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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Alright now promos is finally OVER!! We can play, slack, sing, shop, slack, play...

Lol. Went shopping yesterday with the class people who met up again after me and Castro finished the paper! You know all that stuff about stuffing your books in the locker and not looking at it again until...god knows when? We ran outta school so fast that we didn't do that. Hahaha

I bought
1 jacket (its like some half jacket but so cute)
1 engine-red lipstick (sounds bad? suits me you know XD)
1 engine-red belt (Minhui don't be jealous!) hahaha

Okay so the shopping season officially commences! Shop till you drop or your eyes turn square (online shopping) :D

Something really scary happened during promos. I know you guys are like, NO! Don't say it! But yea, i totally blanked out during chem though i'm like calmer than a butterfly on a stone. (okay weird) I was like, IE? What the hell's IE? LOL.

And lit keeps getting stuck in my head. Hahah.

Okay i shall do the quiz Sugar tagged me!

1. The person who tagged: Sugar (Wanchun)

2) Your relationship with him/her is: Mother-daughter, Choir mates, Fellow Altos!

3) Your five impressions of him/her:
1. Very quiet
2. Shy
3. Quite cute way of talking
4. Good sense of humour
5. Super lame! XD

4) The most memorable thing he/she had done for you:
Cheered me up online by talking so much funny stuff when I was kinda sad lol

5) The most memorable thing he/she had said to you: Mummy! hahaha

6) If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
Tell everyone, "See I told you all I'm a lesbian." HAHAHA XD

7) If he/she become your lover, thing he/she has to improve on will be:
Go change sex! LOL

8) If he/she become your enemy, you will: Lol! How to be?

9) If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be: She was too lame. Hahahaha

10) The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is: Draw a smiley face and paste on her face (Lol ok i'm emotionally unstable now after promos) XD

11) Your overall impression of him/her is: Cute!

12) How you think people around you will feel about you?: Exasperated. Or amused, whatever. lol

13) The characteristics you love of yourself are: Self confidence, Socially inclined

14) On the contrary, the characteristics you hate of yourself are: Quick to judge, Slow to forgive or forget

15) The most ideal person you want to be is: ME! Okay maybe with more money. Hahaha

16) For people who care and like you, say something to them: Thank you thank you! Like you too!

17) Pass this quiz to 10 persons that you wish to know how they feel about you: (don't bother to do if you don't have time lol)
1. Queen
2. Pamela
3. Aggie
4. Cheryl
5. Minhui (13/08)
6. Andrea
7. Dalilah
8. Jenna
9. Yimin(husband!)
10. Zhanyee

The below questions are available for further use should anyone chance upon it and wish to make use of it.

18) Who is no.6 having relationship with: (Andrea) LOL i dunno

19) Is no.9 a male or female?(Yimin) Female! Though she's my husband too...LOL

20) If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing? (Dalilah and Zhanyee) Aiya he already has someone.

22) What is no.2 studying? (Pamela) PCME. hahaha.

23) When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?(Aggie) Long chat? Very very long ago! :(

24) What kind of music band does no.8 like? (Jenna) Lol i'm guessing pop songs and classical hahaha

25) Does no.1 have any siblings? (Queen) She's the Queen man, the one and only in her family.

26) Will you woo no.3? (Aggie) YES! But there's someone before me lol XD

27) How about no.7?(Dalilah) YES TOO! Hahahaha

28) Is no.4 single? (Cheryl) Yeap. XD

30) What's the hobby of no.4? (Cheryl) Singing, shopping. Correct? lol

31) Does no.5 and 9 get along well? (Minhui and Yimin) They don't know each other hahaha.

32) Where is no.2 studying at?(Pamela) AJ la.

33) Talk something casual about no. 1? (Queen) She makes a mean choc mousse

34) Have you tried developing feelings for no.8? (Jenna) Hahaha you tell me if it'll work out yea? XD

35) Where does no.9 live at? AMK. I can still go her house if i rmb. lol

36) What colour does no.3 like?(Aggie) Green? Idk...

