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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Money makes the world go around, and you'll be dizzy today. You may be entertaining multiple job offers, a promotion, bonus or raise. You and do need to work out a budget, however, because despite the good news, it appears you are spending outside your means. 


Yayyy moneyyy! Money does make the world go round. 
Imma buying a beanie! 
With two balls.
Is awesome.

For the Week of Jan 4th, 2010 -- Reason may fly out the window this weekend as you're ready to pursue a dream that may not be entirely practical. Yet the inspiration you get from a passionate person or in the pursuit of love could fill you with the fuel you need to reach your goal. Honestly is essential, especially with yourself, since connections made now could last a very long time. 
-connections! E...T...

Tuesday is entirely...cute-guys day for me! Everyday since forever got cute guy encounters! wooo
Pamela, DQ HAHA. Nvm you can see the other security guard. Not ricky LOL

Ze pursuit of love?
Noo...ze pursuit of money!


Haven't talked to Sugar, P and David for so long! Sian. I don't even get enough sleep la...wake at 5 plus run out at 630. To think I used to wake at  630 for school everyday. Wake at 645 also can. -.- still can wash hair somemore. -.-

The new year is here! What're your resolutions?
Mine is...
Not be dumb.
Probably covers everything alr la.

Yep! Merry Xmas and a Happy new year to you lovelies. 

I miss many many ppl!


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A friend or acquaintance may leave you with a bit of a "down in the dumps" feeling after an unexpected visit. You don't have to carry their baggage. Stay focused on your ambitions for a better home, on a home-based business or on those colourful renovation plans you have been making. 

For the Week of Dec 28th, 2009 -- Your supersensitive ruling planet Neptune aligns dangerously with the love planet Venus this weekend. This cosmic connection feeds your tendency to romanticize others, which can feel wonderful at first. But unless your emotions are rooted in reality, you may wind up disappointed in the end. A dash of discernment will help you know the difference between fact and fantasy. 

Wednesday, Dec 23rd, 2009 -- It's hard to put faith in your friends now, for they don't seem to understand what you really want. To make matters more confusing, others may act in ways that seem out of character. You might try to retreat to your work or fall back on routines that make you feel safe. But this strategy is like putting on a band-aid; it protects you but doesn't heal the underlying issue. However, forgiveness goes a long way toward making everyone feel better.

Thursday, Dec 24th, 2009 -- You may feel like a mother hen as you attempt to care for those in your family or community. But nurturing others can be taken too far, especially if your meddling is unwanted. Acting on your loving feelings could help significantly as long as you aren't sticking your uninvited nose into someone else's business. Don't assume anything today; ask before you eagerly jump in with your assistance.

Wednesday, Dec 23rd, 2009 -- It's challenging for you to maintain your current direction, for it is now apparent that a new strategy will be required for you to reach your evolving goals. However, the problem is that you might not yet be able to see your destination. Give yourself time before narrowing your choices. There's no reason to make a final decision today as long as you remain true to your values.

Thanks P for calling. I'm trying to convince myself its pms and I'm okay. I should stop it with the black. The nurses are saying I'm a black white person now. In some ways, probably. An only way to relieve stress. 

I got scolded like twice, but I didn't get sad or irritated or whatever. Just amused. I suddenly had this deja-vu moment of a certain teacher scolding and I (almost) smiled. Lucky I didn't. They would kill me. Zzz I shouldn't have awkward facial expressions. 

I used to have this shitty thing. When someone told me someone died, I go,"Oh! Haha." *smiles awkwardly. Like wtf? And inside I'm all woebegone and fuzzy and feeling a sense of loss. Even if I mightn't have known the person personally.  I can't control it. I giggle nervously. Lucky I've always managed to turn away. I would've been punched if my face was seen.

And today was fun! I'm having a lot of...experiences and the office party was not bad. Though Doc Love was being lame and boisterous. 

