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Saturday, February 21, 2009

"The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)", Copeland

As sure as the floor 'neath my toes,
And somehow not surprised
That I was superimposed
Somehow in this life
And if my friends and my foes
Would just drop me a line
That'd be nice

You see love is a drink
That goes straight to my head
And time is a lover
And I'm caught in her stead
And the sentiment there follows me
Straight to my bed through the night

I've got my life in a suitcase
And ready to run run run away
I've got no time
'cause I'm always trying to run run run away
'cause everyday it feels like it's only a game
I've got my life in a suitcase, a suitcase, a suitcase

What could be an anchor here
With a storm on the rise
When you're never meant to see so clear
When smoke gets in your eyes
And the man in the moon
Never makes his replies understood?

I've got my life in a suitcase
And ready to run run run away
I've got no time
'cause I'm always trying to run run run away
'cause everyday it feels like it's only a game
I've got my life in a suitcase, a suitcase, a suitcase

For a moment I was warm and the world made sense
For a moment here this storm had no consequence

I've got my life in a suitcase
And ready to run run run away
I've got no time
'cause I'm always trying to run run run away
'cause everyday it feels like its only a game
I've got my life in a suitcase, a suitcase, a suitcase


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Monday, February 16, 2009

The problem with never, is never never works.


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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy V-Day Eve people!

My head dropped off!

HAHAHA. Okok, the head of my flower dropped off somewhere. Haha! Pamela gave me this super nice orangey red gebera! Thank you! XD Wee my 1st V-Day Eve present! Then I don't know how it dropped.

Maybe it was when I tried to get Pamela to send a stalker message to someone, or maybe it was when we passed some (metro-looking) guys playing soccer. Or maybe it was I asked her to put, "Muahaha" in the message and then she did "Muahaha" in such a funny manner I laughed non-stop. Then I reached into my bag, and ta-da! I pulled out this STALK.

Seriously! It was just this green stalk. With no flower. I was like, "OMG! My flower!" LOL. Then I didn't go back to look for it.

I shall be emo for the rest of my life.


XD Okay I'm being damn annoying.

Anyway Brent! gave me (okay fine, 13/08) pink balloons! It was so sweet. He ordered it from AJE then it was delivered to all of us! It's expensive, btw. Thanks Brent!

Hahaha I was soooo happy! Firstly, it's a balloon. I simply cannot resist a balloon. Secondly, it's a HEART-SHAPED balloon. Thirdly, it's pale pink. Fourthly, it's from Brent! (Hahaha class...joke? No, class infatuation with Brent!)

Then I was like hopping on the spot like some crazed kid. I remember the time in 4/6 class chalet, when we went to Macs for breakfast, this guy was giving out balloons then I said I wanted one. Fat An actually went up to the guy and took one for me!

FanZhiAn: "Can I have a balloon?"
*Guy hands over white balloon
FanZhiAn: "No, the pink one please."

Lol! Thanks so much! Not many guys would actually take a balloon when it appears they're taking it for themselves. Nor would they ask for a pink one. LOL! But then again, we're talking FanZhiAn la. XD

So, back to balloon story. I helped Eric and Edmund hold theirs and they gave it to me after assuring me that Brent would know they "appreciate his balloons". Lol!

Jiaming took photos of me with almost ALL of 13/08's balloons! XD Yayy. Not here though! Haven't gotten it from her. Thanks Jiaming! XD

Everyone's balloons kept floating off the sticks and I helped them put it back and secure properly.

Chengyan was like, "Not bad ah!" (typical funny-sarcastic tone to kajiao me XD)
Me, "Of course!"

HAHA. I love playing with balloons! I think looking at one just makes me considerably high.

I am absurdly childish and according to Auntie Perry, "Deprived childhood" Eh not true leh! I grew up playing with balloons too...hehheh

Then in the LT for GP time-prac, Mr Ng was saying there should be no interruptions from flowers or gifts. Then looking at 13/08, at ME -.- cos I was trying to control 6 balloons in my seat, "Or balloons, or they'll be confiscated." HAHAHA

Then my balloon squeaked super loudly when I squashed it against my chair. Then the guy in front was like, looking at his friend with a tortured-pained-amused look cos at that moment Lummie went, "Later the balloons pop here hahaha."

Then we found this gray pencil-box (left by people sitting in front of me) and I returned it to the fellow's friend. He must have been shocked surprised when me and Lummie accousted him while he was wandering around.

Okay so after choir ended, we wet to the market to eat and I gave one balloon to a little boy! (okay he asked for it, but so amusing)

Him,"Whose balloons?"
Yizhen, Wanchun, *points to me
Him, "Can I have one? Can I have one?"

