se découvrira le printemps
Calme sur l'océan.

There's this thing about keeping a feel-good book in which you write all the compliments or positive things people say about you so when you get upset or depressed you look at it, and remember yourself for what you can be, instead of who you think you should be.

Some people you meet in your life make you feel appreciated. They look at you and point out your abilities. They are able to pick out what you can do and commend you on that. They raise your self-esteem by focusing on what you can do and encouraging you to go farther.

Some people you meet pick out your failings and continually tell you to improve. You might not like them, but you learn from knowing what you lack.

Which is why there are these two kinds of people in the world. One to balance out the other. But we should never, ever change ourselves for who we are to get praise from the latter group of people.

For them, perhaps, there's always room for improvement. It's how you perceive yourself and your abilities that you derive the satisfaction and contentment of knowing you have, at least, tried.

Regardless of how many times you fall, it is how you are able to pick yourself up that matters.

Sometimes we have to learn to let go.

You made me scared when you stated in that nonchalant tone, "The society is cruel."

So happiness is a matter of choice? Well it depends on what you expect of yourself in the first place.



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