I am glad I made a new friend! Weikai. Who's zk's younger bro, and who calls me mum too. And he's my kor kor. I dunno, I always wanted an elder bro. And I saw Shamini!!!!! I'm so so glad she's my friend and  she's sop and we harmonise and blend so well!! Oftentimes I sing with random ppl. We sing our parts, and yes we blend but its not nice. I daresay the other party never listens. 

Tmr I shall watch caroling and perhaps buy a woolly beanie I have been wanting. After all,when some guy gave me a survey form, I filled, "Savings: None"

Why not? There's nothing left in it for me to save like mad. With lunch at 11 and out of sync with everyone I know. Lunch'll be alone and I never eat alone. So lunch is out. Lunch money 4bucks for 5 days, 20bucks=1 beanie. Good?

Oh oh! A wonderful thing happened today.You know the busy main road beside khatib mrt that I've to cross to get back home? Usually I walk down first before I cross so I just walk straight in to my home. But today I crossed in the early part of the road and walked down the road, middle lane, facing the faraway headlights coming towards me. Have you ever done that? It's pretty cool.It's safe too, really,so long as you don't trip and stay on the asphalt for the cars. Or get caught by traffic police.

I always said I wanted to try everything before I die at age 80, robbing someone. I couldn't possibly try getting knocked down. -.- And no, I'm not crazy, just eccentric with a lot on my mind. 

Jenna's party today was fun! I really really loved the food! Thankyou for waiting for us! The pasta sauce is awesome. I wanna get her to teach me! :D And her mystery ingredient was______!!!!!! 
So much for chicken strips and fish!!!
Can you believe?

I'm getting soft in the head.

I feel a bit guilty now cos Pam's job is harder than mine and though I get scolded, it's nth really. I just sit ard cutting paper, getting paper cuts, chided for using a penknife, tag-along the old nurse, sing carols for them.
Then get chided for being too fast? I went to staple some lame slip before they could say no. Then kena shouted at. Lol. Oh well. La-dee-doo.
Jiayou woman! Poor girl she still has work tmr. If she was me, she'd laugh at me having to come back a day more. Lol.

They all laugh at me the noob but I'm meant for more than counter jobs la. I just wanna learn as much as I can then scoot. It's all in good time.

I miss Castro too! I want to eat a balut when she gets back. :D

I'm having a headache and backache. 
I told her not to make your life difficult. You don't know how much you're in danger of tipping the scales. Don't make me mad.

when she's good, she's very very good.
when she's bad, she's wicked.


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Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm so so tired!
Tired of having never-ending headaches that takes away your concentration cos you've to tolerate it.
Tired of the freaking weather.
Tired of presumptuous guys who think that just because you talk to them and you've always been there for them equals to a life destined together. I'm a therapist. Nothing more. 
Tired of being asked to play therapist. 
Tired of working not for myself.
Tired of not being able to sleep at night.
Tired that you expect me to care when we're estranged.
Tired of waking and not knowing what I want. 
Tired of knowing I will never want.
In fact, I never wanted.
Tired of things staying the same.
Tired of people who change.
So it's that hard to live,
to see ahead.
A blur in grey and dark blue stain.
An ugly past not allowed.
The slate's clean anyway.
Wiped it off and sprayed the glitter.
I don't want you to see anything.
I don't want your anything.
Your kind.
I'm gonna stay like this forever.
I will not be moved.
Unfortunately the glitter won't stick around for long.
Nor would you.


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Friday, December 18, 2009

If you are thinking of going back to school, ask a friend to come along with you. It could make the experience much richer and significantly more rewarding for you both. You will learn as much about each other as you do from the courses you take.

Damn right! I'm going back to school tmr!! 
I'm lovin' it. 
We'll sing and be happy and I can hear the blend once again.
Yes, the blend once again.

Saturday, Dec 19th, 2009 -- You are more attracted to unusual people today, especially if you are holding back in your own personal expression. The wilder you are now, the less you'll need to have others act out for you. This is an opportunity for you to experiment with what you want. Try something new and outrageous; you can always go back to your old ways tomorrow.