37) Are no.5 and 1 best friends? (Queen and Minhui) They don't know each other lol

38) Does no.1 have any pets? (Queen) Lol not that I know of...she might be hiding a pet monster in her storeroom for all i know.Hahaa

39) Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world? (Dalilah) Yes! Who isn't in four-sexy?

40)What is no. 10 doing now? (Son, Zhanyee)Playing, slacking, everything cept studying. :D


People have been ever so sweet to me. Here are some things they do.(not in any order)

1. Monster Marven. Can you believe we were biking with the class and he came up beside me and asked me to sing Starlight.

Me(biking): Here? Now?
Him(biking beside): Yea here.
Me(so surprised); Why?
Him: I think you sang very nicely that day(prom). Can sing for me?
Me(wow, that's really sweet): Okay, but you sing with me.
Him(reluctant): Okay.

Hahaha it's one thing for everyone to say you sing okay or nice but another thing for someone to ask you to sing for them. The reason? You sing it very nicely. Lol

2. Carissa Monkey said she didn't want me to leave if i retain. (touchwood)
She suddenly came up to me and said she's worried for her friend and she doesn't want me to leave. Aww...

3. Leon when he listens so patiently to everything i say. Yea i mean everything. And without even complaining. Lol. Rockin' son.

4. Chengyan suddenly said like, "Omg, you're really funny, and all the stuff you say very like, original.And you're not really a no-brainer la." LOL of course XD

5. Pamela asking about lit paper when everyone else busy playing after their papers ended earlier

6. Joanne letting me call her (unearthly hours for her since she lives a normal person's life and according to her, we all lead vampires' lives)and talk all sorts of rubbish. Anytime, anyday.

7. Minhui when she says she likes my bags, most of them, especially the blue and green one, and that my stuff all quite nice. XD

8. My brother when he always lets me have my way when i come home cranky and pissed off from school

9. My dad when he knocks on my door when i'm studying at night and hands me a plate of cherries or peaches and asks me to sleep earlier.

10. My mom when she doesn't complain at all even when i do wear too many clothes, like i can keeo changing tham all day long. And her silence makes me guilty.

11. When Lummie says "Thanks dear!" to you with a super nice smile and nv fails to take time to teach me math when i, the mathematically obtuse, cannot get simple manipulations.

12. Minhuay when I call her late at night 'just to talk'

13. Cheryl when she always talks to me and cheer me up a lot. :D

14. Br when he always tells me what to do and not be sad, just try harder.

15. Sis when he (JJ) teaches me math and encourages me a lot during the papers. XD

16. Aggie, Sugar, Jenna Mama and some others wishing me all the best for promos.

And a lot fingers ae quite tired already. lol

Lit keeps getting stuck in my head now. I shall let you guys see what we are doing for lit if you're interested, or if you've done lit before, you can reminiscence about it. (Aggie!) Lol.

For those not interested or can't bear to look at lit stuff, please kindly stop scolling to prevent unneccessary agony.

Themes in Othello
1. Appearance Vs reality

--> The danger of relying on appearance to make a judgement
"Men should be what they seem,
Or those that be not, would they might seem none."
~by stereotyping(another of the themes)
~connected to sight, which is unreliable as Man sees what he wants to see
(Man's ability to see things objectively often warped by flawed
judgement; seeing with his mind's eye Vs seeing with his eye)

-->The difficulty of determining true intentions based on outward
"I am not what i am."
"Trust not your daughters' minds
By what you see them act."

--> But if appearance is not a true gauge, what then shall one base one's
judgement on?
~Humans have limited knowledge an it'a plight we are cursed with, but
disastrous consequences can be prevented if one is discerning and
"I think my wife be honest, and think she is not,
I think that thou art just, and think thou art not."
"Be sure of it, give me the ocular proof."

