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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy new year, everyone!

There's such a lot of new year cards to send out, plus the new year resolutions and, of course, the bbqs and parties! XD

PS: The probability of you sticking to your resolution will be almost double if you tell someone else about it. (Some random article)

Just common sense, really. I mean, you'll stick to it, right, if you tell someone?


Now that i know there are guys who use their handphones to read my blog, i shall not use pink anymore( than i should). Leo!

I also have to learn how to cook singaporean food. Well.

My New year resolutions are...

hoho. Shan't say.

Countdown is today! Hope everyone will get his/her wish in the new year!

Bless you all and LOVE YOU GUYS!


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is just over and we are all looking forward to New year! Not some of us though, cos of the first one and half month of jc...

Don't sweat it, there's still a few days left to play!

I came back from Kukup a few days back, and it was really fun! I have yet to upload pics, or manage to get people to send, so yea.

We played with firecrackers and those sparklers thing! You know the kind that you have to light the wick of, then you run away and watch the thing shoot up the sky.

It's really so beautiful...

And loud.

All five of my family members went, with my father's friend's family, all six of them. And his elder sis and her husband, and another family, who are malaysians. So there're like nineteen of them. XD

Kukup is really hot! Even hotter than Singapore, which sounds impossible. Urgh

The sun is so scorching, then we had to walk this whole way in to our resort house. The tan marks on my feet cos of my slippers are worse than last time's. LOL

After resting for a while, we went to take a short boat ride, to this kelong. We walkd around taking pics, then this guy, who works there started to show us the different fishes. he held up this small shark, not sure what species and showed him to us.

I held the small shark! It's skin is sand-papery and cold. And the teeth was freaky.

Then there's the hairy crab, which he told us that if it was laid on it's back, it wouldn't move at all. It's also immobile during thunderstorms. (dunno true or not)

He gave me the crab to hold too, and then offered to turn the crab over. ON MY HAND. eep! Of course i declined politely. "What! NO! Take it back!"

He showed us the horseshoe crab too! It's blue-blooded. And looks like a mutant with eyes on it's shell.

We had a bbq that night. Which was quite good, lots of seafood, and we kept singing karaoke! All chinese songs, which i didn't know how to sing. Just anyhow sing.

Then Cynthia ran into the room shouting that my dad got a big fish while fishing at the back balcony. We all rushed to the back, then realised she lied to us! LOL. Evilness. And she has the face of an angel.

Then while i was standing there, my dad very expertly pulled the fishing line so fast back that it flew back up towards us.

Everyone screamed and ran off, then one of the girls standing on the chair beside my dad screamed bloody murder and jumped on me.

While i tried to gain balance, the fishing line, with the hook flew under one of my foot when i lifted it. So there i was, jumping on one foot, trying to get away from the hook, and with a kid of 30kg(?) clinging on me.

So i stepped on the hook and pricked my foot. So coincidental right? But don't worry bout tetanus, i got my shots. i think.

I keep away from fishing hooks and little kids now.

We set of the fireworks again at 4.30am. It's so that we can get the attention of the angels flying back up to heaven in the dawn and make a wish. LOL. Tingting's idea, which i think is very cool. :D

Then the whole bunch of us sang karaoke. It's a wonder we didn't get any complains from irate neighbours.

Okay, pictures next time! I am still weirdly hungover from movie screenings at 4.



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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's been so long since i updated. I"ve been working at my aunt's antique shop! Oh, and i must tell you all my phone is warped. I cannot receive any messages at all. So, call me, people, if you have anything to tell me, important or not. :D

It's very amusing working there. I get to see all kinds of people. There were these two korean women.

They were holding this cake mould thing and brandishing it around laughing. They were saying "tun-tun heyo" and "mori". which means "fat" and "head". Guess i'm not the only one with violent tendencies.

I said anyeong-haseyo(hello) to them in korean and they started to like, exclaim happily and smile a lot. They bought the cake mould thing, no doubt to whack some "fat head" later on. I said kamsa-hamnida (thank you) to them and they started the "oh my!" thing again. heehee. funny.

ps: they can't count singapore dollars properly. yay.

My sister was outside helping to choose and stick stuff on bookmarks for tourists. (only tourists do this) There was this group of thai students wanting to do their names. They have such...beautifully exotic names like "Virgil" and "Nikko" -both guys.