Saturday, Dec 19th, 2009 -- Your key planet Venus takes on rebellious Uranus today, transforming your simple tastes into more unconventional attractions. You don't want to jeopardize your standing within your family or community, so you might be tempted to suppress your edgier desires, but denying your feelings doesn't really help. Sharing your more eccentric feelings with someone you trust is a good idea now, but don't be too attached to where the conversation leads.

Lol Pam you gonna be eccentric I'm gonna act weird. Hahaha not bad.

Sagittarius(Mh, Perry):
Saturday, Dec 19th, 2009 -- You always like the idea of doing something adventurous with your friends, but today you might just want to stay home. Naturally, you cannot do both so making a choice could become problematic. Instead of trying to micromanage your day, you will ultimately be happier now if you let someone else make the decisions. You could feel a real sense of exhilaration once you let go of control.

Sugar what's your horoscope! Lol, not only am I a fanatic about this, but I'm stalking other's horoscope too. Hahaha

Elizabeth Lin joined the group Remembering the times where 小明 used to always be in my chinese composition.

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Wen Ting Ong
Wen Ting Ong
16 hours ago
Ng Yoke Cheng
Ng Yoke Cheng
ELI!!! Hahaha I used to write xiaowang. It's obvious why. XD
about a minute ago · Delete

LOL I saw this is fb and commented. Omg rmb the chinese compos!?!!
We always labored to come up with one and a half pages. All the excess commas and elaboration on absolutely nothing! 
Then the names I choose. I always choose xiaowang and xiaohong.
Cos its easier to write than xiaoming. HAHA
No wonder I always got F9s. And always pissed Zenglaoshi off greatly. 

I regret never taking chinese seriously though.

Not that I do now, it's gotten worse. After being back from chalet looking drunk and hung-over, I went to sleep. Then woken up by a call from crazed customer(?) of dad's calling about sth. 
I was half asleep but managed to remain polite and speak #$%^&* polite Mandarin to a obviously rude woman.
She kept asking for my dad to help her check sth, then said she couldn't reach him. I told her to call back later and she insisted I check.
"Na ni zai zhe li shi zuo she me?" (What's your business here then?)
Zzz I said I was family and have no idea what's going on, so she insulted me and asked me to go check anyway.
Yea, sure thing woman, I'll check it for you. I'd read out the first string of numbers I see, in Mandarin, no less. Accurate as it can get!
Lol. Lucky for her I was too sleepy to be angry. Wait, even if I wasn't I can't do cheena swearing either. I rmb I utterly failed in trying to be friendly to fellow choir mate Tianlong. After repeating "Are you going home now?" thrice(!!!) and him saying, "Sorry I don't understand you.", I give up alr la. I just act pro in front of ppl now. Lol. 
Wooo cheena ftw!

Hahaha so I called my mum and handed said angsty woman to her. My mum has the patience of a saint, man. I don't think I could pull off difficult customer. I'd prob curse her in a weird lang and lose the business. 
Speak English la!
Lingua franca and all that, geddit?

Oh and apparently everyone is asking my sis to predict soccer match outcomes. So far she has predicted four consecutive ones correctly to WA. Lol. How weird she is.

Apparently she got her camera -which is pretty awesome, cos Pam likes the pics it produces, and she is fussy- at a discounted price cos she guessed a number. The company (sony? denki? whatever la) was having some anniversary thing which was a guess-a-number-get-discount thing. You have to guess the last number of a code of theirs and you get 10% off or sth.
She proudly told me she guessed it correctly and got a discount. 
The number?

Who the hell would guess a 2! Its a common obscure number which everyone skips and never likes. 
No offence to 2 lovers. 
I'm a 3, 7 lover. 
3 a lucky number, 7 looks nice. Lol

She said, "It just occured to me I had to say 2."
Talk about intuition and psychic powers wooo.