2. Stereotypes. ( Mostly racism, which I find typical and bland and which still exists now)
~Attributing a person qualities which are derived purely from classifying from common belief or general behaviour.
"She has deceived her father and may thee."
~Eg. Venetian women are loose and immoral, Florentine men are cheats.

3. Morality
"O, she deceives me/ Past thought!"
"She's like a liar gone to burning hell."
"O, she was heavenly true!"

4. Feminism

5. Sex and Love

Okay enough Othello for now. :)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Table of Thoughts(random table graffiti outside LT1)
Current topic: The Good, the Bad, and the Stressed
(lol la daniel james)
Speech bubble: Kill me...and yourself.

My dears, study hard. We have to make it.

And what Minhui keeps saying, same script, different cast. I want a different script, same cast.

We're all in this together.

If I pass, I'll reward myself.
1 trip to pulau ubin to cycle.
2 trips to sentosa
3 avon lipglosses
4 shopping sessions with pam
5 consecutive nights out playing
6 friends for sleepover
7 movie screenings at my house

If I don't
I basically have nothing much to say.
Oh, and nothing for me either, not even one lipgloss.

Urgh. Thing is, i'm so weirdly calm. I feel kinda screwed. How?

Please talk to me okay, if i don't make it.

Okay *touchwood. Br says I must be positive. Positive right? Positive. And I won't be emo. Not my style.

I remember I was on the mert and then there was a baby in a pram. She started bawling and her mum couldn't shush her and was embarrassed cos everyone was looking.

Then I was standing near the door, and it was kinda amusing, so i was smiling to myself (and looking like an ass.)

Then the baby looked over, saw me giggling at her, and immediately stopped mid-howl and looked away, giving a cute lil bashful smile, like I'd just caught her doing something wrong.

Her mum, who was bending behind the pram to get the towel the baby threw on the floor just stood upright again, wondering why Angsty Junior stopped her spectacle so abruptly. Lol.

Babies are...kinda funny. But no, I'm still scared of kids haha.

But I kinda wonder what kind of life the baby will lead. Doctor, surgeon, nurse, manager? Or something society imposes as the morally, politically correct occupation? Well, I have more things to worry about. .

Let's just mug and try our best. Make it or break it, do it the Singaporean way. Chiong hard, chiong smart and dun pray pray.


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

We're bringing Sixy back.
So all you foursix lovelies keep saying to me,"hey so is your class super nice and all? You always talk about them in your blog." (Hint of jealousy. Jk!)

And I say, "Yea, of course they're good. They're great to me." But there's place for both 4/6 and 13/08 in my heart.

Its like asking me to choose between cherries and peaches. Both are equally good in their own way, and I wouldn't know which to choose.

Its like, with 4/6, I get that sense of familiarity two whole years(or more) bred. And with 13/08, I get the easygoing comfort people who are very friendly and accepting produce.

I was telling Carissa, "I think my social circle in AJ is very small. Cos there's only class, choir, and some other random cca's dudes."

Then she said, "No! There are so many choir people. And there's Anderson sec people too, which is like, so many."

N.B. There are 60+ Anderson sec dudes here.

Hahahaha. Okay. I get it. but sometimes things get boring, you know. What with being mugger wannabes and all. (Or in some cases, some are already plain muggers.)
One funny thing I remembered during musical practise in choir room. Eugene turns around suddenly to face me.
Eugene: Hey, Bitchy's your middle name. -angelic smile
Me: Yea, sure. Bitchy's your first name.

I wanna have a sleepover again! (Diy, GF and Sharifah!) After promos yea? Then we'll have a makeover again. XD Maybe even last chalet's ugly makeovers! (Where Calvin thought Fiona was a guy) LOL

That's Mao Zedong's sculpture thingy. And me and husband camwhored with him. :D

The classic totem thing. With a monkey in the middle.
Yea, you got it. She can jam with anything.