Then stayed till quite late. More people came around 5 plus. This bunch of tall guys came and started touching everything, yes everything in the shop. LOL.

This guy held up the God of Fortune statue in front of the cashier and said to his friend " Hey, look! This little guy is so cool!" oh my god, the poor statue must be so offended.

They took lots of pics with the swords in the shop. Guess they don't see swords in their country.

I asked them if they were from America, and the tall dude said yes. So i was talking to them, this guy and his friend, a black guy, both very cute. They're from new york!

So one of them, the shorter one( it's not nice to say black, right? he's brown) told me he wanted a souvenir for his brother.

I showed him this orange toad thing that you could play with by running this stick up it's back. The other guy was like," this is so cool!"

So i asked if he wanted to try it. "Yea! sure, this is so fascinating!" LOL. it's just a funny looking wooden frog.

So they played with it for a while and told me they found singapore very fun. He bought the frog. It's freaking overpriced, i tell you. But so is everything everywhere.

His friend got two chinese paintings. The rest were like, playing with the stuff in the shop. lol

They went out of the shop to play with this thing that would have water jumping up if you rub your hands on it. the shorter guy kept asking me to do it cos they couldn't succeed.

All their friends already went off and some were waiting for them but this guy, the taller one was so funny. He went " No, wait, i gotta get this to work, man! i can do this, wait!"


This couple of huge old guys came in at night. So cheerful. I said hello, welcome to them and they went "Hello!!" really loudly. All of them. happy vacation for them. :D

They stood by the swords and one of them said " think we could get that through the metal detectors?"

And they started highing and laughing to themselves. "NO, MAN, IT'S MY TOOTHPICK!" LOL

Gosh the people, who go in the shop. So amusing. heehee. okay i shall go off to work now.

Somehow i miss socialising with you guys. I must make some day free to go out. XD

i want long black socks and a ring.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hey people! I'm back from a long sleep-deprived holiday.

Chalet and Malaysia's kelong.

Chalet was very fun. Good bbq thanks to all the people who

helped out. Thanks to dalilah and jiawen and others ( if any)

for cleaning up. XD

The biking was really fun!! Class camwhoring, much?

I don't think i'll put up photos of the chalet. Just go see, people,

from photobucket!


So it was quite a short ride from Singapore to the jetty in

Malaysia. The scenery was fab (according to Uncle Ronnie,

who went with my family), but i slept through all of it. Around

7 hours of sleep in total for chalet and night before departure.

Aunt Rosalind and Uncle Ronnie went with my family, and we

had two cars. Dad, Auntie, me and sis in one and Mum, bro,

Uncle in another.

We reached there after about twohalf hours from departing.

quite short. Hoho.

I left the camera at home so had to take with sis's cam. Lala

When we reached, there were already lots of people there. ALL

fishing. Really. I only found out later that these people can

actually fish ALL DAY! So hiong one. I kena a bit sunburnt run

in already. Lol. Fine la i lousy.

went by boat

kind of dark there

Dad started to fish

I walked around taking pics of the interior. No rooms here!

only bunks. Our family occupied top bunk 7. XD

the toilet. Hoho

bottom bunk occupied by 5 guys. really pro fishers.

dining area

bro trying to lay his fishy fingers on me

sunburnt foot

Auntie fishing!

the sunset ( didn't rotate)

it's boring la. when you don't fish.


gross bait!

little guy fishing

more guys...

it's a guy thing

7 fish at one go! This guy is so pro la! bottom bunk mates

snooping around taking pics. woman in orange sees me.

Another of our bottom bunk mates. He probably thinks i'm

stalking him

He snores at night v. v. loudly!

starts taking unglam pics of sis

she's stalking her 52kg eye candy! He's in yellow and younger.

Paedophile, anyone?

almost fell into the water taking this. big waves!

So tired now. It really is very sad to leave a place after you are

done holidaying... I'll miss all the people there! (Little boy in

yellow :D, Indian guy who snores, Woman with chirpy voice,

Guy with many prawns and our bottom bunk people( 5 of

them) who are pro fishermen! haha!


pamelapamelapamela. hahahaha. and foursix. XD

LOVE YOU ALL, fisher people, dudes and dudettes.


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