Oh yea and me and sis always had weird experiences, I always felt we moved house cos of the closet. Dad said he wanted a bigger home, but we only moved 2 blocks away from the old house. I love both houses la.
But when me and my sis were younger, like any other kids, we played hide-and-seek. So I hid in the closet once while she was It. Then when I was inside, it was pitch-black and I couldn't see my fingers when I raised them to my face. 
Then I saw the thing.
Imagine a glow-in-the-dark sticker. It looked like that, except it behaved like a green light being moved around in the closet wall in front of me. It was a light of a skull. I still remember it, and how it was 'smiling' at me while flickering left and right. It danced in front of me for quite a long time.
A smiling skull. 
I got spooked but fascinated. But I got out of the closet anyway and didn't tell anyone cos it wasn't important.

Then one day while we were playing again, my sis tumbled out from the closet and told me she saw a green skeleton, shining 'like a light'. Then since she seemed nervous, we went to tell our parents. After asking about the details, we moved house not long after, in anticipation of my brother's birth. I still maintain the 'skeleton' looked friendly. Since both of us weren't scared.
But then again, as children, we were almost never scared. 

Lol I know to religious people,(prob not buddhists,cos I am one) it seems fantastic and satanic. I know my friend used to tell me never to talk about anything like that cos it's associated to the devil. Oh well. Pagans and atheists I know to the dozen and I think it's up to one to believe in what you want and not impose or disapprove.
After all, seeing is believing. 

Lol P, the ghost stories we wanted to tell but never did! Oh well. The talk was fun! Thanks for being there. 

Anyway Pam, "Help me help me!"
*gestures wildly HAHAHA

Shitty too much TeamAmerica! I'm gonna watch it again later. 
Oh when I was going home today some guy smiled at me. Prob envies me cos I was looking like I played the whole night w/o sleep. Which was exactly what happened. Lol

I need to go have another bath. I'm feeling skinny! There's no saying it. 
There's no better feeling than feeling skinny. 
I need to bike! 
I'm counting on PFF wanting to go. LOL


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Monday, December 14, 2009

For the Week of Dec 14th, 2009 -- You may spend more time supporting others than taking care of your own needs this weekend. It's fine to make some sacrifices for friends and loved ones, but do your best to limit the amount of time and energy you give. Saving some for yourself allows you the chance for a quiet connection that may be slow to warm up but at least feels safe and comfy for now.

Okay anyone who wants me to put up their horoscope just ask me la.I think it's mostly accurate. Lol.

Anyway it's been crazy. I went shopping by myself cos I reached early, and New Look was having a sale! So by the time Pam and Zk met me to go Cathay to watch the kids carol, I alr had 'quite a haul' (quote pam) and spent a ridiculous 80plus in one hour. 80++.I don't even dare to look at receipt. I buy so much nonsense these weeks and still buy like that. Zzz. 

My mum is convinced I will be in debt when I get older. But seriously, I don't spend that much. Or as much as ppl think cos I do save. Yea. 

Whatever la. Anyway Fq asking for party at my house or some nonsense. Anyone interested? You can just come la. Heck. I'll just sit in some corner by myself and stone. Lol

I need money.

After walking around the shop so long, I got very numb to everything and just throw clothes in the carrier. Some guy looked at me weirdly cos I just looked at size, then nonchalantly tossed 2 tops into the already filled basket. Look at me for what! What's a guy doing in a store like that anyway? Zzz. 
I think I buy small stuff when I'm slightly unhappy. Then I buy more small stuff when I'm more unhappy. Then I anyhow buy stuff when I'm going crazy. Then I go home and I'm not even happy! What's wrong with me. 

At least Sis loved what I got. Mew

Oh yea I have to blog about:

Class BBQ
We had an awesome bbq at Eric's house! And I went with Castro and we got lost! Sort of. And kept calling MH. Called her like 4 times? Omg. Lol

When we got there, almost all were there alr, cept the guys cos they had church. His house is like some bungalow and he has a doggie named Lucy! XD Super cute and does tricks. O: wooo

Oh and Eric's room is so super neat! I think we were very touched when we saw the class list with all the email and contacts pinned on his bulletin, together with the class photo.I mean, we got it first day of school! That it survived to now means sth. But MH also still has it la. Maybe its just me. Lol

Anyway, Brentylol also came! So it was very complete. SM and Lumie didn't go though. SM went to Aust! And gave us a pen on prom night. So sweet! :D 

I think I was a bit extra cos I wore turquoise and everyone else wore black and basic colors. Haha. I was feeling a bit down la. I always wear bright colors when I'm a bit dash-dot-dash.(-.-)

The black squad. Lol everyone was in black! Kinda cool.