Look at our rockin' class tee.
Sport's day.
Fiona's birthday.
4/6 chalet!
With Wayne.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The bag's empty.
No matter how much I pour in, it will still be empty.
I'm water, and water just doesn't go with a paper bag, does it?
But yet water can cut through rocks, so I'll definitely find a way.
But not with a paper bag, no.
Not with a paper bag.

4/6 peeps keeps me alive.
Daughter(Cheryl)'s anonymous admirer/spammer should just get a life.


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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bacon Gods
Graffiti seen on a wall in Chile. Quite funny. From my fave photographer, Jennifer Howard.


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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Queen of Unglam Me, Shuai ge, Queen
Queen. Me.

Some can give us that daily dose of craziness, happiness and bitchiness, all rolled into one. And not forgetting the visits to principal talks, principal's office, fooling around in chem labs, mauling of vegetables in bio labs and prank calls to random people when teachers are absent.



Not to forget, our beautifully sculpted Potato. Looking exactly like our social studies teacher. :)


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Saturday, September 6, 2008

He was part of my dream, of course - but then I was part of his dream, too.

Lewis Carroll (Through the Looking-Glass)

Don't we sometimes feel that there are two worlds here. Not that I myself know exactly what here is. Are we really here then? There's another world. One we go to when we die, and sometimes when we sleep.

Some of us are more there than here. We sometimes know a little more about the place than others do. But I suppose the place has so many secrets, we won't find out so easily right? We'll know eventually, when we leave this world.

Haven't you came across a place, where you get a sense of deja-vu, and you realise that you have been there before, in your dreams. I suppose everybody has. Or come across somebody whom you've never met before, but seem so familiar to you. Or experience a life in your dreams so different from your present life, that its impossible to imagine in your present state there exists a thing like that.

I suppose there must be parallel dimensions as well. Its like living parallel lives, you know. All side by side in world's of our own. We can get there sometimes, but the way we get there is not physically, nor consciously.

Could we get lost there, we wonder. Of course there must be barriers of which we eventually end up in our own world. Or which if we do not, we will survive there (or not). Or perhaps our bodies will continue living that life for us, in the other world of which you initially belong to.

So which of it is us, then? How many consciousness do we have? There has to be the essence of something that is truly you. How tangible is that, then? Is it our soul? Are we still that thing then? That us, when we die?

Scientists have found out that a dead body weighed 0.25 grams lighter after a short period of time in which a person is oficially pronounced brain-dead. Its, perhaps, too presumptuous to say that is our soul. Cynics will say that there is certainly a logical explanation for that.

Of course, people from different religions will believe in different things, for example, there is the belief of reincarnation in Buddhism, where one accumulates karma and it is carried forward to your next life, where you will not remember anything from your past life. Taoists do not even believe in the afterlife. You simply cease to exist when you die.

But what i'm thinking is, we must all go somewhere musn't we? It would be pretty scary not to be anywhere at all after you die. But then again, thats how one would appreciate living. If there's no chance of you being alive again.

Well, I guess, its something no one can be really sure of. If they really know so much, there must be a price to pay. They won't give up their secrets so easily. Its better to stay here, then.

Life isn't any different there, nor easier. It seems more lonely and dark there. Like a bleak place where sunlight is sucked away and what's left is a dark core. Cold, dim and dreamy. Where thoughts are slowly spun into delicate metallic twines and hung up in the dark grey sky, like oppressive clouds weighing you down like a giant blanket. And nature there is so loud, the wind, waves, the trees. And yet no one can hear you, not even yourself.

And then the place is cold. Not the place, its the wind. Seaside gales everywhere, and you don't have any shoes. Its so lonely there. Lonely, lonely and cold. I think i'd rather not think about it, its not the time to, anyway.

It's time to call home now. You've been far away for far too long and much missed.


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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The past's a haze, the future a maze,
and you don't know what to do.

Life's a play but with so many songs,
and we're all singing a different tune.


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