Then we were all thinking it was kinda rude but I wanted to give him anyway since it's VDay Eve-Eve and all. But then I suddenly thought, Omg, he's a guy. If I give him a pink heart shaped balloon will he grow up weird?

So I was half rising outta my seat, half thinking. Then I kajiao-ed him, "You want balloons for what? Give your girlfriend?"

Then he ran off. Hahhaha.

So dinner continued. Then he ran back again.

Him, "Whose balloons?"
All of us *-.-


Him *runs behind me
"Can you give me one balloon? Can you give me one?"
Me, "Okay, take one la. Uh wait, one has my name on it."

So I plucked one balloon out and gave him one. Then he ran off.

Lol then what happened was quite amusing, esp to the fellow BC members eating there.

Him, "Huh?"
Me (smiling in the adult-cajoling-kid face) "What must you say?"
Him (whirls back smiling brillantly) "Thankyou!"

Hahaha so cute! The way he smiled was like so...unaffected, so happy and true. The pure happiness of having gotten something. It's like, it kinda hits out at you cos of the sheer and singular happiness.

Imagine this wave of happiness. XD

But I always only favour happy kids. I ignore screaming kids or sulky ones. Lol. Scary la okay?

Oh the volleyballers (Castro Monkey and Pamela's class's Vballer) say that we (sops and altos) sound scary...

They say at night they play in the MPH then they hear this wailing from faraway. LOL.

Carissa says our Ronde was creepy and the sops' high note(the hold quite long one) shocked them.

HAHAHA yayy means we are getting it right!


Today is Friday the 13th! Must swear not to gossip. According to Sis (JJ), it's bad luck HAHA.

Minhuay, "Karma's a bitch."

My post so long! No pics somemore. Thanks 13/08 and all who gave me VDay presents! I really appreciate it and like them a lot! Minhui folded this rose from a ribbon. O: Wow...

Ps: I didn't know Cihui bakes. Cool right! XD And its so nice la! Why can't I bake?

Omg and I think I deflated Alice's balloon when I played with it too long. :X Paiseh alice! ):

I realise my whole post is about balloons! O: Happy VDay all of you!

Love and be loved.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm feeling better already, thanks people who consoled me over the loss of my thumbdrive. That time Erin also lost hers. -.-

To you who stole it. Die.

HAHA! Just kidding la. You stupid sneaky_____! Aha. Who the hell takes a thumbdrive? Okay just like we don't understand stealing of notes but nvm!

Anyway was doing Maclaurins. So Goldfish asked me what it was and directed me to Wikipedia. LOL this is what it says...

"In mathematics, the Taylor series is a representation of a function as an infinite sum of terms calculated from the values of its derivatives at a single point. It may be regarded as the limit of the Taylor polynomials. Taylor series are named after English mathematician Brook Taylor.

If the series is centered at zero, the series is also called a Maclaurin series, named after Colin Maclaurin."

Haha! Colin Maclaurin Colin Maclaurin Colin Maclaurin. Say it quickly!

Hahaha okay fever fried my brain la. Okay mild fever but whatever. I didn't eat dinner that day. Then no breakfast. Then pe in the morn. Then had a hotdog thing from the cafe. Then skipped lunch. Then dinner with pam! Yayy no wonder I got sick.

Heard all the comm girls are sick too! O: Jenna Mummy is. Yizhen. Charmaine. Get well soon all of you! See you all tmr and have dinner tmr!

Doing math will killlll me. Urgh.

Btw, thanks Auntie Perry, for helping me to keep going to find my thumbdrive. (: Thank you!

Eulogy for my thumbdrive:
Beloved Thumbdrive.
Stored all my admin and photos wonderfully,
Faithful to the end.
Gone home with the devil (seriously! ok i'm not being blasphemous or anything)
10 Feb 2009
Too fast gone and much missed.


I'm crazy I know. Oh wait.

Eulogy is a speech or writing in praise of a person or thing, especially one recently deceased or retired [1] The word is derived from the Greek word εὐλογία (eulogia), meaning praise (εὐ meaning good or well and λογος meaning word, phrase, speech, etc). -Wikipedia

Lol new term(good if you already know) for you guys, useful if you take lit. Haha all the morbid poems.

Okay now back to... Colin Maclaurin Colin Maclaurin Colin Maclaurin.


I know I'm fast. Lol. First time okay. XD I love you all!

*blows kiss



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Sunday, February 8, 2009

8th Feb 2009
Happy 18th Birthday Sis! Hope you like our BCBC!

You know we love you! Hahahaha. XD Thanks for listening to our nonsense at 12! Lol!

5 way convos are the bomb! Me and Perry couldn't sms enough people in time though! So sorry to everyone else! Heh. Wanchun, you were sleeping! XD Hahahha.