Okay obviously Wendy and I didn't help with the bbq much.

Da host.

Wendy's bimbo act.

Look at Castro LOL

Da Castro again. XD

Lol Changyan looks traumatised by Castro.

Okay I'm totally having such a time uploading these pics. Rarr. Anyway I've been on-off mood. Zzz. 
I don't know what's up with some people. Don't compare me with anyone else. If I wanted to, I would've asked. And don't assume. 

See, how annoyed I am. Seriously. And friendly doesn't mean rude. I do not condone snapping fingers in my face. I do not condone snapping fingers PERIOD.
And you thought 'After-As' was stress-free. C'mon. See my horoscope there? It's always right.

I need to go for more lunch/dinners with Pam and go out with MH or Castro to get rid of all the negativity!

Omg and thank god MH was with me on Sentosa day cos she was really really a dear! Thankyou! 

Okay after the bbq I had MH and Wendy stayover cos we were going to sentosa the next day! We made like pasta and chicken and potatos!

And, Pamela, I totally burnt the chicken. Again.

W and MH chopped onions. LOL. You would've thought chopping onions was a mundane boring job. Not when you've 2 squabbling friends insisting on their own 'way' of chopping and the tearing, laughing and flying onions. Absolutely crazy. And W decided to try the hold-bread-in-mouth-when-chopping-to-not-tear thing. MH tried it. It obviously didn't work cos she ate it. HAHAHA. 

After dinner we talked a bit then played pool.

So we slacked, played pool and painted our nails! Mine was the skinfood blue. I love it. :D Fab color.

Anyway we ate till we almost burst, topped with a curry puff. We tried to get W to go tanning with us in the morn but she refused! Then it rained. O:

So me and MH were kinda scared that it'll not be sunny anymore but when we got there, ta-da! It was sunny. Though it just rained. Yayy. I always knew I was lucky. Lol! Okay la, maybe it was her. 

So we walked along Siloso Beach then went to tan in front of a big rock! Wooo.

Guess what,  I was (shamelessly) wearing my halter bra cos I lent MH my bikini top. XD She couldn't find hers and I couldn't find Sis's. I wanted to buy another, but didn't see any I liked. Anyway so ex can. At the Sentosa shop. So heck la, bikini, halter, looks da same. 

Then we put like the suntan oil then we began to tan! I felt like some kebab. Kept turning over and flipping after some time. LOL. Oh then we were harrassed by some stupid kids who were kicking a ball.I was so scared they would hit my head can! I told MH that my head and balls have a certain affinity. Zzz. Talk about being hit one time too many on the head.

So, omg, Mh and I heard them say super a lot of gross things! And they were like, 14? Prob can't even watch NC16 shows can? Lol oh yea I rmb they went super loudly,"Nice breasts!"
HAHAHA I told pam then she laughed like siao. I mean, it's not directed at us, I hope not, but still, it's kind of a what-the-hell thing to say.
Who the frickin *^&&*( says breasts? I dunno.

Then some angmoh guys started flipping backwards into the water. They run from the edge then do a backflip then land standing in the water. Lol I was kinda fascinated so kept looking at them. So cool can, reminded me of my sis. Cos she's a cheerleader.

Then when they were leaving they passed us, then one guy kicked a ball super near my head so I looked up. Then they were all like speaking something that sounded like Spanish. He smiled at me when I looked up so I smiled back. Then he uttered this very loud, "Ole!" And kicked his ball away.

And you think the locals are lol?

Anyway, hear this.

While I was talking to MH about stuff, then she said I was very brave, cos I have to pull down the stupid straps to not get tanline, which Pam kindly and smartly reminded me. I would've totally forgotten and you'll see my prom photos with ugly tan lines. But there was an angmoh woman who pulled off her top okay. So scary.I would never ever do that. LOL.Then 2 guys suddenly appeared from nowhere and asked for our number. O:

MH was saying they were walking very slowly and stuff in front of us then she knew alr. I dunno leh. I didn't notice them. Prob cos they're kinda short. No offence!

