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Friday, February 29, 2008

Slow, as they stream from their class
His gaze cold
Mind blank
Oppressing silence of the laughter,
No movements anew.

Gliding with the current
A sea of blue and gray.
And gently shoving,
to get out of the fray.

His eyes alight
Shadows bright.
Let them go past him.

Tombstones of white
placed in squares of black,
In front.

Melodious notes of
structures and definitions,
Sweet trill in
fractions and halves.

See them
motionless, still
Heart mechanism beating in slow time,
Dark spidery prints etched onto the mind.

A lonely tunnel of light
Flight of life,
Your only ticket.

And breath frozen,
walk stiff
echos of dreams aplenty adrift.

Strengthen weak wills
Razor-blade wits unused.
Gleam in his eye,
Dry is his throat.

To accustomed homo sapiens not be,
His heart crying out,
and him afraid.

To choose what's right,
And of more service be.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

BOO! I shall just be like that stupid queen and have my next post of taiwan now. LOL

You can go see her HK pics. Link at the side. Joanne. :D

I always feel like i'm promoting her blog. -.-

Yes and now, for much craziness and air-headedness, please proceed to pamela's blog. Blog is is at the side too. pOmelo


Okay this is all! i don't even feel like writing more stuff. i'm ungry! lol
I'm gonna go cook maggi mee. And it's so hilar, i told pam i was gonna go cook instant noodles and she was like, kimchi flavour right? LOL
Yes i add kimchi too. Sheesh, that's the problem with best friends, they know you too well.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

I d. .o. wa.. .o w..te a..ut .y p.the..c l.fe St.... .p .o .e a.. sa. cra..y i do.'t wa.. .o he.. Th..g. t...t i .oul. b. o.f .ot Do.'t th..k ..o kn.. .e s. w.ll I. .ac. y.o do.'t .t ..l s.ou.d m.n. th..r o.n .u.sine.. a.d s.ut .p Y.o ca. .ry th.. .ut i. wi.. .e a o. A re.l o. Y.u kn.. w.h.. i'. t. s.. Y.u kn.. wh.. i J.... .o a.a. a.d le..e .e a.on. I w.u.d s. a.p.eci... i.

Do.'t t.ll .e y.o .ea. th.. y.o j... w.ste. f.fte.. .f y.ur

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am back from a very cold taiwan! The temperature there was super cold. I went to Taipei, then Taichung, then to Kaohsiung, then back to Taipei.

It was around 4 degrees in Taipei. Hello, 4? I was like, what the hell, when i asked the tour guide. I didn't bring a jacket! I only had my little half mango coat. LOL

I was still super super happy that it was so cold and didn't care that i was freezing my butt off. Fingers and toes too, actually.

1. I was wearing my slippers.
2. I didn't have a jacket.
3. I didn't have gloves.
4. I was wearing a sleeveless top.

Yoohoo, taiwan, here i come!

The people with our tour group were basically very friendly and cooperative.


At Yangmingshan National Park.

It was freaking drizzling! On my slippers! LOL

Roasted sweet potatoes.

Hot sweet potato soup!

At Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.
Those statues look resemble Snoopy!

His wife's car

Remember that i said i was wearing a sleeveless top? The tour guide kept asking me why i wasn't cold, why i didn't wanna have a jacket. LOL

I was just too happy there la, so i didn't really feel all that cold.

Then at this toilet stop in the middle of nowhere, i went off the bus and starting walking around.

It was kinda on the cold-freezing side and there was this huge wind. I was so happy that it was cold (c'mon, where in s'pore you get this weather??)

I walked into this place selling food and 2 guys came right up next to me and started staring.

They were like shorter, so they were like gawping up. I was just gonna give them a dirty look or politely remind them that staring was rude when two girls joined them, probably their girlfriends and they started staring too!!! OMG

I was like, wth? when one of the girls spoke up "Ni chuan zhe yang bu leng ma?" (Aren't you cold? Dressed like that?)


Pretty roses

This just looks freaky

Would be so nice to walk here with your boyfriend. Or girlfriend, cos i don't have a bf. Lol

Jiang Jie Shi ( Chiang Kai-shek) and Song Meiling (his wife)

You know what? The taiwanese tour guide was talking about him, jiang jie shi. And about how he contributed to the country and how well he led the people.

And all the while i was like, wait, if he's so famous, why haven't i heard of him?!!

So i just listened in confusion till we reached the museum thing. The sign read, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Then i went like, chey! So it's that dude Kai-shek! I've heard of him! Say earlier whaat...

Then some people heard me and started sniggering and my dad was laughing too! Gosh

Look at that bird nest thing. LOL

Changing of guards at Matyr's Shrine

Eating half boiled eggs cooked in the hot spring at Chi Lin Fong Hot Spring. Yes i drew the faces la. People bored mah.

Pamela!! For you!! Your marker went everywhere with me in taiwan okay! It turned into a taiwan beng. :D

Heeheehee. Look at the face i drew on it. XD

On the way to Fong Jia Night Market

You got it. ALL of the road signs and stuff are in chinese! weeee...


Of course i got two pairs. LOL i look like a tall tranny

Then i got a cap here.

Lining up for one of taiwan's roadside foods, sausage in a sausage. LOL

( Da chang bao xiao chang)

Long queue okay

Ta-da! The white thing wrapping the sausage was some rice thing.

They have so many Macs there.

But guess what? The 7-11s there own every other country la! They have a whooping 2000 stores countrywide.

I'm the toilet ghost! Muahaha

Back to the hotel and camwhoring. I love the bed so much! :D

From my bed there's this huge window thing that lets me look right out to the night sky from my bed, cos my bed was just right beside it.

It made me feel like as if i was riding in a white chariot straight to heaven.

Looking at the night sky is therapeutic.

I wanted to keep my window right open but my sis said no, i might start my stupid sleepwalking spell again and tumble right out of that window in the middle of the night.

It helps to have sensible people around. I really would've gone straight to heaven if i'd fallen out.


That's all.

Day 1.


See? My love declaration to you all. :D

Happy Vday!

Love you all lovely friends. Muaa~

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