I don't know why I'm suddenly reminded of ______ calling me a Porsche.

Beautiful, elegant, expensive,
But cannot drive one.



It's not that we don't have problems.
We're just better at hiding them than other people.


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Friday, February 6, 2009

His face was that of one who has undergone a long journey.
-The Epic of Gilgamesh

I have overcome my fear of cockroachs, hopefully. One big one flew at my chest while I was walking home. It landed then flew up, across my face, then jumped on my file. Then I jumped out into the road to get away, and it happily flew away.

The road near my house has no cars any time of the day.

Seriously, it's so unbelievable if you read the newspapers and it goes,"Girl accousted by roach. Killed instantly by car while escaping."

Okay moooorbid.

Life's a play but with so many songs,
and we're all singing a different tune.

We remember some stories, we forget some. We all have a different part to play. No matter, even if we're just a backdrop, we try to stand there, straight and steady. But sometimes the backdrop will fall, and actors will forget their lines.

Don't worry, it's all part of this. It's all part of the play.

To all protaganists, antagonists, major characters, minor characters, stage props, this is for you.

Great Expectations
Give a little bit of yourself,
To show them that you care.
Sometimes they'll return you,
and thank you for being there.

Sometimes they'll do not,
and we'll think that its not fair.
But really, life's like that,
We're born to give and share.

But we lose sight of ourselves,
and start thinking about it all.
Is it worth all that,
to care just so much more?

Give a little bit of yourself,
And show them that you care.
Sometimes they'll return you,
But know its very rare.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looking at my posts, I realise I have so many drafts that I do not publish. Lol not up to my standard I guess. I mean, they doesn't make sense and are pretty useless. Waste of my time to publish those nonsense. Seriously. Trash it.

Can a certain someone stop being so pissed off at me? I'm sorry for ever being insensitive and stupid enough not to realise some things. Its my own fault anyway. I don't think I deserve any attention from you.

Can certain someone(s) stop speculating if my blog has other meanings? No, I don't write in double meaning. Yes I do mean one thing when commenting on the other. Does it matter, actually? Not really I suppose. It is up to your imaginations, my dears. Hahaha things are much more interesting when you suppose and question.

Can certain someone(s) not think so highly of yourself/themselves to think my blog would feature individuals that I obviously am not interested in?

I would...

Talk about people I care about.
Talk about activities and stuff of people around me who're funny.
Have emo posts. (Duh, what's a blog without emo posts?)
Gossip about people I know and like.

Any double meanings are entirely of your own interpretations and I am solely innocent of any unkind claims thrown my way. If you're close enough to me, Pamela, Yizhen, Jenna, Wanchun, Leon, Sis, etc you would definitely know exactly what I mean (and it wouldn't be an interpretation, but an understanding).

Of course any other speculations are beyond my control and I say, please, do avail yourself of it, and think all you want. I personally do not mind it even if they might be wrong. (: I know that you would not give an unfavourable report of my intentions, unless, my opinion of you might be misjudged and my thinkings seriously miscontrued by you. But then again, I reiterate, I do not particularly care.

Of course of all I've heard they are perfectly safe and fine.

Fellow mummy, can't wait for the louhei! Should ask yaoxin demo his Flying Salmon again. Lol XD You should have come study session that day though...Very fun! :D (but we did study!) hahaha

Pamela, I think I know you know what I am thinking. XD Oi, remember our Czech ice-cream and hamburgers!

Auntie Perry says that he's awesome!! Lol okay, he is la. Hello, what with the fanclub? TSK like you need any other proof of your Perrism. He's super funny though.

Wanchun, my current savings is 120! YES. Hahaha okay I said I'm crazily obsessed already. -.-

I realise I haven't a nice wallet. Okay correction, a wallet. My Italia one was stolen! May the entire karmic waste of the universe be upon you, you sneaky_____-who-stole-my-wallet. Lol okay there are worse crimes than stealing. We can all name a few can't we?

Which is why my ten dollars was found under the seat at the table at the other end outside choir room! Cos I haven't exactly a place to put it, so it's chucked in my pocket. It's never dropped out though. ): But I'm not asking for a wallet, people, just complaining. I never have an affinity with wallets and almost always lose 'em as soon as I get 'em.

I have a consultation with Mr Lee on wed! Cos I am hopeless at math. -.- Please, Goddess of whoever-invented-arithmetic(Archimedes?) help me pass my test. I am trying.

I love the new song, Chant to Bring Back the Wolf! Especially Sis's weta-wote-weto...

HAHA. Okok I shall not say more lest he kills me tmr. XD

You ask, "What's the problem? Nothing's been done."


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