So they asked if we were local and said they thought we were Japanese. Zzz. Jap girls will tan meh? Lol but MH totally looked like Jap! What with her fiery red hair being tied up in a messy bun. She looked hot. Both know. Then say give number so can go tan tgt next time. Wth I avoid the sun like the plague. And I tan cos of prom and for the girls. I mean like, talk to my girlfriends. 

Anyway, I gave my number! 

To a malaysian lady who was lost and wanted to go Kranji and was freaking out. LOL. I mean, I've no idea how I can help her, considering I alr got out at Khatib and couldn't do much anyway even if she got lost. Oh well. If it made her feel better. :D

Sentosa tanning with MH was fuuuuuun!!! 
I shall ask her and Lummie to go again. Wooo. 
Maybe on a weird day like Thurs?
Or cannot. Weird day=weirdos. 

Oh and we had dinner at some White Dog cafe! And the waiter was super super nice. Like very sweet and all la. Muahhaah I keep eating now. 
Le bad.

I think Prom stuff another time la. Me is tired and hafta shoe ta paint. 


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pay more attention to your health and well being. You are stressing your body system with anxiety and worries. You are probably not getting enough sleep or exercise. You have to take much better care of yourself. Don't over-do it today or you will be stiff tomorrow morning. 


Friday, Dec 11th, 2009 -- You may be ready to let your fantasies take over the control tower, but you are having a hard time ignoring your own doubts today. You are holding on to the notion that serious thinking and hard work will help you reach your goals. Naturally, this can be the case, yet it doesn't tell the whole story now. Logic is not more important than everything else; listen to your intuition first.

HAHAHA P, eh look at my horoscope. Logic is not more impt than everything else. Intuition first. Woo. I will be clear-headed though. Hopefully. Prom was...a lil stressful but so so much fun! Practically crazy. 

Pamela, your horoscope.
Saturday, Dec 12th, 2009 -- A current disagreement can become more complex if your friend or partner is as inflexible as you are today. Fortunately, you have the power to change the dynamics of the situation. Instead of approaching others with the intent to get them to fit into your agenda, shift your focus and resolve to meet them halfway. You may be quite surprised with their response and they could loosen up in return, allowing you to jointly find common ground.

I still have 1308 class bbq, stayover, sentosa and prom to blog abt!

Anyway, to any of my class ppl reading, class outing (dinner) on 21st. Is that okay? Eric and I organising. We wanna form a "Class Outing Committee". LOL

To anyone and everyone who suspects I'm positively evil, fret no longer.
I am.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let me be the first
to wish you the worst.
Cos I think you deserve each other.
-Wish You The Worst, Katy Perry

Stupid song's been stuck in my head!
1308 bbq was fun!!
Happy group of happy people.
Photos tmr.


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do I love thee, let me count the ways? 

Yayy met pam for lunch and grocery shopping, now Castro coming over and we're cooking together!! Pasta only la. I'm not some fancy cook. Wee!

I am in love!!!

Anyway Edwin came back from Dubai or sth. He like travels all over the world in a tanker. I kinda forgot how I knew him, maybe in a shop or sth. So finally he's back so we talked online.

Ed: Hey, its been 2 months (or was it years?)! I see you've found true love!
Me: I have? (He knows who and I dunno. Wow) *looks at dp, which is the amazing piglet and I. Looks at nick "Meshugana       shoelust" Oh! You mean for shoes!
Ed: Uhh...yea.
Me: Hmm, yea! I guess you could say that. Heee.
Ed: Oh. How nice.
Me: Heh...*awkward.

Damn, I never quite know what to say to friends who ask funny qns hahaha.

OMG MH just said she wanted to tan with me!! Hurray!
Finally. Keep asking and P say dowan, CF say he too black and Pam, WC and Castro dowan.
Muahahaha! Awesomest MH.


I am practising running in my new heels! 5 inch dun pray pray.
Wee! I think if wear too long I'll get toe cramp? Heck la.
No pain no gain, no tears no heels.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beethoven Symphony No. 7 is nice. 
Ludwig van Beethoven began concentrated work on his Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92, in 1811, while he was staying in the Bohemian spa town of Teplice in the hope of improving his health. It was completed in 1812, and was dedicated to Count Moritz von Fries.
The work was premiered in Vienna on December 81813 at a charity concert for soldiers wounded in the Battle of Hanau, with Beethoven himself conducting and double featured with the patriotic Wellington's Victory symphony. The orchestra was led by Beethoven's friend, Ignaz Schuppanzigh, and included some of the finest musicians of the day: violinist Louis Spohr[1],Johann HummelGiacomo MeyerbeerAntonio Salieri, Anton Romberg, and the Italian double bass virtuoso, Domenico Dragonetti, who Beethoven himself described as playing "with great fire and expressive power". It is also said that the Italian Guitar Virtuoso Mauro Giuliani played Cello at the premier. The piece was very well received, and the second movement, theallegretto, had to be encored.[1] Spohr made particular mention of Beethoven's antics on the rostrum ("as a sforzando occurred, he tore his arms with a great vehemence asunder ... at the entrance of a forte he jumped in the air"), and the concert would inevitably be repeated due to its immense success.
-wikipedia(duh where else)

(Does that mean its a cello concerto? No idea someone enlighten me.)
The symphony is scored for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in A, 2 bassoons, 2 horns in A, 2 trumpets in D, timpani in A - E, and strings.

Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 2009 -- Today's restless Gemini Full Moon at 2:30 am EST increases the tension between our immediate needs and our long-term goals when illuminated by the Sun in far-reaching Sagittarius. Lovely Venus, newly arrived in Sagittarius, joins the Sun and philosophical Mercury to inspire us to extend our thinking beyond our usual limitations. Meanwhile, we don't seem to be able to let go of our attachment to the busyness that has taken over our daily lives.

Busy busy as a bee...anyone watched Simpsons just now?

:D Billionaires' camp and billionaires' handshake! *$

Oh talking about money. I should get free tomatoes for helping to clean the house lor. All they all do is throw stuff around. 
I got so sick of a dusty house so decided to vacuum, mop regularly. And tidy and wipe. If I've learnt anything these 2 years, it's that nothing gets done unless you do it yourself.

On a side note, PAM MY JUICE BECAME TOMATO-LEMON COS OF YOU. Nola the auntie la hahahahha.

I was reading P's blog and I like his writing style! I don't say that often, in fact I never said it before. It's like, funny in a diff way. 

I want to go tan. Who's interested? 

Anyway I was listening to Katy Perry's song, "Breakout" and found this on a lyric website. 
omgitslauren13: Haha. What an unfortunate name for a song. I don't think teens want to listen to songs that remind them of breakouts and acne. And Miley is the perfect singer for this song!! An awful combo of the sound of a dying cat and the thought of a major breakout. Lovely.

I realise I'm scared of making promises now. I used to be careful about them. Cos I know I will definitely do it, carry it out, to a T, to the latter, to the end, absolutely, perfectly, sincerely, once I promised. (I don't care if you never make me promise)
I don't think anyone noticed, but whenever C and I promised to finish a tut, it came out perfect. Once we agree, it's as good as done. Once promised, never broken. But I see so many broken vows and unkept promises. They swear, assure and claim so perfectly. One should have doubted. But to be honest, to break is too unthinkable. Was unthinkable. Accepted without hesitation nor suspicion. 
It's easy to give the benefit of the doubt. It's easier to believe.
Paranoia breeds distrust, skepticism- disrespect. 
It's the easiest to be fooled. 
To take for granted what is told, even sworn is plain stupidity. 
People lie. Spouses cheat. 
Things are never constant.
Only stupid people trust fully.
But I'd never do it. 

Remember what you told me.
Remember what you told me
told me
told me.
-waking up in vegas, katy perry


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